How To Get More Followers On Clubhouse? 9 Effective Tricks!!

How To Get More Followers On Clubhouse

Long time, haven’t you met your friends? Here’s a perfect gig for you. Try the Clubhouse app today and get to connect with millions out there. What’s a clubhouse? The clubhouse is a live, audio social network. No videos, no posts, just live talks. Excited to know more? This article contains everything you need to know about the clubhouse. Also, find out how to get more Clubhouse followers.

Get to know top business enthusiasts, learn to grow your business by hosting rooms, host open mic events, host reading fests, etc. on the Clubhouse app. If you are already using this platform, you’re surely excited to know, How to get more followers on Clubhouse? There’s a simple trick to this. What? It’s the room!! Yes, room. Rooms are scheduled conferences that you host at the clubhouse.

Make your own clubs like the one you have on Instagram or Facebook. But this club is much more powerful. Here are the steps on How to get more followers on Clubhouse:

  • Be Real and On Point
  • Give a Brief Introduction about yourself
  • Moderating rooms is the key to gain followers
  • Talk about your upcoming clubhouse events
  • Connect with other content creators and experts
  • Set your priorities
  • Show Gratitude

Let’s discuss these in detail. You never know which method proves helpful for you. So it’s good to keep every small detail in mind before getting started. Do you think Instagram is working on a clubhouse clone? Just a random thought!

How To Use Clubhouse To Boost Online Business Knowledge?

Get more followers on clubhouse: How To Use Clubhouse To Boost Online Business Knowledge
Source: Soco Sales Training

Here’s how you can use the clubhouse to boost your business knowledge. 

1. Build Your Brand

Be an active user. Participate in different clubhouse events consistently. Don’t just participate, provide value in whatever you do. You can share free advice and valuable content. Building your brand is not that tough if you know the right place to market and elevate your leadership.

2. Gaining Followers Can Help

Gaining followers on Clubhouse is smart work. It’s easy, you just need to create the right vibe. If you’re an active user on Clubhouse and host rooms from time to time, other users will get notified every time you start a room.

If any user enters your room and finds it interesting and lively, there are possibilities that they might stick around for longer and follow you.

3. Promote Your Owned Channels 

Whenever you get a chance to host a room or take the front stage, utilize that chance to the fullest. Let people know about you and your brand. What you offer, what is the benefit of connecting with you, and everything related to your owned channel should be made clear to them.

How To Get More Followers On Clubhouse?

Here are simple yet effective tips and tricks to get more followers in the clubhouse. Connect with more new faces every day using these tips.

Be Real And On Point

Get More Followers On Clubhouse; Be Real And On Point
Source: Appenventive

Don’t just start bragging about you or your products initially. Add value to whatever you do. Be real, don’t fake anything, and don’t show off. Be concise about what you say. If you are the host of the room, make sure your presence counts. Share some interesting facts with others that they can relate to. Give them time to question and share their views as well. Build trust.

Give a Brief Introduction about yourself

During the live session if someone questions you about something, make sure you provide a brief introduction about yourself and what you do. Do share the details about yourself like what’s your work, where can people find you, etc.

Moderating Rooms is the key to gain followers

Get More Followers On Clubhouse; Moderating Rooms is the key to gain followers
Source: Digital

Keeping the conversations alive is what you need to do. If you’re ghosting a room, it becomes your duty that everyone in the room feels equal and welcomed. Ask them questions about their lives, their career, and hobbies. Everyone should get an equal chance to speak.

Also, moderators can reset the room timings after every 20-30 minutes. By doing so, moderators can keep the engagement with the listeners alive. 

Talk About Your Upcoming Clubhouse Events

One of the best formulas to gain more followers is sharing details about your upcoming events. By doing so, you build up curiosity and interest in the minds of listeners. Eventually, you can ask them to follow your page so that they can easily get notified about any new clubhouse event you’ll host.

Don’t share too many details about the upcoming event though. Keep it simple and short. 

Connect With Other Content Creators and Experts

Get More Followers On Clubhouse; Connect With Other Content Creators and Experts
Source: Adsider

Here what you need to do is whenever you host any event, try to invite some prominent figure to your event. You can do this by sending the invitation via Instagram and asking them to be your guest for the show. Trust me people are so good around that most of the time they easily agree to be a part of your event.

When you successfully manage to host the room with those prominent personalities, take screenshots of them being a part of your show. Post it in your Instagram stories by tagging them. When they’ll repost your story, you’ll be flooded with DMS about how you know that person or when you are inviting them next. In short, you’ll gain more followers.

Set Your Priorities

People feel more connected towards you and your channel when you are clear about your choices. Prioritize what you want to do. Doing one thing at a time will work. It’s not good that you are hosting a live clubhouse session and your mind is thinking of other platforms like Instagram or Twitter. It’s okay if you are not posting enough content on other pages. 

Just be consistent in what you do. The most successful bloggers are not famous because they throw out lengthy content every day on their pages. But they are famous because of their consistency and quality efforts one place at a time. So, set your priorities if you wish to get more followers.

Show Gratitude

Get More Followers On Clubhouse: Show gratitude
Source: Japan Insider

It’s not like that you hosted an event, people attended it and done. You should take up the charge to thank people for connecting to you. Share your future expectations and tell them to be a part of them. Don’t talk useless, just the relevant things. Be grateful to them for their time and trust in you. Assure them that you’ll keep up the good work.

Hope you found these tips helpful. Along with these tricks, another thing to be kept in mind is to be confident. If you present yourself as a confident person, other people will want to connect to you. Gaining followers on Clubhouse takes time, consistency, and patience. So, keep doing your best!!

takes time, consistency, and patience. So, keep doing your best!!

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