Gas App Kidnapping | New Gas App Targeting Students!

GAS App Kidnapping

The Gas app allows high school students to complement one another, but due to an untrue claim, the company is now facing violent threats and working extra hard to defend the platform. The occurrence of this is not new. Gas app kidnapping is taking social media by storm! 

The Gas app is meant to complement the students while keeping their identity safe and secure. Gas is all about the security and appreciation of the students. However, the app hit the ground as it becomes the center of a sex trafficking hoax. Let’s explore the case of Gas App kidnapping! 

Gas app kidnapping – the rumor is on the air. Gas app – a viral teen app that turns out to be a sex trafficking app. Sounds confusing? Let’s dig to the bottom of the incident and find the answer to one question – is the Gas app safe for kids? 

Continue reading this article to get complete information related to what this Gas app is and what is this Gas app kidnapping.

What Is Gas App?

A private social media app from the United States is called Gas App, formerly known as Melt and Crush. The app, which debuted in August 2022, is targeted toward high school students. Nikita Bier, Isaiah Turner, and former Facebook programmer Dave Schatz created the app.

Starting in October 2022, widespread rumors on Snapchat and TikTok claimed that the app was connected to human trafficking (in particular sex trafficking). Bier claims that the story started on October 5 with a single user review from China and spread from there via TikTok accounts with “few to no US teen followers.”

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Gas App Kidnapping – The Hoax

Early in October, Daniel Self, a 17-year-old high school senior in a small Alabama town, learned about a new app that enables users to anonymously complement their friends. He downloaded the Gas app right away.

He appreciated the supportive words he got from friends via the Gas app, especially those that complimented the way he looked because that was something he worked hard to achieve. It really validates me, he remarked. Teenagers in large numbers all around America concurred. Over 5.1 million people have downloaded Gas since it first appeared in the Apple app store in late August. Teenagers talk about it on their personal Snapchat stories and meme pages.

Self was there to witness the app’s ascent. Nearly all of the students at his school appeared to develop gas almost immediately. “It was crazy; it happened so quickly, like a light switch. One day, I had never heard of [Gas], and the next day, practically everyone I knew had it and was talking about it online, the man stated.

Afterward, everything was different and the myth of Gas app Kidnapping was born. Self was huddled with a few classmates before school a week before Halloween, phones out, exchanging comments about Gas, when a friend of theirs stepped over. The friend spoke nervously to them and said, “You know, that app is for sex trafficking. You really ought to erase that; you shouldn’t have it.” Students at the school started mass-deleting it out of panic.

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Experts assert that Gas has never been connected to any type of human trafficking and that the design of the program itself precludes such a connection. Limited features, no location tracking, and no messaging capabilities are all present in the app. It is a straightforward polling system that enables users to cast anonymous votes on pre-written compliments to be sent to connected individuals.

The rumor, however, is still widely spread, scaring both users and their parents as well as the young start-up and its founding team. It’s the most recent instance of a concerning pattern: An app that caters to consumers quickly becomes popular, only to be dogged by suspicions that it’s a cover for sex trafficking.

It happened to the social app Down To Lunch in May 2016, to IRL, which helps users arrange in-person encounters, in 2018, and to WalkSafe, which was created to help women assess the safety of communities, in 2021. The origin of the rumors is still unknown despite the similarities in the pattern. However, police departments, local TV stations, and school district officials have all contributed to the narrative surrounding Gas.

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Wrapping Up

In this article, we have discussed the Gas app Kidnapping case. It is unfortunate that a rising positive social media app like the Gas app has become a center of the sex trafficking hoax. The developers are continuously giving their best to make the app safer for the users since the app is dedicated to teens! Let us know your thoughts on this discussion! Follow Deasilex for more updates on the Gas app. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is The Gas App Safe To Use?

The only actual danger is a privacy invasion because anyone may join a school and view the names of the students. Other than that, it looks to be more secure than many other apps. Gas makes sure that every survey is encouraging and upbeat.

Q2. What Is The Gas Social Media App?

An anonymous social media app from the United States called Gas (often stylized with all caps) was formerly known as Melt and Crush. The app, which debuted in August 2022, is targeted toward high school students. Nikita Bier, Isaiah Turner, and former Facebook programmer Dave Schatz created the app. Conflict Inc.

Q3. Is The Gas App Tracking You?

Last week, Gas used TikTok to refute the notion, claiming that the platform does not track or save users’ locations or sell their personal information to outside parties.

Q4. What Parents Should Know About The Gas App?

Parents should be aware that Gas is an iOS social media app for kids that encourages them to compliment people they know by sending out surveys every hour that contain the names of their contacts.

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