ChatGPT App Scam | Beware Of Fake ChatGPT Apps 2023!

ChatGPT App scam

You may have seen the ChatGPT app advertised on social media or in online ads. The app promises to be a fun and easy way to chat with friends and family. Is it a ChatGPT app scam, or is there any original app by OpenAI? There is a chance that the app available on the app store is a fake ChatGPT app.

OpenAI’s entirely free browser-based platform, ChatGPT, is trending in top artificial intelligence tools. ChatGPT works on human feedback and machine learning to give a more precise human-like response to a simple command or inquiry. Even the possibility of ChatGPT replacing the Google search engine has been raised.

Beware of the ChatGPT app scam! The trending AI tool, ChatGPT is currently being used by scammers to defraud people. The app, which is supposed to be a chatbot, asks people to buy subscriptions. So far, the app has scammed thousands of people out of their hard-earned money.

If you want a genuine ChatGPT app, then you must go through this article before downloading it. This article will let you know about all the ChatGPT app scams available on the app store, including the risks of downloading a fake ChatGPT app. Keep reading!

ChatGPT App Scam

ChatGPT is a new AI chatbot launched by OpenAI that mimics human conversation. Nowadays with the increased demand for artificial intelligence, you may find many ChatGPT use cases, and it is being advertised on different social media apps. However, many fake apps are built for ChatGPT.

If you are looking for a platform that can help you make money in easy ways, you may have come across ChatGPT. Before using any apps or tools, everyone is concerned about security. Is there any authorized ChatGPT app? 

Today many ChatGPT app scams are coming to notice as many people are looking for ChatGPT apps on the Google play store or app store. As a result, thousands of people are tricked into downloading a fake ChatGPT app. The most annoying thing is that the app stores don’t respond to your queries. 

Many new apps are available on the app stores of android and iOS that claims to be the original ChatGPT app and are said to be a chatbot that can generate random text conversations. However, the app is actually a scam. They ask for a subscription, and even a few of them don’t produce responses for any of the commands.

The fake ChatGPT apps are getting good rankings which leads to more and more downloads. You can find that once the download number of the app reaches a pretty good milestone, the app is removed from the stores. 

But have you ever thought about why it happens? Why these highly-rated apps are removed even after getting good reviews? Sometimes the app developers try to get fake reviews and ratings to get more downloads. 

Although some of the ChatGPT fake apps are removed from the store, a few of them are still available. Authentication and security are the big concerns. 

It has always been advised to only provide your details to authorized apps, websites, and other platforms. If you see any unauthorized ChatGPT app, do not download it. Delete it from your device and report it.

After knowing what is ChatGPT app scam, let’s discuss the risks of using fake ChatGPT apps in the next section. Continue reading!

Risks Of Using ChatGPT Fake Apps

If the free version of ChatGPT is secure and available, then why look for an app that charges you money and is not secure as it is a ChatGPT app scam? There are many risks to downloading fake ChatGPT apps.

The most common risks of ChatGPT fake apps are as follows:

  • Misuse Of Personal Details

Once you install such fake apps of ChatGPT, you will be asked to enter your personal details and buy monthly or yearly subscriptions. After paying for a subscription, you will start receiving spam messages, and the hackers can try to steal your personal information and even use your bank details, such as debit or credit card details. 

  • Prone To Virus

When we talk about ChatGPT app scams, fake apps may also add viruses to your devices. So, it is recommended not to download any fake ChatGPT app or use unauthorized platforms.

  • Generates No Information

Many ChatGPT apps available in the stores are just asking for subscriptions, but when you pay for them, you see that the app doesn’t generate any response. It’s a total waste of money.

  • Generates Wrong Information

ChatGPT app scams can also generate wrong information. If you use this information in healthcare applications, it can harm the lives of patients. Banking professionals using fake ChatGPT apps for various tasks in banking can lead to a big loss. It’s not over yet; the responses of the fake ChatGPT app used for education can mislead students and affect their future. 

Unfortunately, this is not the first scam app to make it onto the app store, and it likely won’t be the last. So be careful when downloading new apps, and always do your research to make sure they are legitimate before entering any personal information.

By the end, you have learned about the ChatGPT app scam and what are the risks of using fake ChatGPT apps. Be careful while installing any app!

Wrapping Up

ChatGPT is in the news after getting more positive responses from users. This trending AI tool is most of the time showing the error “ChatGPT is at capacity” as many users are trying to access it at a time. To get rid of this issue, people are trying to find an app for it. But this is the ChatGPT app scam that can steal your personal information and money. 

If you have downloaded the ChatGPT app, it is recommended that you delete it immediately and do not provide any personal information to it or buy any subscription. Follow Deasilex to get more information on the latest AI technologies being launched in the market!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How To ChatGPT App Download?

For ChatGPT app download on Windows, Mac, and Linux, go to ChatGPT lencx GitHub page > Download links > Click the appropriate link > Run file > Set up ChatGPT wizard > Select downloading folder > Install > Finish.

Q. Does ChatGPT Have An App?

Currently, there is no app for ChatGPT. OpenAI has only launched ChatGPT for web browsers. It is not the final version of ChatGPT. Once the final version is ready, you can download ChatGPT from the app stores. But there are many ChatGPT app scams, so be aware!

Q. What Is The Official ChatGPT App?

There is no official ChatGPT app available in app stores. As per the news, there are lots of ChatGPT app scams going on. The apps claim to be the original ChatGPT AI app with all the features of OpenAI ChatGPT. But, it is a ChatGPT app scam and by now there are many apps available for ChatGPT on the app stores.

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