Simple and Fastest Way to Unlock Badges in NBA 2K23

Simple and Fastest Way to Unlock Badges in NBA 2K23

Player badges are used to determine various things, such as the player’s skill and attributes. These badges are responsible for the builds; usually, the badges also become the base of particular builds. Getting these badges is not easy. You require to invest a lot of time and dedication.

This article contains a guide that will teach you the fastest ways to earn these badges in NBA 2K23. If you follow this guide carefully, you can save a lot of your time and get the badges you deserve. If we talk about the game, 2K23 contains four types of badges. These are defense, shooting, playmaking, and finishing. To attain these badges, you must fill in four types of meters. To fill these meters, you have to do different tasks.

We have experimented with different parameters. These parameters include training, minutes, and difficulty. So, without wasting any time further, let us begin with the guide that will tell you about different strategies to attain these badges.

The Fastest Way to Earn Badges

Practice matches are shorter than the regular game. However, you will not be able to win as many points in the practice game as in the regular match. But, we have observed that if you keep on playing the practice matches regularly, then there are chances that you get a high reward.

The other way to level up the batch is by doing the play-actions in the game. This will improve your ball speed, ball handling, and pass accuracy. If you are a scorer in the game, you also have other options. You can improve your dunks, finish moves, and driving layups.

If you think increasing or decreasing the minutes per quarter will help you increase the badge points, then you are wrong, my friend.

The amount of badge points you will attain in the game solely depends on your gameplay. So, try focusing on skills like rebounding, stealing, and assisting.


Team Practices

If your team is not playing some back-to-back games, you will have a chance to play a practice match. There are four different drill actions in each practice match. To earn a badge, you have to complete many drills. 

In NBA 2K23, these drills are divided into easy, hard, and medium categories to make it easy for players to get the right drill. Upon completing a drill successfully, players receive stars according to their performance. 

The drill’s difficulty level and the stars you earn will decide which badge you will get in the end. 

  • Complete a drill at easy difficulty with one star to get fifty points.
  • Complete a drill at easy difficulty with two stars to get three hundred and fifty points.
  • Complete a drill at easy difficulty with three stars to get six hundred and fifty points.
  • Complete a drill at medium difficulty with one star to get seventy-five points.
  • Complete a drill at medium difficulty with two stars to get four hundred points.
  • Complete a drill at medium difficulty with three stars to seven hundred and get points.
  • Complete a drill at hard difficulty with one star to get one hundred points.
  • Complete a drill at hard difficulty with two stars to get four hundred and fifty points.
  • Complete a drill at hard difficulty with three stars to get five hundred and fifty points.

In each practice session, you can complete up to four drill difficulties. You can get at least three thousand badge points if you earn three stars in each practice by playing on hard difficulty. Sometimes, you can earn even more points because the trainer can call the whole team for practice. 

In such cases, the points can go up from three thousand. Although these team drills are random, you will earn badge points from them according to their drill category. 

The trainer can even organize a practice match between two teams, each with five players. This match will last for one quarter only. In which everyone plays 5-on-5 basketball for one quarter. There is no need to buy nba2k 23 mt for the time being because you will also earn a good amount through this method. 

The trainer’s random drills will provide a badge leveling bonus. The coach drill bonus doubles your badge leveling multiplier for each drill. These coaches can also give many drills. They sometimes bring up a random drill. When they do, please take advantage of it.

My Career Games

Playing regular NBA games will help you level up your badges. At the end of the game, each positive action you take will get you points. These points will be categorized based on the type of badge.

You can easily earn around ten thousand points distributed across all badge types for a single five-minute per quarter game. Stealing, rebounding, prodding the ball free, good shot contests, blocking, and other defensive/rebounding activities will level your badge.

Hitting open jump shots, free throws, 3-pointers, and other shooting moves will help you level up all the shooting badges. Good ball movement passes that lead to foul passes that lead to assists, assists, and other playmaking activities will help you level up your playmaking badge.

Finishing with dunks and layups, as well as converting and-1s, will increase your finishing badge level. All these moves will be calculated at the end of the game. Playing longer games or modifying the difficulty is an option. Playing MyCareer games is one of the quickest ways to gain nba2k 23 mt and the primary method for bringing your player to 99. Earning badge points is a bonus.

How to get Core Badges?

As said before, this year’s badges have changed significantly in NAB 2K23, which includes a Core Badges feature that enables players to earn four more badge slots. The Core Badge concept is difficult to grasp at first, but as you begin coring your badges, you’ll quickly become used to the feature. MMOpixel is the leading platform for the purchase of game currencies and items.  

You will start with seventeen badges; only ten points are required for tier one and tier 2. The remaining points will be used for the golden tier. Because of the Core Badge function, your build might have twenty-four Badge points instead of the typical seventeen points.

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