How Exit Intent Popups Get Users’ Attention When Exiting

How Exit Intent Popups Get Users' Attention When Exiting

Many websites use exit-intent popups as a way to get website visitors’ attention when they are about to close the browser tab or window.

This lets websites show visitors additional content, offer discounts, and perhaps, even better yet, personalize the message.

Exit-intent popups are a brilliant way to capture leads and generate conversions by providing the right call-to-action at the perfect moment. Keep reading to learn how exit-intent popups get users’ attention when exiting.

What Is An Exit Intent Popup?

An exit-intent popup is a web popup that appears inside an application or website when the visitor is about to leave, often triggered by a mouse click or tapping on the browser’s close button. The goal of such a popup is to get visitors’ attention so they can fill in their email addresses and other contact details on your landing page, thus turning them into sales leads.

What Triggers Exit-Intent Popup?

There are many ways to trigger an exit-intent popup. Some of them are listed below.

Installed Browser Add-Ons

If the visitor uses an internet browser that supports this type of technology, such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Microsoft Edge, a website’s owner may use special browser add-ons to implement exit-intent popups.

Smartphone Touch Screen

When a visitor taps on the smartphone’s touch screen to close a mobile app or web page, and after a certain time interval, the time interval will trigger an exit popup if the visitor has not opened the app or web page back again.

Time Interval

Some websites track the number of time visitors spend on the website, and if the visitor has been inactive for a while (e.g., 3 minutes), a popup will pop up to ask them whether they are leaving or just taking a break. If the visitor clicks “No,” then another timer starts for another few minutes before another popup appears.

Are Exit-Intent Pop-Ups Worth It?

The answer to this question depends on your website’s/business’ goals and business model. If your goal is to gain email addresses and get visitors back to the website through email marketing, you can use exit-intent popups to increase your conversion rate. On the other hand, you don’t need exit-intent popups if you just want to raise brand awareness.

Tips On How To Get Users’ Attention With Exit Intent Popups

In order for an exit-intent popup to work well and attract users’ attention, it has to be straightforward and customized for individual visitors in order not to alienate them from your brand or product. Here are a few tips to help you do so:

Personalize Your Message

First, before sending your message to the exit-intent popup, customize it by adding a personal introductory message that will get the visitor’s attention as soon as they open your popup.

Offer More Content

If you go with the use of exit-intent popups, then add more content for your visitors. This can be a link to resources on your website or perhaps a list of blog posts you’ve written about the same topic, or maybe a collection of blog posts that talk about the subject in detail and has many good contents which can be accessed at the click of a button from within this popup window itself.

Give Visitors Few Choices

When a visitor opens your popup, don’t give them too many choices on what to do next. Instead, give them a few choices, such as “Close This Window” or “Stay In The Loop,” and show the user that the list of available alternatives will increase after entering their email addresses.

Offer Special Discounts

Offer special discounts or special offers to customers who enter their email details in your popup and close it right away to get more people to enter information about themselves, thereby making the offer more valuable for the user if they choose to opt-out while filling up their details in the popup window.

Give A Demo Or Free Trial

Offer a free demo or a free trial to your product and give them the option to close or stay in the loop when a popup window appears when they are about to leave your website. This way, you’ll be able to convert more users into leads and get them back to your website again with email marketing.

Remind Your Users What to Do

If a popup window appears when a user is about to leave your website, then remind them what they have to do to stay in touch. Use phrases such as “Remind me later” or “Subscribe now.”

Show The Value Of Your Content

Your popup has to be appealing and engaging for the visitors to return to the website if they decide not to subscribe or take any actions in the popup window.

Your content should be interesting and valuable enough for visitors so that when they see your exit-intent popups, they will feel compelled to convert rather than ignoring it altogether and leaving home without subscribing to your mailing list or visiting your website again.

The Bottom Line

Despite some potential drawbacks, exit-intent popups are still a great way to get more subscribers to your email list from the visitors who have shown interest in your product/website by staying on it for some time. When implementing an exit-intent popup for your website, focus on creating a customized popup and adding appropriate content to increase visitors’ interest in clicking through. I hope you liked this article on how exit-intent popups get users’ attention when exiting.

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