How to Avoid Unwanted Calls On iPhone

Long gone are the days when annoying people could enter a few symbols in addition to your number, and call you constantly without worrying that you’ll find out who they are. Spam calls are never fun and thankfully, iPhone users have the option to reduce or completely stop such calls from getting through. 

Not so long ago, people were introduced with an amazing option – to learn who blocked their number. Just as you can see if someone blocked your number, you can block those who are spamming or annoying you. It doesn’t even have to be someone you know – you can quite literally avoid spam calls before they even happen. Here is how you can do this. 

Android phones have an upside in this sense – they come with a built-in spam protection feature and a caller ID. But, the thing that many people don’t know is that the iPhone also offers you such features – you just need to know how to activate them. 

How To Block Messages And Calls From Certain People

Do you have a specific person that you don’t want to receive messages, FaceTime calls, and voice calls from? You can easily block them in just a few steps. Here is how to do it:

  • In the Phone feature, find one of the following: Favorites, Voicemail, or Recents
  • Tap the Information symbol next to the contact or number you wish to block
  • Scroll down to find the option Block this Caller

If for any reason you decide to unblock someone, or if you want to check and manage your blocked contacts, you can find this in Settings > Phone > Blocked Contacts. This is by far the slowest option of blocking individual numbers as they reach out to you. This can take a while and you’ll need to first determine that it’s a scam number, but many pick that option because they cannot afford to miss an important call that an app or their carrier ranked as a scam. 

On the other hand, blocking individual numbers one by one is a hopeless endeavor when it comes to robocalls since they keep finding new ways to keep calling. 

How To Send Unknown Callers And Spam Calls To Voice Mail

If you don’t want to block people completely, but would prefer receiving a voice message instead, you can send these to voice mail. Here is how to do it:

  • Find the option Phone in your phone’s Settings
  • Click on Silence Unknown Callers to get notifications calls from people who aren’t in your contact list, or haven’t recently been contacted by you. 
  • Click on Call Blocking and Identification and turn on the option to Silence Junk Callers. This will silence the calls that the operator identifies as potential spammers. 

The Silence Unknown Callers feature is not ideal if you expect to receive phone calls from numbers you haven’t added in your phone book. This is a bad idea if you are handling a work number, or if you recently get calls from people who you’re not close with – and whose numbers you don’t know. 

The Silence Junk Callers feature was added to iPhone with the iOS 13 update, designed to identify spam and fraud calls and block them from reaching you. However, keep in mind that this feature doesn’t rely on carrier support. 

Other Options For Avoiding Unwanted Calls

Another option for this purpose, and perhaps one of the best ones, is to download an app that’s designed to block such calls. There are plenty of options in this sense, and carriers are one of them. For example, if you are a T-Mobile customer, you can download their native app called Scam Shield from the store. This particular app has many useful features such as Caller ID, Scam ID, and Scam Block. 

Of course, you’ll need to make the necessary adjustments so that the app knows how to perform, and which calls to block for you. For example, this particular app has a feature called “Allow these apps to block calls and provide caller ID”. If you enable it, the app itself will detect and block calls. 

Wrapping Up

Scammers and annoying sellers have upped their game a lot in the past couple of years. It so often happens that we receive a spam call from a genuine-looking, local number just to realize that it is another seller or robocall. To protect people from fraudulent phone calls, and to give them the choice to block people they don’t want to communicate with, iPhone has created several options. 

Check these three options to decide which one suits you best and remember – whichever you choose, you can always deactivate it if you don’t feel like it’s the right choice for you. 

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