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Fortnite Discord Quest

Are you excited to win a reward in the newly launched Fortnite Discord quest? Well, on its 5th anniversary Fortnite has launched chapter 3 episode 4:Paradise, and to celebrate the arrival of the paradise, Fortnite has announced a quest for the Fortnite paradise. Well, in this article we are going to take you through all the information regarding the Fortnite discord quest. To know more read the article. 

Fortnite is an online game that is so popular among the youth. As Fortnite has announced a quest for gamers, players can participate in the quest and they will win some exciting rewards. That reward and some extra XP will help them to pass the battle faster. 

In this article, we are going to take you through all the information regarding what the Fortnite discord quest is, and how to join it. What are the challenges and what are the rewards? So be with us.

To know more about Fortnite Discord read the article.

Fortnite Discord Quest

Fortnite has announced the Fortnite paradise discord quest on the arrival of the Paradise that chapter 3 episode 4. To celebrate the arrival they have announced a quest where gamers can participate and win some exciting rewards. To win the rewards, the player has to complete the task provided by the Fortnite paradise quest. These rewards and XP is going to help these players in passing the war of the game faster.

How To Join Fortnite Discord Quest? 

To join the Fortnite Discord quest you should have an account on the discord. After that only you will be able to join the Fortnite discord quest. If you don’t have an account on Discord then follow these simple steps to create the account.

Step 1: Download the Discord app.

Step 2: Once you have installed Discord, you have to create an account using your email address.

Step 3: Choose the user name and profile picture that you want to keep for your account.

Step 4: You have successfully installed the Discord and created your account on Discord.

Step 5: Done. 

Once you have installed the discord and created your account on the discord, the next step is how to join the server of the Fortnite Paradise Discord quest. To join the Fortnite discord quest tap on this link. 

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What Is The Fortnite Discord Quest?

You will be given different quests to complete so that you can claim the rewards. Here is the quest which you will have to complete. 

You Have To Assist Teammates To Eliminate 10 Opponents

That’s such a quest for you. You just have to give damage to those with whom your teammate is already fighting at least 10 times in a game. 

Catch 15 Fish

This quest is simple as well as easy to complete. To do this you just have to drop into that area where there are lots of fishing areas. Then you just have to take out the fishing rod and start to catch the fish. 

Survive 5th Storm Circle At least 3 Times

Considering it will take three separate matches to complete this one, it could take a while. It’s just a matter of surviving until the circle shrinks five times in three different games.

You Will Deal 3000 Damage To Your Opponents

The amount of damage you can rack up with this one may seem pretty easy, but it takes quite a while to get 3,000. Shooting at everyone you come across will speed up the process since you do not need to deal with one enemy at a time.

Heal Yourself: 300 Points 

This is an easy as well as a simple challenge that will help you to gain points. All you have to do is heal yourself when you have taken damage. The easiest way is to set yourself on fire or take full damage. 

Place Top 10 In Solo At least 3 times

It is easy to do this one. Make sure to hide a lot during solo matches and take a passive stance. There is no need to shoot your gun once you reach 10th place or higher.

By the time you have completed your task, you will receive some cool rewards.

What Are The Fortnite Discord Quest Reward?

Once you finish your task then you are eligible to take benefits of the rewards. These rewards are: 

  1. If you complete 1 task you are eligible to receive a Chrome-ified Reality Tree Banner Icon.
  2. Icon. After completing the 2nd task the player is eligible to earn the Banana Flip Loading Screen.
  3. And when you have completed the 6 tasks you are eligible to win the Chrome Flow Wrap.

Fortnite Discord Bot

Fortnite is a popular game with a lot of users. This is the reason Fortnite has provided a Discord bot for its users to ease the process. The Fornite includes the lore, legends, and heroes from the Marvel series. The latest war as Fortnite Nexus war has arrived now.  Click On the Link to activate the Fortnite Discord Bot.

Fortnite Paradise Discord Server Link

Discord is a social media platform that is mostly used by gamers to live stream. To join the Fortnite paradise discord user needs to have a discord invitation link. Otherwise, you will not be able to join the Fortnite paradise discord server. To play Fortnite paradise on Discord you need to install the Discord first after that you will be able to join the Fortnite paradise discord server tap on the following links.

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Let’s wrap up this article here. In this article, we have discussed the Fortnite discord quest, what are the quests and what are rewards. If you like this article, share it with your friends. And if you have any questions do let us know through the comment box. Do follow Deasilex. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why Is My Fortnite Discord Quest Not Working?

You may have an expired Fortnite quest link. Or maybe got the wrong link. To open the Fortnite discord quest tap on this link. Fortnite has recently announced a quest for the gamer on the occasion of its 5th anniversary. And Fortnite announced chapter 3 episode 4: paradise.

Q.  What Is Fortnite Discord Quest? 

Recently Fortnite has completed its 5 years so they announced their latest version of the Fortnite series. Chapter 3 Episode 4: paradise, to celebrate this they announced a quest that is a Fortnight discord quest. Where anyone can participate and win rewards. 

Q. What Is Fortnite Paradise Discord Bot? 

Fortnite paradise is a popular game that has been played by millions of gamers. To ease the process for the gamers has released a discord bot that will help the user. To know more about the Fortnite paradise Discord bot, tap here. 

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