Google Wallet Vs Google Pay | Are Both Similar To Each Other?

Google Wallet vs Google Pay

Google I/O has always been the talk of the town. With a number of new announcements in the internet world, it has created a trend of introducing incredible products every time and the same happened in Google I/O 2022. This time, Google announced the Google Wallet app again. But, now everyone is confused over the thought if Google Wallet is same as the Google Pay or not. If you too are confused about the same, then here is a post on Google Wallet vs Google Pay to calm down your confusion.

Without a doubt, Google has always worked for the betterment of its users who want contactless payments and that is why it keeps on coming up with new platforms.

But, since both these platforms are introduced by Google and work almost the same, it has headed to a lot of confusion among the users. And, first of all, people are searching if both these platforms are similar or not? Also, if both work the same, then what is the need for others? Or, which one is better to use? For this, Let us get to know about Google Wallet Vs Google Pay in detail.

What Is Google Wallet?

Google Wallet vs Google Pay

Google Wallet is a server-side wallet, introduced by Google in 2011 for making cashless payment convenient to its users. It was meant for the Nexus phone users only. However, it was not an easy method to use. We will be discussing in point detail between Google Wallet Vs Google Pay.

First, you need to register/ sign up to get the Prepaid card by Google or a Citi MasterCard account.

How To Use Google Wallet?

Being an old technology, it was a little hectic to use. It stores the user information remotely on the system (Google) instead of storing it on the user’s device. The moe of transaction is similar to what proceeds for a credit card or a debit card. It allows its user to make use of a physical card too as an anytime replacement.

First, the user has to download the Google wallet phone on their said devices. then the next step was to upload the details of the debit card/ Debit card. They need to unlock the phone and then the app at the time of payment. After this, it asks for the security pin. On entering the passcode, the user has to wave their phone or tap over the reader to pay. Having understood the use of Google Wallet, we shall now be moving on to the differentiation between Google Wallet Vs Google Pay.

Is Google Wallet The Same As Android Pay?

Seeing the complexity of using the Google Wallet app for secure payment, Google released another app that was easier to use and named it Android Pay.

Just like the Google Wallet app, Android Pay is a mobile payment service that allows its user to make contactless payments using their smartphones. But if it is the same as Google Wallet, then why do they need to come up with another app?

The answer lies in its ease to use. At one place where Google wallet required you to download the additional app, Android pay does not want you to do this. Yes, It was a technical gift to the users. It was inbuilt into the Android phones which lets the users make the payment by just unlocking their phone and placing it against the terminal. And that’s it. It will automatically make the payment.

However, this became a problem for Google itself as now they had to market two different apps. Android pay for retail and online shopping and Google wallet for peer-to-peer payments.

After Android Pay, Apple Pay was introduced for the iPhone 6 and this had an impact on the mobile payment apps.

Is Google Wallet The Same As PayPal?

Yes, Google Wallet got replaced by Android Pay but not completely. Users still have to depend on the Goggle Wallet app for Peer to peer payments.

For this, you need to enter the phone number or the email address to send money to your contacts. In case you are on the receiver’s end, you can add the money to your bank. Not only this, you can use the Google Wallet card.

The Google Wallet card can be used to withdraw cash from the ATM. You can also use this to make in-store payments. And this was similar to what PayPal, Venmo, and Cash App used to do. Because of this people concluded that Google Wallet tried to copy PayPal. Below we shall be discussing in detail the differentiation between Google Wallet vs Google Pay.

What Is Google Pay?

Google wallet vs Google pay

Since Google Wallet and Android Pay were highly confused by the users, Google was expected to introduce another app that can do both the work. And, Google did it!

Google announced the Google Pay app in 2018.

Google Pay is yet another mobile payment app that has gained popularity in a short time.

In simple words, Google Pay is a combination of Google Wallet and Android Pay. This means that the Google pay app allows you to enjoy contactless payments both in stores and among contacts. Not only the secure payments, but it also allows its users to have an encrypted conversation. Here is the differentiation between Google Wallet vs Google Pay to make you clear on the idea of what the two serves.

The interesting thing is that it is available for Android and iOS.

Google Pay is the Default Payment app for Android except for Samsung devices.

How To Use Google Pay?

Using Google Pay is easy. First, you need to set up the Google pay app on your Android and iOS. Done? Now you are all ready to use Google Pay for Paying In-Store and Online by simply unlocking your phone, and placing it against the QR code. For online payment, you just need to tap on the Google pay icon and it will lead you to the payment zone.

If you want to send money to your friends and family, then you need to tap on the send option (visible at the extreme bottom of the screen). It will give you an option to request money from them.

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Google Wallet Vs Google Pay

Google is particularly fond of redesigning its services every few years, and its payment strategy is no exception. Google merged its earlier Google Pay service into GPay — a unique version built from the ground up for India — but the service was only available in a few markets. This article delivers differentiation on Google Wallet vs Google Pay.

Google Wallet + Android Pay = Google Pay

Google announced the combination of Google Wallet and Android Pay in 2018, resulting in Google Pay. If you frequently use an Android phone for contactless purchases, this is most likely the service you are most familiar with. In a single app, Google Pay combines functionality from both services: contactless payments in stores and peer-to-peer payments online.

Google Pay subsequently surpassed Apple Pay as the most popular “wallet” for Android users, serving as a central location for travel tickets, transport cards, event tickets, gym subscriptions, gift cards, and other items. It also took the place of Chrome’s autofill feature, allowing Android users to make online purchases with Google Pay.

Google Wallet includes all the features that you’ll find in Google Pay, including the ability to store credit and debit cards, make contactless payments, get rewards, store loyalty cards, boarding passes, transit cards, and tickets.

Is Google Wallet Back?

Having understood, the comparison between Google Wallet vs Google Pay we arrive at various conclusions. Google knows how to face the failures and come back with the upgraded version to satisfy the need of its users. And, it is doing the same this time too.

The tech giants at the Google I/O 2022, revealed the big news of releasing the Google Wallet once again. But this time, it is just for the Andriod Users ( above Android 5) and Wear OS.

So, Is it going to the same app?

Well, it’s not sure right now. However, it is assumed that this time Google wallet would more likely look like the Google Pay app. It will allow you to store the necessary credit cards and debit cards.

In addition to this, you can also add the essential digital documents vaccination cards, event tickets, flight passes, transit passes, car keys, driver’s licenses, and digital IDs. This means that you will get a secure virtual alternate to all your cards.

Google Wallet will be available in 38 countries and will automatically replace Google Pay. However, the service will not be available in India, and Google has stated that GPay would remain the default payment option for clients in the nation. As a result, digital IDs and all of Google Wallet’s new capabilities will be unavailable to Indian customers.

Will Google Wallet Replace Google Pay?

Google Pay is a renowned name among mobile payment apps. Perhaps with the reintroduction of the Google wallet by Google, it is said to be replaced in major countries of the world. These include France, Hong Kong, Japan, Australia, and Mexico.

However, in some places, Google pay will be the persisting app to send and receive payments from your contacts. But, for other purposes, Google Wallet will be the primary Android Payment app.

Wrapping Up

Therefore, this was all about Google pay and Google Wallet. However, Google Pay is the most used application to transfer and exchange finances. Google Wallet is not running behind at all. Its use has already been initiated and is anticipated to turn out a huge success. It has also been anticipated that it will completely replace google pay. So, folks what are you waiting for? If you have access to Google Wallet in your country then, download it and make use of it. Furthermore, if you have any related queries feel free to drop your queries in the comment section below.

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