CoryxKenshin Discord | How To Join The Server?

CoryxKenshin Discord server

CoryxKenshin – one of the most popular YouTubers and gamers, is now on Discord, too! If you are already following CoryxKenshin on YouTube, Twitter, and his popular Twitch channel, then it’s time that you should join CoryxKenshin’s Discord server too! 

Looking for a Spooky Sunday Scary T-shirt? CoryxKenshin has the best collection for you! Over time, CoryxKenshin not only surprised us with his unique content but also launched amazing products for his fans! Joining the CoryxKenshin Discord will give you opportunities to get an early glimpse of his content and merchandised products. 

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To join the CoryxKenshin Discord, click on the invitation link for CoryxKenshin Discord server, click on ‘Accept Invite’, check on the I am human box and verify the captcha. 

Cory DeVante Williams, popularly known as CoryxKenshin, made his YouTube debut in 2009. He started gaining popularity in a short time for his gaming videos and comedy sketches. If you are a fan of horror games like CoryxKenshin, then you should join the CoryxKenshin Discord server!

What Is CoryxKenshin Discord Server?

CoryxKenshin Discord server is created by the fans and is a public server. The official CoryxKenshin Discord server was launched but for some reasons and technical problems, the invitations are not available.

The public CoryxKenshin Discord server already has 2,008 members and is gaining more rapidly. CoryxKenshin fans all over the world have started joining this fan Discord server, as the official Discord server is now unavailable. The best part is, in this Discord server, you can get all CoryxKenshin content updates as well as a sneak peek of the latest products. Moreover, this Discord channel is strictly maintained by dedicated CoryxKenshin fans. 

Is There CoryxKenshin Discord Server?

The official CoryxKenshin Discord server was launched by the popular YouTuber; however, for some reason, this official server is now unavailable. Nevertheless, we have found one dedicated CoryxKenshin Fan Discord server, which is currently serving the purpose, and CoryxKenshin fans are joining this public server happily. 

CoryxKenshin Discord Server Link

The official CoryxKenshin Discord server link is not available on the internet. Even if you check the YouTube page of CoryxKenshin, you will find the Discord channel link has been removed. However, we have found the CoryxKenshin Fan Discord server link, which is now as popular as the official Discord server. More than 2,008 members have already joined this Discord channel and are enjoying CoryxKenshin’s content. Click the public Discord link for CoryxKenshin Discord below and enjoy!

CoryxKenshin Fan Discord server Link – Join Now!

How To Join CoryxKenshin Discord Server Link?

How To Join CoryxKenshin Discord Server Link?

To join CoryxKenshin Discord, login to your Discord account > Click on the invitation link > and Click on Accept Invite > Done! 

You can join CoryxKenshin Discord anytime soon when the official Discord server link will be available. However, if not, you can still join the CoryxKenshin Fan Discord server. Whether you are joining the official CoryxKenshin Discord server or CoryxKenshin Fan Discord server, you have to follow the steps below:

Step 1: Log in to your Discord account or create a new Discord account. 

Step 2: Click and open the invitation link for the CoryxKenshin Discord server. 

Step 3: Click on ‘Accept Invite’. 

Voila! You have joined the CoryxKenshin Discord server successfully. 

CoryxKenshin Discord Features

Now that you have come to know that the official CoryxKenshin Discord server is not available, don’t be sad. Let’s chin up! You can still join the CoryxKenshin Fan Discord server, which is now serving as the one dedicated fan page for CoryxKenshin. If you are thinking twice about joining this public server, here are some Discord features that you should consider: 

1. You can join with a large fan base of CoryxKenshin while joining this Discord server. 

2. Get all the social updates from CoryxKenshin in one place. 

3. Get a sneak peek of the newly launched products of CoryxKenshin. 

4. You can stream CoryxKenshin videos in this group. 

5. Any Discord user [CoryxKenshin fan] can share memes and creative content on CoryxKenshin on this channel. 

CoryxKenshin Discord Server Rules

If you are wondering why we need to know CoryxKenshin Discord server rules, which are not official, for your information, this Discord server has gained quite a reputation as an amazing fanbase for CoryxKenshin and follows strict rules so that the members do not face any spamming. Here, the following are some of the many rules that you have to abide by while being part of the CoryxKenshin Discord server. 

Rule 1: Be respectful to all Discord members. No mean or harassing comments will be entertained. 

Rule 2: You are not allowed to use any inappropriate language. 

Rule 3: Do not share anything spam. Self-promotions, including DMs, are not allowed. 

Rule 4: You are not allowed to publish any NSFW or adult content on this server. 

Rule 5: You are not allowed to promote your personal business. Advertisements may lead you to be banned from the server. 

Rule 6: You are not allowed to use any offensive profile picture or name. Also, you cannot impersonate any public figure. 

Rule 7: If you are spreading threats and negativity, you will be banned from the server. 

Rule 8: You have to follow the rules and respect Discord Community ToS. 

Rule 9: You are not allowed to share your personal information on this Discord server. 

Rule 10: Sharing illegal or pirated content on this Discord will lead to instant banning from the server. 


Whether it is Dr. Disrespect, Mr. Beast, or CoryxKenshin, almost all of the famous YouTubers are now on Discord! If you love spending time with friends on Discord, joining your favorite YouTubers’ Discord channels will be fun. Unexpectedly, CoryxKenshin’s official Discord server is not available yet. But you can still join the CoryxKenshin Fan Discord server and share your thoughts with friends!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Does Coryxkenshin Live With His Family?

Born and raised in Detroit, Michigan, CoryxKenshin moved and joined the Samurai Community on May 3, 2016. However, again he moved to his parent’s house because of developing some medical condition. 

Q2. What Religion Does Coryxkenshin Follow?

CoryxKenshin is Christian by religion. 

Q3. How Much Does Coryxkenshin Make?

It is estimated that CoryxKenshin makes around $2.28 million a year. However, this is merely a speculation and the exact figure is unknown. 

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