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Chip Discord Bot

Encountered Clip Discord bot online? Want to see how it works? Why not join the server and see yourself?

Discord is a chatting platform where users can interact with each other all over the world. Apart from gaming and chatting purposes, Discord also serves users well when it comes to entertainment. For example, music! There are a number of bots that can be used to listen to high-quality music. Chip Discord bot is one of the best music bots and using this bot is even easier. 

How to join Chip Discord bot: Web Browser > Chip Bot Website > Join Our Discord > Accept Invite > Joined! Now you have joined the server.

This article explains how to join the Chip Discord bot, how to use the bot, and also finds out all the useful Chip bot commands that may help you in accessing the bot and listening to music. Ready to buzz on high-quality music at your fingertips!

What Is Chip Discord Bot? 

Chip Discord Bot

The Chip bot is a server on Discord with 14,0729 members, among which 16,962 are currently active on Chip bot. This Discord server is specially made for all the music lovers who spend hours listening to music. This bot on Discord blesses the members with high-quality music of their choice! Listening to music on the bot is very simple and beginner friendly! 

The Chip is a reliable music bot that you can blindly trust when it comes to updating you with trending beats with 24×7 uptime. Chip believes in giving you control of everything from Chip’s prefix to equalizer for the best DJ experience. 

The Chip Discord bot also offers a set of three different subscriptions for user premium, server premium, and custom chips at different price ranges. These premium packages offer listeners more benefits like 24×7 playback, audio effects like bassboost and nightcore, universal volume controls, and even a different example for top-notch Patrons. 

Lastly, the Chip Discord bot is the best Discord bot for having wonderful music sessions. 

Chip Bot Discord Subscription: 

  1. User Premium 

This model offers users all the premium features to that one account that buys the subscription. That account holder gets: 24×7 – autoplay, a cool role in Official Discord Server, access to early beta testing features, change volume, audio filters, bypass vote locks, etc. (Discord benefits are included)

To avail this offer, one has to pay the Chip Discord bot $5 per month. The subscriber will get a discount of an extra 5% if they pay annually!

  1. Server Premium 

This subscription model provides access to premium features to the user’s account and every server which they own. They get the benefits of 24×7 – autoplay, a cool role in the Official Discord Server, access to early beta testing features, change volume, audio filters, bypass vote locks, etc. (Discord benefits are included).

To avail of this offer, one has to pay the Chip Discord bot $12.50 per month. The subscriber will get an extra 5% off if they pay annually!

  1. Custom Chip

By going for this subscription model, a user will be opening doors for their own custom music bot, which functions on Chip bot’s strong servers where they can access their custom avatars, usernames, and embed colors. The subscriber’s custom bot will function differently from Chip and stay operational as long as Discord API works, even when the Chip itself faces glitches. Every premium feature will be turned on your custom bot, also! You will also be allowed to access your custom bot in around 10 different Discord servers! 

To avail of this offer, one has to pay the Chip Discord bot $25 per month. The subscriber will get an extra 5% off if they pay annually! (Discord benefits are included).

NOTE: If you choose to buy the Custom Chip package, it will take around 48 hours to set up your custom bot completely.

How To Join Chip Discord Bot Server?

There are many more things that one can do on Discord apart from just sending and receiving text messages or handing on audio and video calls. You wanna know what? Listen to your favorite tracks as much as you want! A bot like Chip makes such dreams come true. This bot doesn’t only allow you to listen to music but also helps you in creating one of your own in the easiest ways! The Chip is not the only one on Discord; there are many! But you need to pick one reputable bot to avoid a big turn-off. Because of this, we recommend you go for the Chip Discord bot!

Follow the below-given instructions to add the Chip server to your Discord:

Web Browser > Chip Bot Website > Join Our Discord > Accept Invite

Step 01: Launch a trustable web browser and navigate through the Official Chip Discord website.

Step 02: Click on the “Join Our Discord” option given at the left sidebar and wait for the web page to load.

Step 03: Next, click the “Accept Invite” button from the resulting page. And done! You will reach the Chip bot server page! 

NOTE: The Chip bot comes with a free and a premium version! The free Chip version has a set of limited features. Whereas the premium version provides you with advanced bot features. 

However, joining a free version won’t get you disappointed as it provides you with enough useful features if you are a beginner to the bot! Once you understand the bot completely, you can go for the premium one! 

The Chip Discord Bot Commands

Chip Discord Bot

There are different sets of Chip bot commands which perform tasks on the server to ensure that you may face no trouble while scrolling through the server. Before accessing any of the commands for any bot, you must know what role it plays! Here are a few of the commands with their roles and description!

Basic Chip Commands

  1. /play [song] – Plays music.
  2. /play [URL] – Searches songs, albums, playlists, and artists and plays them.
  3. /pause – Pauses currently playing songs.
  4. /clear queue – Deletes all the queued songs.
  5. /queue list –  Shows the song’s queue list.
  6. /loop current – Sets the currently playing song on loop.
  7. /lyrics – Shows the lyrics of currently playing songs.
  8. /replay – Replays the currently playing song.
  9. /skip – Skips the currently playing song and plays the next one.
  10. /stop – Stops the currently playing track.
  11. /search – Searches for Songs.
  12. /resume – Resumes currently paused songs. 
  13. /forceskip – Skips the selected playing song forcefully
  14. /247 [enable/disable] – Turns on and off the 24×7 autoplay mode to keep playing songs endlessly.
  15. /8D [Hz] – Alters the 8D settings on the player.
  16. /autoplay [enable/disable] – Turns on and off autoplay mode, after which the Chip keeps adding recommended tracks to the queue.
  17. /baseboost [percentage] – Alters the base boost settings on the player.
  18. /config [option] [value] – Handles DJ, 24/7, autoplay, and volume settings.
  19. /demon [enable/disable] – Alters the demon settings on the player.
  20. /duplicates – Deletes duplicate tracks from the queue

Misc Chip Commands

  1. /debug – Helpful command for problematic situations.
  2. /help [command] – Chip’s in-built help command.
  3. /invite – Displays a button to invite Chip.
  4. /ping – View Chip’s revert time to Discord.
  5. /support – Displays a button to join Chip’s support server.

There are many more Chip Discord bot commands that can be used by one to make navigation easier. We have provided you with the basic ones, which are must-know commands of the Chip bot. Rest can be found on the official Chip bot website. 

If you want to know more about such exciting Discord bots, then give read to the below-mentioned articles, and you will find many exciting Discord bots at your service!

Wrapping Up

Discord Bots are made to make your free time a fun time! The Chip Discord bot is best at it. This bot allows you to play and manage music as you interact with friends or browse through the server. Moreover, Chip offers you a wide variety of music with top-notch quality. So, follow the above-given guide and try it out yourself after adding this bot to your Discord.

Don’t forget to write down your favorite track on the Chip bot in the comment section and find your twin!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is Chip A Good Discord Bot?

Chip is a standard and high-quality Discord music bot with audio effects, autoplay, volume controls and 24/7 playback!

Q. How Do You Use Chip Bot Discord?

Chip bot is for playing music on Discord. Follow the instruction to add it to your Discord: Web Browser > Chip Bot Website > Join Our Discord > Accept Invite > Joined.

Q. Why Are Music Bots Shutting Down?

A few times back, well-established music bots like Groovy and Rythm were forced offline for going against Google-owned YouTube’s third-party policy and terms of commercialization and benefit.

Q. Who Is The Best Music Bot?

Top 5 best high-quality music bots on Discord:

  1. Probot
  2. Rythm
  3. Octave
  4. FredBoat
  5. Vexera

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