How To Add Friends On BeReal?

How To Add Friends On BeReal

Almost everything on social media is fake! Yes, it may sound awkward, but, studies proved that people showcasing their lifestyle on popular social platforms like Facebook and Instagram are mostly fake. BeReal on the other hand introduced to show the “Real YOU” on the social platform. How does it work? How to add friends on BeReal? We will guide you in this article. 

What is BeReal? A French social media app called BeReal was launched in 2020. Alexis Barreyat and Kevin Perreau created it. After a few years of comparatively little attention, it had a sharp rise in recognition in early to mid-2022. You can produce and share images on the social network BeReal in as little as 2 minutes each day.

You can add friends in BeReal from suggestions, from Discovery, or from the search for friends. You will also receive friend requests, accepting the friend requests as well as inviting friends from your phone contacts will also help you to add friends on BeReal. 

Every user is prompted to share information at the same time. How to add friends on BeReal? New adjustments to adding friends have been made in BeReal. A few of the methods for adding friends are shown below.

How To Add Friends On BeReal?

Joining BeReal is simple! You just have to download this popular app from App Store, if you are an iPhone user. On the other hand, you can also have the BeReal App in the PlayStore available for Android users. As soon as you log in and set up your BeReal account, the first thing you have to do is share your first BeReal picture and find friends. How to add friends on BeReal? Here are the Five easy ways to increase your friend’s list on BeReal. 

#1 Add Friends On BeReal From Suggestions

Like other social media, BeReal also suggests friends so that it’s easier for users to add friends on BeReal. 

Step 1: When you launch the BeReal app, a window similar to the one below will appear. In the upper left corner, select the human-shaped icon.

How To Add Friends On BeReal

Step 2: The page that appears after that will resemble the image below. On iOS, it will be displayed in three pieces. Requests, recommendations, and pals. However, Android has two parts. That’s advice from me and my buddies. Both use suggestions as their standard.

How To Add Friends On BeReal

Step 3: Profiles of acquaintances of individuals you are connected with will be suggested. By selecting the “Add” button, you may then ask your loved ones to become friends.

#2 Add Friends On BeReal From Discovery

There are two parts at the top of the BeReal app when it is opened. The games are “My Friends” and “Discovery.” You can always go to Discovery and add friends on BeReal. 

Step 1: You can see many people’s postings at random by using the discovery option that shows when you launch the program. select discovery (see below pic).

Step 2: Tap on the picture of the individual you wish to be friends with in the BeReal post as you found on Discovery.

How To Add Friends On BeReal

Step 3: Press the Add button.

How To Add Friends On BeReal

Step 4: They have now received a friend request from you. You make friends with them when they agree.

#3 Add Friends On BeReal From Search Friends

Click the friend symbol in the top left corner of the BeReal app once it is launched and you are ready to add friends on BeReal using the search bar.

Step 1: Click the upper-side search bar. Look up a name.

Step 2: A listing of names that are similar to your username or account name is provided below.

How To Add Friends On BeReal

Step 3:  Select the people you want to friend from there and send the request. 

How To Add Friends On BeReal

#4 Add Friends On BeReal From Requests

The following method of adding friends is this. By approving the friend request you get, you can add new friends. To achieve this,

Step 1: Launch the BeReal app first. then select the “friends” symbol in the upper left corner.

Step 2: There are three sections at the bottom of the website when it first loads. That entails requests, recommendations, and friends. Then select “Requests.”

Step 3:  The friend requests that were sent to you are visible. To become friends with someone, click the “Accept” icon to the right of their profile name. You can prevent unwanted requests by selecting the X button beside the Accept button.

How To Add Friends On BeReal

#5 Invite Friends On BeReal

Inviting friends on BeReal is one of the best ways to add friends on BeReal. This is an additional method of inviting friends to the BeReal app. On other social media sites, provide your friends with the link to your BeReal profile. Your friends will then access your profile using that link and friend you.

You must let your friends know the link to your BeReal profile. Check the location of the profile link for that now.

Method 1: Launch the BeReal app and select the friend’s icon in the upper left corner. Next, you will see “invite friends on BeReal” at the top. The share option will appear when you click on it. On social media sites like WhatsApp, you can share. The link can also be copied.

Method 2: Open the BeReal app, then select the profile icon in the upper right corner. The user profile that displays will then have a link to your account at the bottom of the memories.

Method 3: Launch the BeReal app and select Profile > Settings > Share. BeReal

Wrapping Up

Hope, this blog helped you with how to add friends on BeReal. Let’s download BeReal now and send friend requests as soon as possible. Let’s make a longer friend list and enjoy being Real with them. Got a question? Let us know in the comment box. Keep following Deasilex for more updates on BeReal. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1. How Does BeReal Work?

When you first sign up for BeReal, you’ll get one notification every day at a random time. When you receive the notification, you will have two minutes to use your front and rear cameras to snap a picture of you and your surroundings. Your photographs cannot be edited or given filters. You can change its caption, though.

Q2. Can Marketers Use BeReal For Brand Or Product Promotion?

Although BeReal forbids sponsored or paid advertisements on its network, advertisers can still leverage BeReal in inventive ways for their marketing activities.

Q3. Can Any Brand Or Industry Leverage BeReal For Marketing?

Many brands have employed BeReal with success in their marketing initiatives. However, not all businesses or sectors can. Marketers must determine whether the BeReal app’s idea fits with their brand before using it for marketing.

Q4. Who Is The Target Audience Of BeReal?

Gen Z, also known as Generation Z or zoomers, is the generation that follows Millennials and comes before Generation Alpha. The early 2010s are used as ending birth years by researchers and the general public, whereas the mid to late 1990s are used as starting birth years. The majority of Generation Zers are descendants of Generation X.

Q5. How To Disable The BeReal Account?

You cannot currently disable your BeReal account. If you want to stop receiving notifications on your phone, you can log out or delete the app.

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