How To Add Alt Text To Twitter Image Description

how to add alt text to Twitter image description

Can’t believe, that actions can be taken this quickly! We’re talking about the execution of modifications and changes in Twitter just after the onboarding of Elon in the Twitter company. So, the tea topic is how to add alt text to Twitter image description.

Exactly what changes, you might be thinking! So, it’s the rollout of the Alt Text feature on Twitter on a global basis. Maybe, Elon heard our feelings about the changes in Twitter’s features. So are you in?

You first need to post an image along with your tweet, after that you are supposed to select a description below the image. Type in your description for the image and click on save. See how easy this was, but that’s not all you need to know. There are many things without which your tweets will be incomplete. If you want to know what then scroll and read and also explore how to add alt text to Twitter image descriptions in detail.

But we guess you haven’t seen what images do or do not have alt text if you were not utilizing a screen reader yet – but as we always assure! No need to worry. We’ll make sure that you learn A to Z today! Let’s have in-depth knowledge about how to add alt text to Twitter image description.

What Is Twitter’s Alt Text Feature?

Alt text is a written description of a picture, like a GIF. This feature is declared by the assistive technology to let people know who are unable to view the picture and understand what it’s saying. It’s a crucial part to add alt text for every picture and GIF too. Users with low vision or blindness will not be able to view any of the days from that image with their screen readers.

During the past few months, the Twitter team fixed bugs and collected feedback from the limited release. 

Twitter’s Tweet On Image Descriptions: 

Additional picture descriptions allow people who are specially-abled and cannot see or are having low vision and are from low-bandwidth areas, can make use of assistive tech, to completely contribute on Twitter.

“We know that these features have been in the queue for a long time, and we’re thankful for your patience. We’re also on the picture description reminder” said the Twitter team.

After all of this, Twitter might soon start reminding their tweeters to add picture descriptions, but as of now, you have to do it on your own. 

How To Add Alt Text To Twitter Image Description

How To Add Alt Text To Twitter Image Description

Twitter is examining a couple of new features to improvise image accessibility on desktops and mobile devices. 

In a declaration, Twitter says that examination is being done with 3% of tweeters including Android, iOS, and web browsers.  

Here is the guide that’ll make you learn how to add alt text to Twitter image descriptions: 

  1. After uploading an image with a tweet on Twitter, choose a description under the image.
  2. Insert a description of the image in the text field. 1000 is the character count limit.
  3. Tap on Save, and an Alt badge will pop up in the corner of the image.
  4. If someone taps on the Alt badge should pop up on your screen.

Your tweet will be sent with the Alt badge on the image. If you add more than one image to a tweet you can then add unique descriptions to each of them. 

The feature is still under testing, so you may not get a chance to access the features right now. Spring is the expected time for the full launch of these features.

Twitter Will Finally Let You Un-Mention Yourself In Tweets

Twitter Will Finally Let You Un-mention Yourself In Tweets

The brand decided to make an announcement on Thursday that they’re running an examination of features to give their users to exclude themselves from a conversation of which they don’t want to be a part. 

Anyone having access to this new update can click on the three-dot menu next to a reply option to give rise to an offering “get you out of this conversation”. The pop-up means exiting a conversation will remove you from replies, although your username still will be there. 

The brand refused to reveal the number of users who will be allowed to access the trial feature but declared the test as global but small. As of now, it’s limited to the web only, so no mobile users will be able to taste the fun of this trial run. 

When a tweeter Un-mentions themselves, their Twitter handle changes color to gray, depicting other users that they’ve left the conversation and don’t want to be tagged again into the chain. Un-mentioning will toggle off notifications by default, leaving you peacefully unaware of the fact that they’ve left your toxic conversation.

Wrapping Up

If you want your tweets to reach, be heard, and understood by everyone, hereby everyone we mean low vision, specially-abled people, then adding Alt text to your image tweet is a must for you. By doing this you’re spreading your thoughts and opinions to everyone which is possible. After the Twitter team’s successful test was conducted last month, Twitter launched a pair of additions to its Alt text feature.  Starting from today, images along with alt text will contain an ALT badge in the corner of the image.


Q1. What’s The Purpose Of Using Alt text?

Ans. Alt-text is meant to depict the motive and reason behind the image attached with the tweet.

Q2. Who Benefits From Alt Text?

Ans. The ones who are sight-impaired users are getting benefited from this feature, along with that it also eases the mechanism of understanding an image tweet.

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