How to Chat with Yourself on Whatsapp? Newly Launched Whatsapp Feature!

How to Chat with Yourself on Whatsapp

Ever imagined chatting with yourself on whatsapp? Well, if not then here we are to reveal to you about how to chat with yourself on whatsapp? Keep reading the blog post if you want to know the required steps!

Whatsapp is a much used social media platform and keeps its audience engaged with its melange and wide variety of chatting features. One such feature is chat with yourself on whatsapp. It is already possible to message yourself on WhatsApp using a click to message link, or using a WhatsApp group in which you are the sole member

To know how to chat with yourself on whatsapp 2022, you first need to Create a group > Add someone > Remove them > You are still in the group > You can chat with yourself on whatsapp. 

WhatsApp seems to be interested in playing a little catch-up, and is now testing out its own improvements to self-messaging. Without further ado, let’s begin with a fullfleged blog post on how ro chat with yourself on whatsapp? 

How to Chat with Yourself on Whatsapp

WhatsApp is adding a chat option somewhat confusingly labeled “Me (You).” How cool is that right? Come let’s read about it and dig out this newly launched feature of chatting with yourself on whatsapp. 

Messaging yourself may sound a little silly if you’re not used to it, but it has its uses. You can keep notes to yourself if you are someone who isn’t good at remembering many things. 

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With the new Whatsapp messenger beta release of the Android app, WABetaInfo points out that select WhatsApp beta testers are getting access to try out the “Message yourself” feature. The name of yourself on whatsapp self might be labeled as “Me(You)”. 

On your android or iPhone handset, there is an option that prompts you to message a new contact, a new group, or a new Community. Underneath these options there is a list of all your contacts who also use WhatsApp. The new option to message yourself could conceivably sit atop the list of your contacts, albeit in a future update.

However, instead of installing a dedicated app like Google Tasks to maintain the grocery lists, some of us could just find WhatsApp a more convenient all-in-one solution. As multi-device support is already available, you could even use chats with yourself to transfer small files between devices. 

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Wrapping Up 

Messaging or chatting with yourself can be fun, then be it for keeping a note of things or just random conversations with self over text. This new whatsapp feature chat with yourself 2022, will be rolled out anytime soon. 

Therefore, this was a complete blog post on how to chat with yourself on whatsapp, and we expect you to make use of this new feature, whenever it will be launched! To learn and know more about the recent rolled features of various social networking applications, do visit our website. 

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