Dreamwastaken Discord 

Dreamwastaken Discord

Are you one of the millions who have been captivated by Dream’s Minecraft Manhunt? You might be looking to connect with him on a personal level via Dreamwastaken Discord server. Before you get disheartened on your quest to find the official Dreamwastaken Discord server, stay with us to find out the best ways to connect with fellow Dream enthusiasts and get a step closer to your favorite streamer.

Starting from the epic face reveal of WWE’s Kane to the ambiguous aura that surrounds Marshmellow, people have forever been fascinated by their favorite star’s face reveal. Dream is also one such popular YouTube streamer, who had his infamous face reveal in October 2022, which clocked over 21.9 million views and 2.5 million likes in less than 24 hours. He gained immense popularity with the release of Minecraft Manhunt, and Speedruns, which are YouTube series. 

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An official Dreamwastaken Discord server does not exist. Nevertheless, you can join the Dreamwastaken Fan Server, to connect with thousands of fans from all over the world.

Discord is the best place to meet users with similar interests and connect with them on a personal level. Although you might not be able to find the official Dreamwastaken Discord server, you can join the Dreamwasteken Fan Server, to connect with all of Dream’s fans, to discuss your favorite YouTube streamer.

What Is Dreamwastaken Discord Server?

The Dreamwastaken Discord server is an exclusive server that is eagerly anticipated by all the Dream’s fans. It is expected to be the hub of information exchange between the members and Dream aka DramTraps himself. Sadly, the Dreamwastaken Discord server is just a myth, that was formed as a result of millions of fans’ quotes and hashtags. Nevertheless, it is always better to stay positive and hope for Dream to acknowledge the widespread presence of his fans on Discord and finally announce the official launch of the Dreamwastaken Discord server.

Is There Dreamwastaken Discord Server?

Currently, there is no official Dreamwastaken Discord server.  However, with over 31.8 million subscribers on YouTube and 6.4 million personal followers on Instagram, Dream has been known for his social media presence on various different platforms. While you are waiting for Dream to launch his official Dreamwastaken Discord server, we offer you a platform, that has been created exclusively for Dreams’ fans to connect aka DreamWasTaken Fan server, where you will be able to meet fellow fans from all over the world.

Dreamwastaken Discord Server Link

Even though there is no official Dreamwastaken Discord server, you can tap the link given below to join the DreamWasTaken Fan server, to connect with thousands of Dream’s fans.

Tap on this link to access the DreamWasTaken (Fan Server)

How To Join Dreamwastaken Discord Server Link?

To join the DiscordWasTaken Fan server open Discord and login to your account > Tap on the link given above > Join > Complete verification process > Open your Discord account.

Step 1 – Open your web browser and log in to your Discord account.

Step 2 – Tap on the DreamWasTaken Fan server given above.

Step 3 – Click to join it.

How To Join Dreamwastaken Discord Server Link?

Step 4 – Complete the verification process as prompted.

Step 5 – Open Discord to access the DreamWasTaken Fan server.

How To Join Dreamwastaken Discord Server Link?

The DreamWasTaken Fan server will be automatically added to your Discord account. Scroll through all the Discord servers on your left panel to locate it.

Dreamwastaken Discord Features 

DreamWasTaken Fan Server is an exclusive space created just for Dream’s genuine fans. It is a very closed platform that requires all members to complete a two-way verification process to access all its features. Click on ‘Complete’ found at the bottom of your screen and enter your phone number, after setting your country code. Then, wait for the OTP that is sent directly to your phone number and enter it into your Discord. Finally, enter your Discord password, to tap into the full potential of the DreamWasTaken Fan Server. 

Once you have successfully completed the verification process you will be able to tap into the DreamWasTaken Fan Server features successfully and have direct access to all its features. Moreover, you will have first-hand access to all the official news, announcements, and updates made by the DreamTeam. You can also join multiple vocal and video channels to connect directly with thousands of fellow fanatics. 

Dreamwastaken Discord Server Rules

The DreamWasTaken Fan Server has created a well-defined set of rules for all the members to follow. All the admins. Mods and helpers work together to ensure that all the rules are duly followed by the members and punish unruly members by muting or banning them from the platform. To be a part of the DreamWasTaken Fan Server, you will have to honor the following rules:

  • Do not spam or mention random members.
  • Be respectful to all and do not insult others with your racist, or homophobic comments.
  • Refrain from using bad words that can hurt others. 
  • Respect all mods, and do not insult the staff members.
  • Avoid using usernames or profile pictures that depict racism, sexism, homophobic or illegal things.
  • Do not impersonate other members.
  • Use only English language.
  • Do not engage with the channels without proper authorization.
  • Do not spam any server, link, channels, or profiles with the wrong chats.

Wrap Up 

Connecting personally with the favorite stars is a dream come true for all fanatics. And, the best way to meet people of similar interests is to connect with them on an even more personal level, is via fan servers on Discord. Even though the official Dreamwastaken Discord server is currently not available, you can now join the DreamWasTaken Fan Server, and gain access to all the latest updates and announcements via fellow fanatics.

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