How To Cancel Midjourney Subscription? Steps To Follow!

How to cancel midjourney subscription

Now, artificial intelligence has become a very important part of our lives. It even helps to create and also to enhance the artistic prices. Midjourney is a platform that combines AI and you can get this through a subscription. But what if you want to know about canceling the Midjourney subscription? Do you know how to cancel Midjourney subscription?

Midjourney is quite different from much another AI-generating art platforms since it is an autonomous bot that offers unique results. Here you will be able to upload your artwork and the rest is on Midjourney which creates a masterpiece out of it. This platform helps to create some great artwork.

Now, coming back to your question on how to cancel Midjourney subscription. Well, this post will help you to easily cancel your subscription. Message command:/ subscribe > open subscription page > plan details > manage > cancel plan > confirm cancellation.

Don’t worry if you did not understand the steps, we have mentioned above then you need not worry because we have mentioned these steps in detail below along with Midjourney refund. Just scroll down and read them.

How To Cancel Midjourney Subscription?

If you want to know how to cancel Midjourney subscription, then this post is just for you. Here we have mentioned a few details that you need to follow.

Step 1: Message the Midjourney bot the command:/subscribe.

Step 2: Midjourney will send you a message with a button that says open subscription page. And you need to click on it.

Step 3: Then next to the plan details titles you will see a small manage button just click on it.

Step 4: Next you have to click on the cancel plan button.

Step 5: Now, just click on confirm cancelation time. Your plan will get canceled at the end of the current subscription period.

If you are wondering about Midjourney refund, then any outstanding usage fees will be levied right away upon cancellation or termination. The current pay period will not be refunded to you, but once it has ended, you won’t be charged again.

How Does Midjourney Work?

How To Cancel Midjourney Subscription

Midjourney never stops exploring their thoughts or expanding their imagination to pride us on some great art pieces. The interactive bot of Midjourney uses AI techniques to create pictures on the basis of the text. They help us understand the concept you need to and then try to provide you with that in real. You can even try any fancy or any kinda unique idea that will prompt you to type it in the message box of the bot and Midjourney will explore and provide you with the best result that does match your description. The users will also help to describe how Midjourney will take inspiration from nature and will try to create artworks that will depict and represent real-life scenarios.

How To Use Midjourney On Discord?

How To Cancel Midjourney Subscription

Well, now that we have discussed how to cancel Midjourney subscription, let’s discuss how you can use Midjourney on Discord. This Midjourney Discord bot will only work within Discord. You have to join the Discord server and then add your query to the newbies. The Midjourney bot will show you the result with your name tagged. You can even upscale the image by selecting the options that you will find under the image. If you have a Discord account then you can join the Midjourney beta server and start for free. 

Then you will see that Midjourney is open to those with a Discord account. The first thing that you have to do is create your AI art as this will lead to Discord and register for an account. If your account is ready then you can do these things. Here’s what you need to do to join the Midjourney beta server.

Step 1: Confirm that you are logged in to your Discord account.

Step 2: Then you have to open the Midjourney’s websites and then hit the join the beta button.

Step 3: Then you have to tap on the accept invite option to join the server.

What Are Midjourney Plans?

What Are Midjourney Plans?

Well, here are the plans for Midjourney that you can take a look at.

  1. Free trial: 25 minutes GPU time forever.
  2. Basic: $10 monthly, GPU time 200 minutes a month, personal bot chat, private visibility which will cost you an extra $20 a month.
  3. Standard: $30 monthly, GPU time 15 hours a month, you can even get unlimited relaxed GPU time along with all the benefits which we have mentioned.
  4. Corporate: $600 yearly, GPU time 120 hours a year along with all the benefits. 

Wrapping Up:

So now, after reading this post you do know how to cancel Midjourney subscription We have mentioned these steps which will help you to easily cancel your Midjourney subscription along with Midjourney refund. If you have any questions, you can reach us in the comment section below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What Is Midjourney?

Well, Midjourney is an AI-powered system that will create images with the text-to-image model. The system will excel at adapting real-world art styles to create an image without combining any things. You can create many images with the command features on Discord. 

Q. Can You Pay For Midjourney With PayPal?

The answer to this question is no, at present Midjourney do not accept payments through PayPal, wire transfer, or option that are similar to these. You can even pay through the debit and credit card services that you have already selected. You can even go to the billing and licensing tab on the website to get to know more about the Midjourney subscription payments.

Q. What Are The Midjourney Payment Options?

Well, here are a few Midjourney payments options:

  1. Only debit cards are operated by different services like VISA, Mastercard, or American Express.
  2. PayPal is not accepted here.

Q. Is Midjourney Safe To Subscribe To?

Yes, Midjourney is safe to subscribe to. Although, beware of fraudulent apps because there is fake software that is popular in the App Store that poses as Midjourney.

Q. What About Midjourney Refund?

Any outstanding usage fees will be levied right away upon cancellation or termination. You won’t receive a Midjourney refund for the current pay period, but after the current pay period has ended, you won’t be charged anymore.

Q. How To Cancel Art Of Living Journey Membership?

You can cancel Art Of Living Journey membership by contacting [email protected]. Your purchase is not returnable once the Cancellation Period has passed or the program has started.

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