Destiny 2 Season of the Seraph: New Activities & Loot Overview

Destiny 2 Season of the Seraph

On December 6, Bungie finally launched the much-hyped fourth (and final) part of the Witch Queen. The Destiny 2 Season of the Seraph is coincidentally the nineteenth season of the game, as well as the last content chapter this year. It ends on February 28, and we at WowVendor prepared a small rundown of everything that’s coming out before then.

A smaller part of the new update is nostalgia. It concludes the game’s fifth year, which means the devs will roll out a bunch of Triumphs related to many dungeons and raids from the previous chapters. What else you want to expect is The Dawning — a Christmas celebratory event with unique quests and rewards later in December.

Story Overview

The Season of the Seraph story still takes place during the war between the Guardians and the Hive. In this chapter, the latter decided to take control of Rasputin — the most advanced and powerful AI ever created by humankind. It’s capable of waging war unprecedentedly, and Hive wants it.

It was deactivated not long before, and now each side wants to take hold of it. The situation evolves into a big goose chase, in which Guardians try to recover components of Rasputin’s AI, as well as breach its security. The main staging ground for these actions is the Braytech facilities, which you’ll need to infiltrate. 

Heist Battlegrounds

The first of the Season of the Seraph activities is a list of several matchmaking missions. In them, you’ll have to breach the Braytech facilities all over the Solar System in an attempt to restore parts of Rasputin. They are typically similar, but each variety has a unique environment, a set of goals, and a boss fight.

In them, you’ll be joining two other Guardians in a fight against Hive adds — mostly Wrathborn. The missions aren’t lengthy, but the rooms are tightly packed with enemies, and a good share of them are Champions. It’s easy to get overwhelmed, so come prepared. Another danger is the AI defenses, including the instakill rocket systems that fire at you after 15 seconds of detection (look out for lasers).

The room-to-room goals are trivial, and they can include anything from waiting for Ghost to hack the system or break the Hive seals. The final boss of each Season of the Seraph dungeon is a Hive enemy with two health bars. There are lots of enemies here, and if they turn out too much for you, consider getting a Destiny 2 carry service to get through it.

The first HP bar gets depleted as usual, but you need to complete an objective before you can finish them off for good. In one of them, you need to collect arc charges from fallen captains to get the shield down. Once it is, you can drop the remaining health and complete the mission. It’s the same mechanic throughout the Heist boss fights.

The main reward is a chest that contains seasonal loot. You can claim another chest if you spend 500 Seraph Key Codes, which are the seasonal currency. You can only claim the second chest if you play these activities through the playlist. There is a lot of outstanding gear, so these missions are worth replaying.

New Exotic Mission

The new Season of the Seraph exotic mission is called Operation: Seraph’s Shield. It’s not available until December 20, which is 2 weeks into the launch. In the meantime, you can complete Operation: Archimedes. It doesn’t give you any good rewards, but it plays similarly to the Heist and is a story prelude to the Shield.

The Shield will have a similar flow to the other seasonal missions, but there are no clear details at the moment. What is known is the reward — an exotic Revision Zero. After unlocking the weapon itself, you’ll be able to unlock new catalysts weekly and upgrade the gun gradually.

Moments of Triumph

Another major part of this Season of the Seraph overview is the Moments of Triumph. It’s a set of 25 triumphs — challenges and achievements — that require you to spend time on the many activities of the past content updates, some in the current season, and general ones like Crucible. They were added to celebrate the end of the game’s fifth year.

Some of these challenges can be grueling. Some of them require you to complete raids and quests. Others, like the “Taskmaster,” need you to fulfill 50 bounties from any source. The rewards are mainly digital emblems, but there are physical items like the hyped t-shirt they’ll send you for beating some of them.

Seraph Key Codes & Resonance Stem

These two are the new seasonal currencies that let you unlock some parts of the Destiny 2 Season of the Seraph content. The Codes can be used to open the second loot chest at the end of the weekly Heist missions. The Stem lets you pinpoint the new legendary IKELOS weapons scattered across Europa, Moon, and Seraph Station.

Key Codes are collected through nonseasonal activities — a different amount for each individual challenge. Resonance Stem is collected from the playlist quests, as well as from reward chests. You need 4 of them to get the frequency that points you to one of the weapons.

The frequency can be something like “Europa.Beyond.Cliff.Landing,” which hints at a location on this moon. Your Resonance Amp will tell you exactly how many Stems you have. You need to “consume” the Amp to get the frequency — there are 12 of them for the 12 new Season of the Seraph weapons.

Season Pass Loot

The Season Pass has all the same privileges you typically get from them, including unique loot. Right off the bat, you get the exotic Manticore SMG with a curious ability to let you hover in the air for some time. The other is the set of unique green Season of the Seraph armor, but there are other, smaller rewards.

The Dawning 

The Dawning is the annual festive event happening around Christmas. Last year, it started on December 14 and ended on January 4. All this time, the hub was decorated with festive ornaments while a unique festive vendor stayed in town. Last time, she gave out quests that awarded people with an exotic ship and a legendary blade. There’s no telling what they’ll prepare for 2022, but you better not miss it. The event isn’t truly a part of the proper Destiny 2 Season 19 overview, but it happens in the same timeframe. It’s another valuable piece of content in this update, which you are aware of now.

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