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Love fantasy games? Epic Seven is one of the best fantasy games you can hit today on the internet. The game has an epic, vast and engaging storyline. Like Tower of Fantasy, this game also takes you to another dimension – the Seventh Kingdom. Epic Seven, like other popular emerging video games, also has a discord server – Epic Seven Discord Server as well as the Epic Seven Twitch channel. 

The Epic Seven Discord Server, popularly known as Epic 7 Official Discord has 92,454 members as of today. This amazing game is already gaining its popularity among young people. If you are a role player and love to play strategic battle video games, Epic Seven is ideal for you.

All gamers taking interest in Epic Seven are encouraged to join Epic Seven Discord Server as well as follow the official Epic Seven Twitch channel to enjoy live streaming of the game. Go through the article and explore all the details about the Epic Seven game and how to join Epic Seven Discord Server. 

What Is Epic Seven Discord Server? 

Epic Seven Discord Server is officially known as Epic 7 Official Discord. This active Discord channel has 92,454 members and is gaining popularity day by day. You have to click on the discord invitation link and easily join the discussion team. However, you have to accept all rules to access all channels. Join the Epic 7 Discord Server, contribute boosts and get a role that suits your character. 

Epic Seven Discord Server Link

Epic Seven Discord Server is one of the most demanding and admired gaming server right now. To avoid joining fake and scam servers, click the following official Epic Seven Discord Server link: 

Click Here To Join Epic Seven Discord Server

How To Join Epic Seven Discord Server? 

Follow the steps below to join the Epic Seven Discord Server.

To join the Epic Seven Discord Server > Discord Account > Login > Link > Accept Invite > I am Human 

Step 1: Open your Discord Account.

Step 2: Login into your Discord Account.

Step 3: Click On the Link.

Step 4: Click on Accept Invite.

Step 5: Check on I am Human box.

Step 6: Joined the Epic Seven Discord Server.

Epic Seven Discord Server – Rules You Have To Follow

  1. On the server, do not spam, bot, promote, or advertise third-party material. (Using macros, hacks, or third-party tools are examples of this.)
  2. Copyright-violating stuff, such as data-mined material and unpublished material not yet publicized or disseminated via Official Epic Seven media and sources, should not be posted or asked how to obtain.
  3. Posting any content that can be construed as taboo, offensive, 5e*ually explicit, or politically sensitive is prohibited. Any message(s), nickname(s), profile photo(s), or other currently unlisted content that meets any of these conditions is included in this. Racism, discrimination, explicit material, harassment, and defamation.
  4. Always treat your fellow members with respect. Do not post critical remarks that involve any of these: racism, profanity, self-harm, violence, offensive context, etc., or any attempts to elicit unfavorable responses.
  5. Trolling in excess will not be accepted. The moderators or server administrators keep an eye on and review all messages. Please take note that depending on its severity, you might only get a warning or, in severe situations, a lifetime ban.
  6. NSFW Content is strictly prohibited.
  7. Do not spoof or copy another user, moderator, or Epic 7 Community Manager using nicknames, account names, or any other means. If you do, your username will be changed or you’ll be banned right away.
  8. Never attempt to obtain another user’s personal information or post your own personal information. Access to Epic Seven profiles is also included. Any user discovered to be in violation of this rule will be instantly banned. Take a screenshot of the text with the sender’s name on it if someone approaches you asking for access to your account or personal information. Then message a moderator.
  9. Please remember this is an official Discord server, so refrain from taking any actions that would violate both Discord’s and our Terms of Service (ToS).
  10. Always respect and abide by any instructions given by moderators or Epic 7 Community Managers.
  11. Please get in touch with a @Epic 7 Community Manager privately if you have any complaints about a specific moderator.
  12. Channel Policies: Each channel includes a predetermined range of topics for discussion as well as detailed rules and norms related to these topics. If you’re unsure where to post, you can look at each channel’s pins and descriptions or refer to channel descriptions.

Epic Seven Discord Server – About The Game

The storyline of the game begins as The Heir of the Covenant and the Guardians were once more given form by Diche, the Goddess of Life, who called upon all of her dwindling strength. An old queen awakens from her nap in the depths of the Labyrinth. Start a monster hunt that will yield amazing rewards. Behold the power and protect the 7th world!

The game has a lengthy and interesting tale. An epic for the present times. The Seventh World is open to all, to grasp the opportunity. The Epic Seven has full-featured 2D animation as well as beautiful skill animations in action! You will be overwhelmed to find the 2D animated graphics fit for a movie!

There is a PVP arena in the game where you can showcase your fame and victory as well as the unique strategy in every season. Guild Wars are now available, featuring thrilling 3v3 combat! Join forces with your guildmates to build the best Guild possible! World Arena is now also available. Check out the real-time combat against other gamers from across the globe. Test your strength by taking on your fellow Heirs! Try it right away!

The game is compatible with Android 6.0 and later. The Galaxy S4 is not supported. English, Korean, Traditional Chinese, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, and Thai are the languages in which Epic Seven is accessible.

Does The Epic Seven Discord Server Support Different Languages?

Due to the fact that the server is now primarily English-speaking, the Epic Seven Discord Server kindly requests that all communication between users be conducted in English. But in the future, they might add support for other languages!

Wrapping Up

Playing Epic Seven is definitely fun, but joining Epic Seven Discord Server is even better. Now that you know how to join Epic 7 Discord Server, it’s time to log in! Also, if you play Fallout or Pokemon, you should join the Fallout 76 Discord server as well as the Myuu Discord bot. Facing a problem with your Discord login? Is Discord down? Drop a comment and I would love to help you out. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How Do I Create A Stove Account?

You can create a Stove account by clicking the “Register” button or by joining in with Facebook or Google when requested to do so (in-game or on a PC using the onstage website). Please be aware that if you are using a guest account, you may still establish a new account and then link it to your game account by selecting Settings from the top right corner of the game.

Q2. I Can’t Log In. How Do I Reset/Change Password?

You can use the ‘Find Password’ option on the login page if you’re having problems logging in because you forgot your password or if you want to reset your password. If you can access the Stove website and want to change your password, log in and click the “change” icon after choosing the “my info” option from the drop-down menu.

Q3. What Happens If I Reset My Account?

When you consent to a reset, any game-related information you presently have on your account—including heroes, skystones, and other items—is lost. You will be able to maintain your account information by doing this, but the game application will treat your account as if it were a new one.

Q4. Is Discord A Safe App?

Discord – is it secure? It’s simple to use Discord safely with the proper privacy settings and oversight. However, there is always a chance while using open chat websites and applications. Only accepting friend requests and taking part in private servers with individuals you already know is the safest method to use Discord.

Q5. How Much Is A Discord Server?

You have full access to your chats, history, communities, etc., and it is absolutely free to use. Additionally, you can launch your own server for nothing. There are, however, premium subscriptions for perks and bonuses. Users can subscribe to Discord Nitro for $9.99 each month or $99.99 per year.

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