How To Buy The Sandbox (SAND) Crypto? Invest In $SAND!!

How To Buy The Sandbox (SAND) Crypto

Don’t know how to buy The Sandbox (SAND) Crypto? Don’t worry! If you want to buy The Sandbox crypto and don’t know how to do it, then welcome to our Sandbox crypto session where we’ll walk you through the process of buying $SAND tokens and how to transfer the same in your Sandbox wallet.

The virtual economy of The Sandbox Metaverse revolves around The Sandbox (SAND) token which acts as the sole currency in the ecosystem. All trading in the Sandbox Metaverse takes place through the $SAND token and that’s why having SAND tokens is highly important if you want to become a part of The Sandbox ecosystem.

The prices of SAND keep on fluctuating and at the time of writing, the unit price of a SAND token is $6.04. Uneven buying and selling activities lead to these fluctuations and with increasing interests, we never know how much this price will go up (or down). Nevertheless, if you want to buy SAND, then we have curated a number of ways by which you can acquire SAND crypto.

So let’s roll into the crypto buying guide and look at various alternatives that you have at your disposal to buy The Sandbox crypto.

How To Buy The Sandbox (SAND) Crypto?

How To Buy The Sandbox (SAND) Crypto

With a circulating supply of 320 Million and a total supply of 3 Billion, SAND tokens stand to be the most coveted Crypto tokens in the Crypto market at the moment. People are investing in bundles looking at the remarkable growth of The Sandbox Metaverse which recently held the Sandbox Alpha, a multi-week play2earn event. 

This Alpha event brought in a new sense of enthusiasm among the Metaverse lovers which in turn resulted in the soaring prices of The Sandbox Crypto. People who weren’t connected with the ecosystem are now looking for means to become a part of it and what would be the best way other than buying The Sandbox crypto? 

If you’re one such person who wishes to buy The Sandbox crypto and ride in the flow of profits brought in by the hype created by The Sandbox community, then here’s what you can do!

In our guide to buying SAND tokens, we have carefully elaborated on the ways to buy The Sandbox crypto.

So without further ado, let’s jump to our Sandbox crypto buying guide! 

1. Buy The Sandbox Crypto At Crypto Exchanges

How To Buy The Sandbox (SAND) Crypto

Crypto exchanges are the most frequented platforms to trade in any crypto. Exchanges like Gemini, Huobi, Binance, WazirX, etc are some of the recognized platforms to invest in Cryptocurrencies like SAND. If you wish to buy SAND tokens, then you can do the same at Binance or Gemini. 

One of the most active platforms to buy The Sandbox tokens is Binance and that’s why we have brought you a step-by-step guide to buy SAND tokens at Binance. Binance stands to be the largest crypto exchange in the world when it comes to daily trading volume. The platform accepted SAND and since August 14, the SAND tokens have been available here. 

As $SAND is listed on Binance, you can trade the same in the following pairs – $SAND/BTC, $SAND/USDT, $SAND/BNB, and $SAND/BUSD at the official website of Binance or its mobile application. 

Here are the steps that you need to follow to purchase $SAND tokens at Binance.

Step 1: Register with Binance exchange by creating your Binance account to purchase $SAND tokens and make sure to authenticate your account.

Step 2: Once you have created your Binance account, log in and verify your account. 

Step 3: After verification, navigate to the Binance homepage. On the top-left of the Binance homepage, click on the “Buy Crypto” tab.

Step 4: Under the “Buy Crypto” tab, choose the currency you want to do transactions in and then select your method to buy Crypto.

Step 5: Type the “SAND” tokens you want to buy in the “Receive” column and then proceed with the payment.

After you have purchased $SAND tokens, log in to your The Sandbox account, and in the “Me” section, copy your Sandbox wallet address. Once you have copied your wallet address, go back to Binance and then click on the “Spot” option under the “Wallet” tab on the top to withdraw The Sandbox crypto into your Sandbox wallet. After the Spot section opens, hit the “Withdraw” option beside the “SAND” crypto.

Once the “Withdraw” tab opens, paste your copied Sandbox wallet code in the “Recipient’s SAND Address” column. Follow the step by selecting the SAND tokens you want to withdraw, and then hit the “Submit” option. A security verification pop-up will appear after clicking on the “Submit” option.

Complete the verification process and again click the “Submit” option. Once you do that, your SAND crypto will be successfully transferred to your Sandbox wallet after a few seconds. It might take some time to transfer your crypto, however, once it happens, you will receive email notification of the same.

That was all about buying SAND crypto via Binance. Now, let’s move to other ways in which you can purchase The Sandbox crypto.

2. Get The Sandbox Crypto By Swapping ETH

If your Crypto wallet already has Ether crypto in it, then you can easily swap it for $SAND on UniSwap. Via UniSwap, you can easily get The Sandbox crypto by exchanging your ETH for $SAND.

3. Buy The Sandbox Crypto With A Credit Or Debit Card

You can buy $SAND on Simplex and other notable crypto exchanges like Binance via credit or debit card. If you’re a crypto noob who doesn’t understand the complex terminologies of the same, then you have the simple option of buying SAND from your Debit or Credit card than buying it through other cryptocurrencies.

How To Get The Sandbox Crypto For Free?

How To Buy The Sandbox (SAND) Crypto for free

Don’t want to spend bucks to buy SAND? Don’t worry! We have the answer that you would be dying to hear! You can get The Sandbox crypto free of any cost and there are multiple ways for the same.

Below we have curated a list of ways by which you can earn and receive The Sandbox (SAND) crypto absolutely free. So let’s get on with that! 

1. Get The Sandbox Crypto Through Ambassador Program

The Sandbox offers Ambassador Program where the selected ambassadors are rewarded with $SAND tokens for educating the community and doing other activities specified under the program. You have to apply for The Sandbox Ambassador Program and only the selected participants get selected.

The selected Ambassadors have to carry on the respective responsibilities of an Ambassador and they will be rewarded for their efforts. All the hardworking Ambassadors will receive prizes in the form of LAND, $SAND tokens, exclusive ASSETs in The Sandbox Metaverse.

2. Get The Sandbox Crypto Through Community Airdrops

The Foundation or The Sandbox DAO does community airdrops of $SAND, where the lucky community members get to grab $SAND tokens for free. These tokens can then be put to good use in the Metaverse to create NFTs or other digital assets through Sandbox’x native tool, VoxEdit.

3. Get The Sandbox Crypto Through Contests

By participating in the Community contests and challenges, you can receive $SAND tokens absolutely free of cost. As the competition is tough with limited prizes, only the winners get to enjoy the free benefits.

Thus, you have to be on the lookout for such events by keeping track of the social media handles of The Sandbox to get regular updates regarding any upcoming events.

4. Get The Sandbox Crypto Through Referral Program

During the initial sale of Lands, The Sandbox opened the room for their Referral program where Sandbox Ambassadors and other users would receive a 10% bonus for every purchase made by a new user signing up through a referral link. The reward was added to the wallet address of the user and it was open for a period of 30 days only.

Although the program has now ended, we never know when such a promotional event might happen again. So, be on the lookout for such events if you want to earn free $SAND tokens.

Wrapping Up

Investing in The Sandbox has certainly made lots of millionaires by now who were smart enough to invest early in this crypto which has a high potential for growth. If you’re late in the trend, then don’t worry! You’re never too late! 

If you want to jump into The Sandbox, then buying the native currency of the platform is crucial. In this session, we thoroughly covered how to buy the Sandbox crypto and how to transfer the same in your Sandbox wallet.

The most secure way of buying The Sandbox crypto is via authorized crypto exchanges like Binance, Gemini, Coinbase, etc. However, make sure you do your due homework before investing (looking at the volatility of the crypto market and crypto price rate.) Moreover, you should also know about the transaction fees as many crypto exchanges charge high transaction fees. 

Thus, whatever decision you make, be sure to gain enough knowledge to make an informed decision.

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