How LMS can Help You Reform Employee Survey Strategy in Any Corporation

How LMS can Help You Reform Employee Survey Strategy in Any Corporation

In the competitive world of business, it has become essential to keep employee feedback and satisfaction at the forefront. For any corporation, employees are the assets that take the organization to greater heights. And when it comes to employee training, they should be provided with the best learning opportunities. That can help employees and organization to stay updated and productive.

Those who have dealt with employee training and engagement surveys know how much time and effort it takes to gather feedback from employees and create an environment where they can share their viewpoints and opinions.

When you have such a large number of employees in your organization, then gathering their reviews and opinions becomes a challenging task. Here’s how an LMS can ease out the whole process for your training department. So let us start with the basics.

What Is an Employee Survey?

The employee survey is a method of asking a series of questions to company employees and learners. The purpose of the employee survey is to gather information about employees’ experiences and beliefs. It can be about the company, the employee training program, and methodologies. From a customer standpoint, businesses solicit feedback on their products and services. They also inquire about encounters (for example, “How was your visit?” and “What was the product experience”).

A simple employee survey may consist of several questions, depending on what aspects of working conditions you need to evaluate. For example, you can ask employees about their satisfaction with remuneration, workload, stress level, management style, the reason for joining, the reason for exit, etc.

What is The Purpose Of Employee Surveys in an Organization?

Employee feedback is a key to organizational success. Every employee looks for flexibility and effective employee recognition in the organization. They want the authority to learn at their pace and get rewarded for their efforts. If a company fails to provide these two things, then there will be no one who will stay with you for a long.

Employee engagement is a must these days if you want a healthy working environment in an organization. Any company needs to show interest in its employees and make them feel valued by showing respect for their skills, knowledge, and expertise.

To improve employee engagement in the workplace, organizations need to use the best tools. These tools can help them take feedback from their employees and keep them engaged too at the same time. And one such tool which can ease all your work-related issues by helping you reform your employee survey strategy is LMS (learning management system).

What is LMS?

A learning management system (LMS) is a software application used for planning, delivering, and managing training and education. It helps you train your employees better and faster, with less strain on your budget.

Evolution of Employee Survey Strategy:

The evolution over the past few years has been remarkable. Technology has played a pivotal role in this revolution. As a result of the introduction of LMS and its integration into the corporate sector, several processes have been streamlined and automated. One such process is the employee survey. LMS takes employee surveys to a whole new level and ensures that it becomes an effective tool for organizations to gauge their employees’ success.

The Traditional Way:

Traditionally, surveys are conducted with the help of a paper questionnaire or personal interviews. The process is time-consuming and cumbersome. It involves meticulous planning on the part of management and enormous human resources. The response rate and participation can also be low as most employees may not be willing to spend their time answering questions that they feel are irrelevant to them.

The Modern Way:

With LMS, you can quickly create online questionnaires that employees can easily access through their devices at home or office. The interface is user-friendly and you can easily customize it according to your brand identity using logos, colors, etc. You can also perform a detailed analysis of responses using different filters such as age, gender, department, etc.

Advantages of Using LMS For Employee Survey

Here are some of the benefits of leveraging  an LMS to conduct employee surveys :

1.      Increased participation:

An LMS can be used to deliver online training as well as manage employee surveys. The LMS is an ideal platform for conducting employee surveys due to its ability to reach employees at all levels in the organization, including remote staff.

You can create a simple mobile app that will allow employees to submit feedback anonymously and from anywhere. This will strengthen your employee engagement plan several times over.

2.      Easy collaboration:

An LMS lets you deliver content in various formats including quizzes, videos, case studies, and PDFs. You can also take help from LMS integrations that can help you create diagrams and explain points comprehensively.  

3.      Facilitated reporting and analysis:

One of the biggest advantages of online surveys with LMS is that you can instantly receive the results and immediately start taking action for improvement. Detailed analysis can also be completed using the demographics of the employee.

4.      Easy branding:

You can even customize the look and feel of the survey so it matches your company’s brand image. You can add the company’s logo, color, and other brand elements. And if you designed the survey for employees in extended enterprises or channel partners you can also include their brand element to provide a personalized touch to the survey.

5.      Honest feedback:

Your employees will not have to worry about their identity when they fill out the online automated forms in an LMS and so, they will be able to provide honest feedback. Not just that, they would be able to give feedback whenever they want and wherever they want without having to access their computers at work.

6.      Gamify survey

With the help of an LMS, you can also add a reward system or name to a customized scoreboard or leadership board whenever an employee fills out the complete online survey form. Gamification elements can further increase engagement in the employee survey.

Take Away:

It is the era of technology. Every business and organization is now dependent on some software or other to conduct its operations. In such a scenario, how can survey strategy be left behind? The way we conduct employee surveys is changing with the use of automated survey tools and they have become an integral part of our business operations.

The best way to make this happen is with the help of a Learning Management System (LMS). An LMS will serve as the comprehensive system that can help you develop and implement your employee survey strategy. It will also help you monitor their engagement levels. With so many advantages at hand, it is time to reevaluate your employee survey strategy using an LMS.

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