DraftKings Discord | How To Join The Server?

DraftKings Discord

There are different ways to earn online. One way to earn is by playing games in Fantasy sports apps. Mostly you have to pay first to play the game and if you win, you can earn huge money. DraftKings Discord is a Discord server of one such platform. If you are earning money from DraftKings, then you can also join the server using the Draftkings Discord server link.

There are a lot of different Daily Fantasy sports apps and platforms that offer a good amount of money on winning the game but not all the apps and platforms are legit. DraftKings is a trustworthy platform that has even launched a Discord server for its players to remain connected with them. They can directly report issues to the management team if they face any. 

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To join the DraftKings Discord server,click on the official DraftKings Discord server link, accept the invite, check on the I am human box and verify the captcha.

All the Daily Fantasy games are subjected to terms and conditions. Read the terms very carefully before investing or playing any game.

What Is Draftkings Discord Server?

DraftKings is a daily fantasy sport where players can earn by playing games. There is a free entry on DraftKings and you can play more than 17 games there. There are three ways to play in the DraftKings which includes 

  1. Classic
  2. Leagues and 
  3. Pick em. 

More than 5 million people have played on this platform and earned money from it. To get started with DraftKings Discord, create an account or download its app. Then create your lineup and follow along as your team ranks up points. 

Is There Draftkings Discord Server?

Yes, there is a DraftKings Discord server that is free to join. You can join this server even if you have not started playing on the DraftKings app. There are various games on the DraftKings platform. Here are some of the important games.

  1. EPL
  2. NFT
  3. PGA
  4. Tennis
  5. NBA
  6. MMA
  7. F1
  8. MLB
  9. NHL
  10. NASCAR
  11. CFB
  12. CBB
  13. eSPORTS, and many more. 

DraftKings is not accessible all over the world. It is available for USA and Canada citizens only. 

DraftKings Discord Server Link

If you are planning to play DraftKings, it is recommended that you join its Discord server.

Here is the official DraftKings Discord Server link.

How To Join Draftkings Discord Server Link?

If you are curious about joining the Drafting Discord server, here is a complete guide for you.

Step 1: On the web browser log into your Discord account.

Step 2: Paste the DraftKings Discord server link on the browser.

Step 3: Click on the accept invite.

Step 4: If prompted, verify the captcha and you have successfully joined the Draftkings Discord server.

DraftKings Discord Features

DraftKings Discord

Upon joining the DraftKings Discord server, here are some features that you can enjoy.

  1. DraftKings Discord server has a server booster channel. It is a locked channel which means only the admin can add you to this channel.
  2. Then are the total member channels where members are managed on the server. This is also a locked channel.
  3. DraftKings Discord server has a verified channel. You have to verify yourself before you can access the other channels on the server.
  4. DraftKings Discord has a rules channel where you can find the rules of the server.
  5. The ranks channel on the server shows the ranking of other members on the server.
  6. Official links of the DraftKings Discord server help you to find all the official links of the Draftkings.
  7. DraftKings announcement channel is for official announcements only.
  8. A giveaway channel for the members to earn gifts and giveaways.
  9. A general chat channel is for the general discussion of the members.
  10. You will find some channels related to the DK Marketplace. These channels include the break, drafting NFT chat, suggestions, asking the community, and bot commands.

DraftKings Discord Server Rules

It is important to follow the DraftKings Discord Server rules. Here are the DraftKings Discord server Rules.

  1. Whenever you provide information, exercise extreme caution! Sadly, there are online users who intend to harm others. All major news will be delivered in their #announcements channel; DraftKings will never DM you on Discord. For additional information on channels, see the channel directory.
  2. It is strongly advised to switch off your direct messages so that only people you accept as “Friends” can send you messages. For ways to do this, go to User Settings > Privacy & Safety.
  3. Users of this server are not permitted to promote anything, including but not limited to their services, personal or business websites, social network links, or affiliate links. Shilling for projects, giving out your wallet address, or requesting ETH is not permitted.
  4. Any activity that encourages spam, such as frequently sending the same or similar messages or advertising in public chats.
  5. Nothing NSFW (not safe for work) should be posted. Any material that violates copyright, including but not limited to materials with unsuitable usernames and profile images, contains nudity, violence, impersonation of others—including using digital twins or avatars—spam, private or personal information.
  6. Bullying of any type is not permitted, and this includes, but is not limited to, using language or acting in a way that is demeaning, accusing, or defamatory, as well as making jokes about someone’s race, religion, culture, sexual orientation, gender, or identity.
  7. Behave well with others.


DraftKings has the option to test your skills. You should try out this feature before playing any game. Know the rules of the game to win it easily. Also, this platform requires investment, so it is recommended to read the terms and risks involved before getting started with it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What Is DraftKings?

DraftKings is the American Daily Fantasy Sports company. It is available in USA and Canada only.

Q2. Can You Play DraftKings On The Phone?

Yes, DraftKings is available on the mobile app and on the browser as well.

Q3. Which Games Are Available On DraftKings?

You can play EPL, NFT, PGA, Tennis, NBA, MMA, F1, MLB, NHL, NASCAR, CFB, CBB, eSPORTS, and many more on the DraftKings website and app.

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