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For the purpose of exploration of user billing choice, Google has announced that it is going to launch a pilot program, and Google has decided to begin with the small developers’ applications, initiating with Spotify. So, Spotify is going to be the debut pilot partner with Google. And, Google will regulate Spotify In-App Payment alternative. 

What is going to happen is that Spotify will now introduce its own billing system as well as Google Play’s own billing system. Google has not decided or mentioned the other developers which whom it is going to partner but has clearly mentioned Spotify to be a natural first partner as it is the world’s one of the largest subscription developers on a global level alongside its integration across a wide variety of devices. 

The amount of commission that Spotify will be paying Google has not been disclosed. It is believed to be kept confidential, yet, a company spokesperson has commented that the commercial terms satisfy the standards of fairness set by Spotify. Google has also not provided any detail about the commission involved with Spotify’s partnership.

So, without a wait, let’s start with our post on Spotify In-App Payment Alternative.

How Will Spotify In-App Payment Work?

How Will Spotify In-App Payment Work

The system has not yet been established as it will take time for the product and engineering teams of Google in order to build the new format. Once this service is set up, the Spotify users will find two billing options side-by-side available right in the Spotify application out of which they can choose one. If the user decides to go with Spotify’s payment method then they will be directed to Spotify’s in-built billing system and user interface just as they did before. But, if they decide to select the new option of Google Play billing, then, they will experience the billing procedure under Google Play instead of Spotify. 

Through the introduction of this service, Spotify users will get the freedom to choose whichever payment option they are comfortable with in order to make payments for the Subscriptions on the application. There will be a variety of payment options out of which the users can select the preferable and accessible method of payment. 

Just as earlier, Spotify itself will take the primary responsibility for all the customer communication linked with the Spotify subscriptions. And, the Spotify users who shifted to the new billing method which is the Google Play Billing will be able to find their Spotify Subscription right in the Google Play Store Subscription Center. 

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Present Modes Of Payment On Spotify

Present Modes Of Payment On Spotify

Presently, if you go for the Premium option on Spotify, you will be directed to Spotify’s own payment page where you can choose the package you want to purchase. 

Payment Methods On Spotify For Monthly Subscription

If you are going for the monthly subscription plan on Spotify, then you will be given only one payment option which is Card payment. This means you can use no other payment mode other than your Credit or Debit card

Payment Methods On Spotify For One-Time Payment

If you are willing to opt for the one-time payment subscription plans, you will be allowed to use UPI and Paytm along with the Card payment option, through which you can make transactions and purchase your subscription on Spotify. 

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Where Will The New In-App Payment Alternative Be Available On Spotify?

Where Will The New In-App Payment Alternative Be Available On Spotify

Will there be Spotify In-App Payment Alternative?

Spotify has mentioned that this new system of Google Play to pilot Spotify payments will be made into working most probably in the later months of this year. And, once the service is launched, this option will be available in all the locations where Spotify’s Premium Subscriptions are already accessible at present. This means everyone who is currently able to subscribe to Spotify Premium will be able to use Google Play’s billing system once it has been involved in the billing options. 

So, yes, there is aSpotify In-App Payment Alternative, i.e Google play.

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Wrapping Up

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Q. Will Spotify Automatically Charge Me?

If you have activated the free trial period on Spotify, then Spotify will automatically deduct the amount for next month from the payment method you have entered at the end of the trial period. If you want to prevent the money from being charged, then you will have to cancel the subscription before your Free Trial Period ends. 

Q. How Much Is Spotify Per Month?

If you want to enjoy ad-free service on Spotify as well as access to the music library of Spotify, then you will need to pay $9.99 for a monthly subscription. 

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