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Discord Internship Server

Discord servers are a perfect place to get all the latest updates related to your favorite games, celebrities, and much more. But what if you can get updates related to the internship on Discord? Surprisingly, it is possible with the Discord Internship server! Discord server for internships is a perfect place to connect with other interns and get timely updates!

Along with offering other opportunities, Discord even offers internships to the eligible to build the future of Discord. If you are a passionate gamer and a technology lover, then you can try doing an internship for Discord which is one of the innovative companies worldwide! But is there an official Discord server for internships?

Currently, there is no Discord internship server. However, users can directly find out about Discord internships from the official website.

Discord internship server can be your perfect ticket to a successful career. So, let’s help you find out whether there is an official Discord server for Discord internship and how you can apply for a Discord internship! 

Discord Internship Server

The Discord Internship server could be one of the most useful Discord servers available for helping users worldwide. However, if you are looking for a Discord server for an internship, then let us disclose that currently there is no official Discord Internship server. Whether you want to connect with people who have similar interests or looking for internship opportunities, an internship Discord server can be immensely helpful for you. Though there is no official Discord Internship server, a number of unofficial Discord servers are available for Internships. So, you can consider joining them or directly accessing the Discord website to check out updates related to the Discord internship. 

Discord Internship Salary

If you wish to be a Discord intern, then it is necessary to know about the Discord intern salary. The average Discord intern salary is approximately $65,929 per year as per the data of about 100 Discord interns. The Discord intern salary can vary depending on a number of different factors such as the location you are working in as interns working in big cities earn higher, the experience that you have because more experienced interns earn higher amounts, the department you are working in because interns in the engineering department have higher salaries than other departments.

Discord Internship Summer 2024 

Discord has currently not announced any dates related to its Discord summer internship 2024. By joining the Internship program of Discord, you can get benefits such as comprehensive medical insurance, mental health resources, volunteer time off, paid parental leave, and many other benefits. However, you can apply for the summer internship 2024 on Discord during the end of 2023. So, let’s help you find out how you can apply for a Discord internship. 

How To Apply For Discord Internship?  

To apply for the Discord internship, you can navigate to the Discord website > careers > Internship > Choose a program > apply now > add your details > resume > cover letter > and apply.

Step 1: Open the Discord official website and then click on the careers option.

Step 2: Then, scroll all the way down, and click on the Internships filter.

Step 3: Next, choose a program from the available internship option.

Step 4: Then, click on the preferred option, and then click on the Apply Now option.Step 5: Now, add your personal details including your name, email address, and phone number.

Step 6: Then, attach your resume, and your cover letter, and click on the Apply button. 

Wrapping Up 

Discord is one of the best places to connect with like-minded people. The best part is people can even choose Discord as an earning source by choosing a career with Discord. You can join the internship program and have fun while earning at the same time! Since there is no official Discord internship server, you can join the internship program, and get the latest updates from the official website of Discord. So, have fun, meet new people, and enjoy the learning process by joining the Discord internship program!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is There A Discord Internship Server Free?

A. No, there is no official Discord internship server for free.

Q2. Can I Join A Discord Internship Server For Students?

A. As there is no official Discord internship server for students, you cannot join it right now.

Q3. Can I Do CS Internship Discord?

A. Yes, you can go to the Discord careers website and check for eligibility for a CS internship, and if you fulfill the criteria, then you can try for the CS Discord internship. 

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