R/place Discord | Is There A Discord Server For Pixel Artists?

R/place Discord

Hey, Pixel Artists! Are you interested in creating some cool art on R/place? For that, what can be better than the R/place Discord to show your creative skills to the rest of the world! R/place is a collaborative project and a social experiment that is hosted every year on Reddit. Plan out your favorite designs along with different artists from around the world and build a community to create something extremely amazing by being a part of R/place!

R/place was launched in 2017 and again took place in July 2023 for the third time after April 2022. The registered users on an online canvas of 1 million pixel squares can place a single-colored pixel in R/place and wait for some time before trying to place another. The main aim behind this experiment is creating a collaborative work of art that keeps on evolving over time. The craze for R/place has increased over and that’s the reason people are looking for the R/place Discord to stay connected with other pixel artists!

Join R/place Discord Server By;

-going to the official Discord website and log in to your account
-click on the official Discord server link for R/place
-accept the invitation
-verify the captcha

R/place is well-known for its creativity and for bringing together artists from different parts of the world. If anyone is interested to be a part of this experiment, then they can create a Reddit account, and visit the R/place subreddit. But what if they want to interact and stay connected with other Pixel artists? Then, what is better than Discord? Thus, they can go for the R/place Discord server!

What Is R/place Discord Server?

R/place Discord server is a common place for artists where they can communicate with other artists, plan new designs, share different ideas, discuss cool art ideas, and be an inspiration for other artists. On this Discord server, users can meet new people, share their best and worst experiences related to art, and make new friends on the platform. 

Is There R/place Discord Server?

Yes, there is an official Discord server for R/place. There are many fans of R/place who are eagerly looking for a Discord server where they can connect with pixel art lovers from different parts of the world. The increasing popularity of this Discord server has given rise to many fan-created Discord servers for R/place along with the officially created Discord server.   

R/place Discord Server Link

When hunting for the official Discord server link for R/place, we found that there are many unofficial Discord servers created by users for R/place lovers. So, if you want to join the Discord server, then you must go with the official link. Well, if you are too excited to connect with like-minded people and want to stay connected with pixel artists, then you can also join the official link.

Click Here to join the official Discord server for R/place.

How To Join R/place Discord Server Link? 

To join the R/place Discord server, first, log in to the Discord account > Discord server official link > Accept Invite > Verify the captcha > I am Human > and join the server.

Step 1: Open the Discord platform using a web browser of your choice and log in to your account.

Step 2: Next, paste the official Discord server link for R/place.

Step 3: Now, click on the Accept Invite button, and verify the captcha if prompted.

How To Join R/place Discord Server Link

Step 4: Finally, check the I am Human box, and be ready to use your favorite Discord server.

R/place Discord Features

The features of the R/place Discord server are going to be quite interesting as R/place is an amazing place where users work on creating a huge canvas of pixel art. Here is what you can enjoy on this R/place Discord server. 

  • A text channel where users can chat, interact, and have discussions with other members.
  • A voice channel that can be used for voice chat.
  • A fun platform where you can discuss about your favorite pixel artists.
  • Learn new pixels by coordinating with other artists.
  • Get an opportunity to learn new forms of art from experienced artists.
  • Share your experience and qualities you have related to pixel art with other pixel enthusiasts.
  • Interact and connect with several experienced artists and have an opportunity to collaborate for work.

R/place Discord Server Rules

A Discord server becomes more successful with a defined set of rules and the same goes for the Discord server for R/place. If you also want to be a part of the R/place Discord server, then it is mandatory for you to follow these rules. 

  • No spamming is allowed on this Discord server.
  • Users must be respectful to every member.
  • Users must respect everyone’s art.
  • Members must not troll any other member on this Discord server.
  • No tolerance for any illegal content.
  • No harassment is allowed on this Discord server.
  • No NSFW content is allowed on this Discord server.
  • Bullying is not at all tolerated on this server.
  • There is no place for any sort of discrimination against any member on this Discord server.
  • Users must set up a decent profile picture for their Discord account.
  • There is no place for self-promotion on this Discord server.
  • No spamming is allowed on this Discord server, be it the spamming of messages, emojis, or anything else.
  • Do not show aggressive behavior on the Discord server for R/place.

Wrapping Up 

Discord is a great place to be in touch with people who share similar views and interests. R/place Discord is one of the most-loved Discord servers that many users are looking forward to joining. Users are in love with this Discord server as they get the opportunity to share different ideas and chat with pixel art enthusiasts. It is an amazing feeling when you can be a part of a community where users with the same interests share their experiences. So, hurry up, and join the official R/place Discord server to create history by connecting with pixel art lovers! 

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