Discord Got Hacked? Here’s What You Can do!

Discord Got Hacked?

One of the most well-known social media platforms is Discord. It is extremely popular, especially among the gaming community. It comes with a wide range of interesting features. The free platform lets the user talk to each other while playing games. It is also a good place where you can meet different players and interact with them

Discord got hacked? Even though it is a safe platform with many security features, there is always a chance that someone might be hacked. It happens often and it is not uncommon. One of the ways is to simply report it.

If your account is hacked on Disord then you might face a lot of problems. It can also be used to create inconvenience for others. It is always better to be careful but in any case, if you are in a position where your Discord got hacked then you are at the right place. This article will help you to deal with your hacked account. 

Has Your Discord Got Hacked?

If your Discord got hacked or you need to prevent your Discord from being hacked. You can follow the given measures to prevent it. 

1: Change Your Password: 

To change your password open Discord > Settings > My account > Edit > Change password
If your Discord got hacked then the first thing you can do is change your password. You can do it easily and quickly. Follow the given steps to change your password to ensure security:

Step 1: Open Discord

Discord Got Hacked?

Step 2: Go to the “settings” menu

Discord Got Hacked?

Step 3: Go to “My account”

Discord Got Hacked?

Step 4: Click on “Edit”

Step 5: Then simply click on “Change password”

Discord Got Hacked?

Step 6: Enter your old and new password and you will be done. 

Discord Got Hacked?

2: Enable 2FA

To enable 2FA open Discord > Settings > My account > Enable two-factor Authentication > Download Google Authenticator > Submit code

If your Discord got hacked then you should enable two-factor authentication that can help you prevent getting hacked. It will lower the chances of being hacked. To enable 2FA, you can follow the given steps below:

Step 1: Open Discord on your device.

Discord Got Hacked?

Step 2: Go to “settings”

Discord Got Hacked?

Step 3: Click on “my account”

Discord Got Hacked?

Step 4: Click on “enable two-factor authentication”

Discord Got Hacked?

Step 5: Download Google authenticator or Authy 

Step 6: Submit a code or scan a QR code

Discord Got Hacked?

Step 7: Once the 2FA is enabled, you can download backup codes

Discord Got Hacked?

This will help you as the hackers will need another code to confirm that they are the account owner and this will prevent your account from getting hacked. 

If your Discord got hacked then you should also inform your friends. That way the hacker cannot misuse anyone else. Your friends can report the hacked account and stop any more scamming.

Completely Forbidden From Using Your Account?

If you are completely forbidden from using your account then you can follow the given solutions below:

1: Report To Financial Institutions:

If your Discord got hacked then immediately report to financial institutions. In your Discord account if you have linked any of your credit or debit cards then it is better to inform your bank. The hacker can buy Discord Nitro and spend your money using your account. It is better to report it rather than waiting for the hacker to use your account. 

2: Unlink Connected Devices:

If your Discord got hacked then unlink all connected devices. Discord provides you with the facility of linking your other accounts such as Facebook, Steam, and more. It is suggested that you change your password on these apps as the hacker might also get access to your other accounts. After changing the password you can unlink your other accounts. This will stop the hacker from creating more trouble for your social media. 

3: Send A Report To Discord

If your Discord got hacked then send a report. There are many different users on Discord and if you feel that anyone has hacked your account then you can simply send a report to Discord. You can do that by simply going to Discord, clicking on submit a request, and then simply answering the questions and filling out the form. 

Discord Got Hacked?

How To Prevent Discord From Getting Hacked?

One of the common sayings is “prevention is better than cure”. It is better to take measures before it’s too late. If your Discord got hacked then follow the given below steps that will prevent your account from getting hacked.

1: Don’t Click On Anything Strange

One of the many ways in which your account can get hacked is by clicking on strange or random links. It is advised not to click on any link until and unless it is authentic. 

2: Download Files That You Trust

You should not download files or any other data like that. It is important that you do not download anything from strangers until it is coming from a trusted representative. Try to avoid downloading things from users that you haven’t interacted with before.

3: Do Not Share Personal Information

Discord is a great platform for interacting with new people but you cannot trust everyone online. It is safe to keep your personal information to yourself. Some people might exploit and take advantage so you should be careful with your information. 

4: Careful With Fake Discord Announcements

Another thing to remember is that Discord will never send messages to your DMs. The announcements will appear on the official pages and Discord servers so do not fall into the trap of trusting information coming from suspicious sources. 

5: Use A Strong Password

You can always use a strong password to ensure the security of your account. Try using a complex password rather than something simple. It will help you in securing your password as they are too time consuming.

6: Install Antivirus Software

To prevent hacking you can always install antivirus software. The software works across many platforms. This will stop the hacker from hacking further on your device and stealing all your personal information. 

Hacking Attempts

There are some common hacking attempts that are used. Given below are a few tricks that are being used:

1: Testing A Game Out

If someone sends you a link to test a game out then you should avoid it. It can be a scam and will steal your information. Try not to click on any such links without trusting the user.

2: Free Trials

It is shady to get free trial offers. Do not engage in any such thing. It can be just another way to hack your account. 

3: Free Giveaways

Free giveaways are normally fake so if it’s not coming from a trusted source do not accept it. 

4: Free in-game premium currency

It is very appealing to click on such links but this could be a hacking attempt. Don’t bother yourself with such attempts.

Wrapping Up:

Discord has been struggling with the hacking problem for quite some time now. Many users have a hard time recovering their accounts. It might take weeks to resolve the hacking problem. In such cases, you can try everything in your power to avoid getting hacked. This article will provide you with all the information that you need. In case your Discord got hacked then you can follow the above measures.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can a Discord Account Get Hacked?

Yes, Discord can get hacked and it is quite frequent. In such cases, it is advised to inform Discord of suspicious activity on the platform. In case your Discord got hacked then you should report it.

2. Are There Any Hackers In Discord? 

It is not uncommon to have hackers in Discord. The links coming as free trials or free giftways are not that innocent. It is better to avoid any such link until it is coming from a trusted source. 

3. How Secure Is Discord?

Discord gives importance to security and privacy but it has basic standard encryption but it does not use end-to-end encryption like other apps.  In case your Discord got hacked then you report it and take measures to prevent it.

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