How Text to Speech is Booming

How Text to Speech is Booming

The global text-to-speech (TTS) generator market has been growing at a breakneck speed. The TTS industry is expected to reach a whopping US$ 7.06 Billion by 2028. This translates to a Compounded Annual Growth Rate or CAGR of 14.7%.

The demand for TTS services has shot through the roof because companies have realised the benefit of using the right tone while converting written or printed text to spoken word reflecting the brand’s true personality.

A large part of the industry’s growth can be attributed to investments in the education sector, where the stakeholders are deploying the latest communication technologies and advanced education to provide the industry with the right thrust. The presence of free text-to-speech generators has further accelerated the growth.

What is Text to Speech or TTS?

Text to speech or TTS refers to the technology used to convert digitally written text to human-like spoken word.

The mechanism of TTS is simple. You can open a free text-to-speech generator/ software, type or upload the text you wish to convert and hit the ‘Convert’ button. The software or generator automatically converts the provided text into voice and lets you use it for various purposes like videos, podcasts, product demos, advertisements, promotional videos, audiobooks, or professional presentations.

Since TTS converts text to audio, it is also known as the Read Aloud Technology. TTS is widely used in smart speakers, chatbots, kiosks, and accessibility services.

What is a TTS AI Voice Generator?

Artificial Intelligence has penetrated every sphere of life. Text to speech is no exception.

AI transforms the way consumers use TTS generators. The AI system creates a repository of human voices and analyses the text to be converted. It uses a complex mechanism of machine learning and AI to move away from robotic intonations and understand the pause, stress, pitch, and emphasis of the human voice.

The target is to replicate the tone and emotion of the human voice to create a fully natural human-like speech from text.

Platforms like play a vital role in transforming how consumers approach text-to-speech generators. Not only do these platforms allow you to create natural AI voices but also enable you to combine videos, images, music, etc., and adjust timing to produce fascinating projects.

In addition, you have the ability to collaborate with a team directly from within the platform. What makes them particularly interesting is that you don’t need to be an expert to understand the nitty-gritty of text-to-speech conversions.

What is the Reason for the Soaring Popularity of Text to Speech?

A significant reason that is driving the popularity of text to speech is the increasing use of AI-based TTS.

AI-based TTS is also known as neural TTS, as the system can automatically analyze the text type and suggest the voice style and texture. This type of TTS software understands rhythm and emotional inflection based on the text’s actual intent.

For instance, if the text expresses sadness, the TTS software would pick an appropriate tone. Conversely, the TTS software will display a totally different tone if your text describes happiness.

The intelligence of the new-age TTS platforms prompts business decision-makers to choose TTS to replace voiceover experts for functions like designing advertisements, narrating professional videos, creating games and entertainment content, and much more.

As AI-based TTS becomes more refined, businesses can get many benefits. For instance, they may see a reduction in the turnaround time, which would enable them to get cost-effective, value-for-money production. This is because it gives you a solid output in the first instance itself, which is in stark contrast to voiceover articles, as they need time for do-overs.

The EndNote

A free text-to-speech generator, coupled with technologies like voice cloning, Voice Over Video, Voice-Over Google Slides, and Voice Changer, can welcome you to a new era of technology-driven media. Use the latest technology to scale up your business by promoting your brand.

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