Dogecoin As A Payment Option For Twitter Blue

Dogecoin As A Payment Option For Twitter Blue

Elon Musk never misses a chance to surprise his fans. A few days ago he tweeted about the monopoly of Twitter, giving a hint about the Elon Musks’ new social media, and after a few days, he bought 9.2 percent of Twitter’s shares. This made him one of the largest shareholders of Twitter. Recently, he suggested Dogecoin as a payment option for Twitter blue.

Although Elon refused to join Twitter’s board, he made various suggestions for the betterment of the platform. One among them was Dogecoin as a payment option for Twitter blue. Everyone is well aware of the love story between Elon Musk and Dogecoin. Elon Musk’s tweets raise and fall the value of this cryptocurrency in the crypto market.

Well, what are these suggestions? How are they beneficial to us? We know there are several questions running around in your head right now. So, let us start with a post that will clear all your doubts.

Elon Musk Suggestions For Twitter Blue

As we told you at the beginning of the post, Elon Musk is now the largest shareholder of Twitter. So, this brings him to the position that he can suggest new features for the social media platform.

Musk uses the Twitter platform to announce his views and thoughts on the new features that he wants to include. His first tweet was “How About A Edit Button”. If you are a Twitter user then you must be aware of the fact that once a tweet is made, you cannot edit it. You need to delete it and then post it again with the editing.

However, if you are a Twitter blue subscriber then, you get 20 seconds to edit the tweet. The Twitter Blue subscription also allows the user to set the NFT profile picture on Twitter.

If you follow Elon Musk on Twitter, you must be aware of his habit of replying to fan tweets.

Recently, he made a tweet about fixing the charges for Twitter blue to $3. To which a person replied that $3 is too much for the people of Argentina, the whole family eats for the day in this amount. To which Musk replied that the subscription prices to Twitter blues will be according to the local currency.

Musk also suggested that the Twitter Blue subscribers should also get a verification batch on their profile. 

In the end, he also suggested Dogecoin As A Payment Option For Twitter Blue.

Dogecoin As A Payment Option For Twitter Blue

Well, given below are the in detail features that Elon wanted to include on the Twitter Social Media Platform.

1. An Edit Button

In the first tweet after getting the shares on Twitter, Elon tweeted and asked the audience about the edit button on the platform. Currently, Twitter does not offer an option to edit the tweets that are posted on the platform. 

Well, there are chances that the option might be included in the near future.

2. Reduced Price For Twitter Blue

Elon is also planning to reduce the Twitter blue subscription. It will be $3 per month. Well, the subscription prices may vary according to the country’s currency and economic condition.

3. Verification Batch For Twitter Blue Subscribers

Musk also demanded that the Twitter Blue subscription should also come with the verification batch. Well, he added that the verification batch will appear only for the time subscription is active. 

4. Dogecoin As A Payment Option For Twitter Blue

As Elon Musk was suggesting these updates about the Twitter Blue, he tweeted “Maybe Even an option to pay in Doge?”. He ended the tweet with a question mark. This may be a suggestion and he might have a public opinion on it.

Just as he did before buying the Twitter shares.

Wrapping Up 

Dogecoin As A Payment Option For Twitter Blue could be a good option, Elon is serious. However, you might also call it one of his tweets that suddenly raises the value of the Dogecoin crypto.

Well, whatever may be the reason users certainly want the edit button. What are your thoughts and what are the features that you want to be included on Twitter? Do tell us in the comments section below.

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