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Christian Discord Server

Are you a holy person who believes in god and the Christian religion? If yes, then we have something for you! It’s the list of the best 5 Christian Discord server that you should give a try at least once!

We are here today to provide you with a list of the best Christian Discord servers in which we have included essays and papers published by theologians, philosophers, and theistic and Christian presuppositions. The Christian servers we have here also conduct open and cheerful arguments and debates between multiple different religions from all over the world. 

How to join the Christian Discord server: Web browser > Discord > Login > Invite Link > Accept Invite > Verify Captcha > Joined! To learn more, read the article till the end!

This blog post introduces readers to the best 5 Christian Discord server and their features. It also drives them through the path of how to join the Christian Discord server in the easiest way! If you are interested in the same, then wait no longer; dive right into the post!

Top 5 Christian Discord Server

Looking to learn more about your religion? Christian Discord server is something where you will find all the discussed papers and essays about the same, which can be used to increase your knowledge about Christianity! Join these servers and learn more about the religion in the best and most effective way! However, most people from the Christian gaming Discord servers are seeking fun games to be played with their buddies. The Christian gaming community offers everything that they need with the help of moderators seeking a time of the day!

The servers mentioned below will help readers to know the Christian community and religion from close. This list makes you familiar with the most active and popular Christian Discord servers one by one. This community is growing day by day, with users like you learning and accepting the religion every day! So if you too are looking forward to making new Christian friends, then look no further, as we have the best of them right here!

The intention of compiling and creating a list of the best Christian Discord server is to unite the Christian community and let people explore it more and chat, call, play games and pray altogether!

Server 01: Scripture Alone

Members: 6,280

This is a Christian server with the motive of friendship with other Christians and sharing the Gospel with non-Christians. This server has basic bible studies served for the first mission and invites members from all over the world for the second mission. This involves Hindus, Agnostics, Atheists, Muslims, LGBTQ+, Buddhists, and others.


  1. Bible Studies: Scheduled and frequent Bible studies conducted by members of the server.
  2. Resources To Know More About The Bible: Apologetics, General Studies, History, Textual Criticism, and many more. 
  3. Fellowship And Basic Chatting With Friends: Chat is not always literal. Come chill out!
  4. Supporter Benefits: Support the server through Patreon or Nitro Boosting and get access to Custom Commands Exclusive Chat, and many more!
  5. Level 3 Server: Vanity URL, Top-Notch Quality Voice Chat, Large Upload Size, Number Of Emoji Slots for every member, and many more!


Server 02: Jesus Is The Way

Members: 5, 514

This is the second best place to learn about Christianity. This Christian community aims to educate every person who is interested in the study of god’s word and to provide users with a community where all of them can come together and learn together. This server has bible readings, bi-weekly prayer sessions, frequent theological discussions, and periodic games and movie sessions.


  1. Fellowship and discussions.
  2. Prayer pleads and learnings. 
  3. Apologetics and verse of the day. 


Server 03: Servus Dei

Christian Discord Server

Members: 2,673

Servus Dei is a Catholic server based on building a strong and pure relationship with God. This is done by providing a strong spiritual and religious environment without any distractions, which is an obvious factor in most of the Christian Discord servers. This server brings you close to God and helps you to become a Saint for Christ. This server also offers assistance/support or help related to porn addiction rehabilitation and spiritual guilt rehabilitation.


  1. Daily prayer accountability
  2. Consecration to St. Joseph
  3. Marian’s consecration and verbal apologies
  4. Bible study and Exodus 90


Server 04: Christianity Discord

Members: 1,343

This Christian Discord server is established with the purpose of offering fellowship for Christians and the ones who are into it can learn more about Jesus Christ by joining this server! Everyone is welcome to this one!


  1. Education: Learn about Jesus Christ, his roles as a savior.
  2. Discussions: Talk to Christians and others who are down for it.
  3. Daily Verse & Devotional: Posts on a daily basis every morning and night.
  4. Support: Grow in faith and get answers to all your questions, concerns, and doubts.
  5. Scripture Bots: BibleBot, HaGaon HaMachane, and many more.


Server 05: Ghewsten’s Bible Time

Members: 670

If you are in search of good fellowship and teaching, then you need to try this server out for once! This is an expressive Christian server, although anyone is welcome over here! Everyone who joins the server will be considered of Christian standard; hence one cannot enter the server while saying that they hate Christians and God is fake! This server is to bring faith in everyone’s heart. 


  1. Provides Christian fellowship.
  2. Chats particularly for accountability.
  3. Topical and Bible study on a weekly basis.
  4. Chess and theology nights are also conducted.
  5. A server with an active user base and Level 1 server.


How To Join Christian Discord Server?

If you have decided for which of the above-mentioned Christian Discord server you have to go, then follow the below given instructions to add them to your Discord and experience the holy faith in God! 

Discord > Login > Invite Link > Accept Invite > Verify Captcha

Step 01: Launch your Discord account either in app or in the web version.

Step 02: Next Login to your Discord account with your authentic credentials.

Step 03: After that, tap on the INVITE LINK of the Christian Discord server which you want to join.

Step 04: Next, click on the Accept Invite button and then Verify Captcha to verify yourself as a human.

And done! Now you have successfully entered the server and enjoy the purity of the server. Make sure you remember that all of the above mentioned servers are English speaking servers which have daily prayer groups and are open to all religions. Don’t forget to respect everybody over there and balance the environment! 

In order to never get bored of Discord and its servers, you have to balance things up by keeping trying new servers! To help you in picking a few of the best servers, below we are mentioning some of the most popular Discord servers that you need to try!

Wrapping Up

If you have gained interest in christianity and God all of a sudden and don’t prefer books to gain knowledge and the internet plays with your mind when it comes to learning things then Discord would be the best place and also the most effective way to learn about Christian religion. Above we have mentioned the top five Christian Discord servers, go through them thoroughly and make a choice. Once done join that server and start experiencing peace! 

Don’t forget to share about this article to your closed ones who are into god, christ and sanity!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What Are The Most Famous Discord Servers?

Best Discord Servers:

  1. Anime Soul Discord Server
  2. The Choco Bar Server
  3. The Daddy Server
  4. Weeb Empire Server
  5. Frog Dream World 

Q. What Is The Biggest YouTuber Discord Server?

Discord servers with a huge fan base: StreamBee, The Void, Mortal, Trolliners and royal legend.
Q. Are Discord Servers Safe?

Discord servers have right privacy policy settings and screening to avoid and prevent any type of negative activity. Although a catch will always be there when it comes to sites and apps with open chat. 

Q. Which Country Uses Discord the Most? 

The United States uses Discord the most. 30.26% of users on Discord are in the U.S. Second most highest are from Canada.

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