Most Popular Social Media Sites and Apps [Latest Stats – 2023]

Most Popular Social Media Sites and Apps

Can’t Talk, WhatsApp Only.
Are you this kind of person? Many of us are. I admit chatting on Social Media is preferable to making phone calls. There is so much you can do on social media, like, you can talk to random people at the same time. In my suggestion, if you like to explore more then you must try different applications. So, here is the list of the Most Popular Social Media Sites and Apps.

Why did you want to have a smartphone when you were a teen? To talk? Obviously No, that can be done through your home landline. The answer is, to have an account on Facebook, Instagram, and Tinder (No need to hide) and access them anytime you want. If you desire to be famous on social media platforms then you must know the application with the most active users. So, here is the list of the Most Popular Social Media Sites and Apps.

The list of the most popular Social Media includes names like

  1. Truth Social
  2. Facebook
  3. YouTube
  4. WhatsApp
  5. Facebook Messenger 

…. and the list continues. You will find more than these nine applications in the article below. We have also mentioned the amazing facts about these social networking sites, we bet you never knew them before.

Other than interacting with your friends and fans on social media. You can use these applications for B2C marketing and product promotions as well.

1. Truth Social

Well, the application has just launched in the market and has already created enormous hype. IOS users can easily download the Truth Social Application from the Apple App Store. The application was launched by the former US President, Donald Trump as a rival to Twitter after getting banned from the platform.

The application is easy to sign up via the sign-up mail that you receive after registering on the application.

2. Facebook

Most Popular Social Media Sites and Apps - Facebook

Facebook is the invincible winner in the “Most Popular Social Media Sites And Apps” match. The social networking giant was started in 2004 and within the 10 months of its launch, the site reached 10 million users. After the huge launch, Facebook took only eight years to hit 1 Million users. 

If we talk about the user base of Facebook, then people of all age groups are engaged in the app. However, the recent features like marketplace and Facebook reels have given another reason to the users to stick to the application.

Facts About Facebook-

  1. Facebook is adding 500,000 new users every day that counts for around 6 users per second.
  2. Most active users of Facebook can be found in India (290 Million), second-most active users in the US (190), and the Third most active users in Indonesia (140 Million).
  3. If we look at the login stats then in the US 73 percent of Facebook users log in every day.
  4. An average American person spends 38 minutes a day on Facebook, well that’s a huge number.

3. YouTube

Most Popular Social Media Sites and Apps - YouTube

Do you know that YouTube started as a dating site?

I ain’t joking. It’s true!! The developers started YouTube as the platform where single women can post their videos about the type of men they want. However, unfortunately (Rather Fortunately) things didn’t go as planned and we have the modern version of the application.

When it comes to the number of the registered users, YouTube is second in the list of the “Most Popular Social Media Sites and Apps”. But, a fact cannot be denied that YouTube is a free-to-access social media streaming site. You can expect a lot more users than mentioned in the stats. 

Facts About YouTube-

  1. More than 500 videos are uploaded to YouTube every minute.
  2. The application has around 2 billion users, that is around one-third of people using the Internet
  3. About 74 percent of the Adults living in America (highest in the world) use YouTube.

4. WhatsApp

Most Popular Social Media Sites and Apps - WhatsApp

What if I tell you that WhatsApp wasn’t started as the Instant Messaging App?

Here is the second revelation of the day, WhatsApp was started as the address book that was supposed to show only the status against the person’s name. And an experiment by the developer made it one of the most downloaded Social media applications of all time. It is one of three Social network sites to hit the 2 Billion Users club.

What makes WhatsApp different from the other popular Social Media Sites?

Several points can be listed in this section from the simple user interface to the ease to use. But, here are a few points that make it exceptional.

  • It did not involve the irritating advertising revenue collection method on its platform.
  • It did not evolve itself into the marketplace when other social media sites were moving towards it.
  • It kept its base strong (Communication tool) and improved it for business chats.

Facts About WhatsApp-

  1. The original WhatsApp application was only released for iOS users.
  2. WhatsApp does not invest in Dollars.
  3. The WhatsApp servers handle 55 million video calls every day and the total calling session sounds for around 340 Million minutes. 

5. Facebook Messenger

Most Popular Social Media Sites and Apps - Facebook Messenger

Facebook launched the Facebook Messenger app as the direct competition to WhatsApp in the Instant messaging applications war. Although it is not able to beat WhatsApp in the fight, securing the fourth position in the list of the “Most Popular Social Media Sites and Application” tells a lot about Facebook’s domination in the Social Network Market.

Talking specifically about America, stats are a bit different. According to the US IM (Instant Messaging) engagement report by Statista, there are 56.8 percent Facebook messenger users compared to the 12.1 WhatsApp users. One of the major reasons for Facebook’s popularity is that people of every age group use it. Here is a table that confirms it.

Age GroupPercentage Of People Using It
13-17 Years Old1.7 Percent
18-24 Years Old14.7 Percent
25-34 Years Old27.3 Percent
35-44 Years Old21 Percent
45-51 Years Old14.7 Percent

Facts About Facebook Messenger-

  1. Facebook Messenger is the second most popular Apps on iOS devices.
  2. Around 21 Billion photos are shared through the application every month.
  3. When it comes to VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) calls, Facebook Messenger accounts for more than 10 percent of them.

6. Instagram

Most Popular Social Media Sites and Apps - Instagram

A former Google employee gave a shape to the years of his research on “Social Media” and who would have thought the result will give us the most popular photo-sharing application of all times “Instagram”. If compared to Facebook, it was started five years later and at the time Facebook was celebrating its 1 Billion users, Instagram has reached 35 million active users. Just after three months, Instagram hit 80 million users, No doubt it was the biggest competition to Facebook. So, we know who owns Instagram now.

Demographically, Instagram has a user base that targets the youth. Almost 71 percent of the users on the application are under the age of 35. Instagram provides an excellent environment for B2C (Business to Client) marketing. More than 70 percent of Social Media Marketing is done on the Instagram Platform. The US and India stand Shoulder to Shoulder in the number of users (140 Million) on Instagram.

Facts About Instagram-

  1. Facebook Bought Instagram for $1 Billion.
  2. 995 photos are uploaded on the Instagram platform every second.
  3. The story features of the Instagram application caters to 500 million users every day.

7. Weixin/WeChat

Most Popular Social Media Sites and Apps - WeChat

Human nature is the most unpredictable thing in the world. Despite knowing the fact, WeChat shares the user’s private information with the Chinese Government. The app has hit 1.213 Billion active users. Whoa! 

Well, that is not the only reason to list the WeChat application here. We cannot deny the fact that the features the app offers its users are unparalleled. From text messaging to video calling, from playing video games to making digital payments. Name a thing and you will find it on the Application.

Talking about the user base of the WeChat application, 60 percent of users of the application are Chinese people above the age of 60. It is interesting to know that 23 percent of the users are Americans (18-24 years of age) who use WeChat as the marketing channel. 

Facts About WeChat-

  1. The average WeChat User has 194 contacts.
  2. The best time to reach users on WeChat is Evening.
  3. Multiple Video chats allow nine people at a time.

8. TikTok

Most Popular Social Media Sites and Apps - TikTok

There are overnight success stories and then there is TikTok. 

The platform was launched in the year 2017 and three years after its launch, the platform was one of the most popular social media sites. It was at the first position until it got the drop in its number of users from South-Asia. 

India and Pakistan were among the first countries to Ban TikTok due to privacy and content concerns. The US government also attempted to ban social media but could not succeed. 

TikTok has found the seventh position in the list of the “Most Popular Social Media Sites And Apps” according to the number of users. 

Guess the position? If the Application wasn’t banned from the South-Asian countries.

Facts About TikTok-

  1. It reached the number one position within just three years of its launch.
  2. It has over 30 million active users in the US.
  3. An average TikTok user spends more than 50 minutes on the application. 

9. QQ

Most Popular Social Media Sites and Apps - QQ

QQ, the Email Killer in China

QQ is another Chinese social media app in the list of the “Most Popular Social media sites and Apps”. The application is owned by the Chinese tech giant Tencent. QQ has played a vital role in Chinese business communication. Despite its heavy usage within the Chinese territory, the app was unable to make a name in the open world. Still, it has 617 million active users majorly in China.

Facts About QQ-

  1. QQ is the largest portal in China in terms of Pageviews.
  2. It is seen as the replacement of Emails in China.

10. Douyin

Most Popular Social Media Sites and Apps - Douyin

Douyin is the Chinese version of the TikTok application. Although both the platforms belong to the same parent company, both are designed in their ways for their audience.

In China, Douyin has become the most popular social media platform to promote expensive luxurious Brands. Douyin is different from TikTok in many ways, it has provided the content creators a solid and concrete way to earn from its platform.

Facts About Douyin-

  1. It has a total of 600 Million active users.
  2. It is used mostly in its native country, China.
  3. It is similar to TikTok yet different.
Application NameNumber Of Active Users
Facebook2.74 Billion Active Users
YouTube2.291 Billion Active Users
WhatsApp2.0 Billion Active Users
Facebook Messenger1.3 Billion Active Users
Instagram1.221 Billion Active Users
Weixin/WeChat1.213 Billion Active Users
TikTok689 Million Active Users
QQ617 Million Active Users
Douyin600 Million Active Users
Sina Weibo511 Million Active Users
Telegram500 Million Active Users
Snapchat498 Million Active Users
Kuaishou498 million Active Users
Pinterest442 Million Active Users
Reddit430 Million Active Users


If you are planning to use the social media network to target your client base then we would recommend you to go through the features of each application once. As every app offers a different approach to the business module. If you feel this article was helpful then do share it with your friends.

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