How To Add People On Snapchat Web? Answered!

How To Add People On Snapchat Web

If you are having a thought of using the Snapchat web version, then there must be questions popping up in your mind like – how to add people on Snapchat web? Can you add friends on Snapchat web on Chromebook? Is Snapchat’s Web version as efficient as the mobile version? Let us shed some light on this important topic. 

Snapchat is all about connecting with more friends and reviving social life. Now, if you can’t access your phone for any reason, that doesn’t mean you can’t use Snapchat. Simply go for the Snapchat web version, but wait! Can you add people on Snapchat web like the mobile version? Let’s find the answer. 

You cannot add people on Snapchat web! Well, sad but this is the limitation of the Snapchat Web version that you have to face. Although you can chat or call your existing friends from the list, you cannot add friends on the Snapchat web

The option to add people on Snapchat web simply does not exist! When you open the chat box, you can find all the options to interact with the existing Snapchat connections; however, if you want to add new friends, you have to do it using a mobile phone. Let’s learn more about why you can’t add friends on the Snapchat web and how to address it. 

Can You Add Friends On Snapchat Web?

If you are planning to use Snapchat on PC or Mac, then it is time to face the truth! You can not simply add friends on Snapchat website. Adding friends on the Snapchat Web version is totally off-limits! 

It is often found that people on working premises and students in their institutions are often restricted from using smartphones. However, that has never stopped them from using the web version of social media applications. The web version of Snapchat is quite popular among the students. However, this web version has some limitations. For instance, people using Snapchat on browsers cannot add friends on Snapchat website. 

The reason behind the stated issue with this app is still unknown. We can only speculate that the Snapchat developers will surely come up with solutions depending on user demands. 

How To Add People On Snapchat Web?

If you are still hunting for an answer for how to add people on Snapchat web, we will stall your search here. This is because there are no ways to add friends on the Snapchat web version. 

However, as mentioned earlier, you can chat with your existing Snapchat friends and even connect over video calls! You can also run group video calls on the Snapchat web version. 

However, it’s not like the Snapchat web is totally dumb. The PWA version of Snapchat allows the users to get Snapchat+, use Snapchat emojis, and keep track of the Snap Streaks too!


We admit that the web version of Snapchat is not as fun as the mobile version. But, hey! Snapchat was originally created for smartphone users only. Therefore, it can be speculated that the PWA version of the app may have some limitations. There are many social media apps that have ‘limited’ web versions. So, it’s not like Snapchat is running backward. We can only expect that in the near future, Snapchat will launch a better web version that will meet user expectations entirely. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1. How Do I Add Snap Web?

You can open any browser on your desktop >> Go to >> Log into your account >> Open the dashboard >> Click on your Profile bitmoji >> Select Create Desktop Shortcut option >> Click on the Install button >> Tap the shortcut to launch Snapchat web anytime. 

Q2. Can I Accept Friend Requests On Snapchat Web?

No, you cannot accept friend requests on Snapchat web. 

Q3. Can I Add Friends On Snapchat Web On Chromebook?

No, you cannot add friends on the Snapchat web on Chromebook. 

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