Does Snapchat Phantom Get You Banned?

Does Snapchat Phantom Get You Banned?

Snapchat is a world of influences, fans and sharing lots of good vibes. But, sometimes you could be banned from this popular social platform for not abiding by their rules and regulations. What if a simple software updates can get you banned? Does Snapchat Phantom get you banned? How? We will explain in this article.

Whether you are using an Android or an iPhone, if you are using a modded version of any app, you will get banned. We understand that YouTube Vanced, GBWhatsApp or Instagram Plus are popular, so does the Snapchat Phantom. But, if developers caught you using any of these mod version of the apps that defy DRM tools you will be banned. Does Snapchat Phantom get you banned? Yes! You should be careful. 

Does Snapchat Phantom get you banned? Yes, using Snapchat Phantom could get you banned! Snapchat Phantom is an example of a mod application. As declared by the developer of Snapchat Phantom, something went terribly wrong that they are looking forward to fix. What if you are already banned by Snapchat for using Snapchat Phantom? Just uninstall it! 

Does Snapchat Phantom Get You Banned?

One of the most widely used Snapchat add-ons for jailbroken iPhones is called Phantom. Despite occasional problems, the developer was able to attract the attention of all users who wanted to improve the capabilities of the original application. A new Phantom update was released yesterday. It appears to have caused problems for a number of customers and bears the version number 6.0.1-0. Snapchat barred users who upgraded to the most recent version.

Now that you are It is found that the length of the ban varied from user to user by reading the comments under a Reddit post. Some people received 12-hour bans, while others were subject to extensions of up to a week. Any iPhone you use could be prohibited as a result of this upgrade. Therefore, if you haven’t already upgraded, don’t try. The developer quickly replied to the users’ requests for help. He tweeted an acknowledgment of the problem.

“So it looks like I may have goofed with the last update. Further testing is needed, but I’ve restricted access to Snapchat in the meantime because some users are experiencing bans. Uninstall in the meantime.”

How To Get Snapchat Phantom On iOS?

Snapchat Phantom isn’t offered in the App Shop, so we must utilize a third-party app store to download it. “Build Store” is the third-party application you are recommended to use. Users of this store are able to download and install programs that are either not available or have been removed from the App Store. You may download Phantom as well as other applications into your iPhone for the low cost of $19.99 per month without having to jailbreak your iPhone or use a PC.

Features Of Snapchat Phantom

Snapchat Phantom enables you to get more control over the app and access a variety of useful features. The following features are only a few of them:

  1. Read the snaps whenever you want without indicating to the other person that you have done so.
  2. All of the pictures you transmit are saved on your phone’s storage.
  3. To leave the snaps open, turn off the hold motion feature.
  4. Send a snap to a number of people at once.
  5. Save any and all media you get from Snapchat into your camera roll.
  6. Send pictures of the media that is already saved on your phone.
  7. New brush tools are available.
  8. New captions effects are available.

Wrapping Up

Hope, this article helped you with Snapchat Phantom get you banned issue. We admire all of the amazing features brought by Snapchat, which make this amazing app more unique. However, who doesn’t love the mod version of a popular app like Snapchat? But, when the question comes – does Snapchat Phantom get you banned? The answer is yes! So be careful while installing the mod apps. The immediate solution to this issue is of course – delete the app! Got a question? Let us know in the comment box. Follow Deasilex for more updates on Snapchat! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is Snapchat Phantom Safe To Install?

In the Build Store, Snapchat Phantom is available. To protect the security and safety of users, each app has undergone a comprehensive examination and internal review before being posted on the store. All of Build Store’s applications, according to Build Store, are secure for the device and the users’ personal information. They do, however, make it plain that they are not liable for any bans enforced by the creators of the original software.

Q2. How To Get Snapchat Phantom 

Unfortunately, the App Store does not include Snapchat Phantom. You could believe that jailbreaking your iOS smartphone is necessary in order to install it. There is no need to jailbreak your iOS device because of the Build Store. In terms of Android, Snapchat Phantom may be downloaded directly from any source and installed on an Android device. Snapchat Phantom is currently available for download. It only a few easy steps for you to install it on your smartphone and begin using its limitless capabilities.

Q3. I Lost My Snapstreak – How To Find?

Both Snapchatters must exchange Snaps (not Chats) with one another within a 24-hour period in order to maintain a Snapstreak. Please let us know if you lost your Snapstreak but are certain that you sent a Snap (not a Chat) back and forth inside the 24-hour period.

Q4. Who Is My Information Shared With?

When we share information, it’s typically at your request, such as when you wish to send a Chat to a friend or upload a Snap to Our Story. Your username and Snapcode are two pieces of information that are automatically made public by default. Aside from the Snap family of companies, we also share information with vendors and partners who assist us in offering our services, as well as where we believe it is required by law.

Q5. How Long Will Snapchat Keep Or Retain My Data?

Snap keeps most of the data we gather for a brief period of time. Read more about Snap’s data retention policies in the Privacy Policy’s section under “How Long We Keep Your Information,” as well as on the support pages for individual products or in your Download My Data package.

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