How To Check Flower Name By Image?

How To Check Flower Name By Image

Ready for camping? This fall, enjoy camping and traveling around while exploring unknown flowers! If you love flowers [who doesn’t?], we have found the 5 best apps for you to identify unknown flowers just in seconds! 

Have you visited flower nurseries? There are experienced guides and florists in renowned nurseries and deliveries like flower delivery in Sheffield, who can assist you through browsing flowers and identifying them for you. 

But, as we were talking about, we can’t always have such experts around us while exploring nature. Hence, it is best to think smart and strat identifying flower names by uploading images to certain apps. 

We understand, installing new reliable apps could be a big deal if you are concerned about your phone’s security. Therefore, we picked 5 verified apps that are available in both Appstore and Playstore so that both iPhone and Android users can enjoy them. 

Let’s go through the article, and start exploring amazing apps to check flower names by image: 

Best Apps To Check Flower Name By Image 

Being a nature lover it is hard to resist exploring unknown roads, hills, shore, and most importantly, flowers! Flowers as a genre is rich in variations. It is always amazing to view colorful flower beds or just find a rare wildflower in the deepest of the forest! 

No matter where you are, if you find a flower worth knowing about, just take a picture of that flower and upload it to a flower-identifying app to find the name. Here are 5 outstanding apps to check flower names using images:

1. Google Lens

Google Lens is available for Android users. As an iPhone user, you can also enjoy Google Lens as a part of your Google package. 

To use Google Lens to identify a flower, all you need to do is launch the Google app and point your camera toward the unknown flower you wish to identify. Tap the shutter button and wait a few seconds when Google Lens analyzes the photo and will display the result along with the details and origin of the flower, more vibrant pictures of the flower as well as related contents. 

If you tap on the photo displayed by Google Lens as a result, it will take you to the main Google search page, where you can explore that flower. 

2. Bing

Many people think Being plant identifier is not as good as Google Lens. However, it’s not true! Bing is as good as Google. In fact, unlike Google, there are two ways to use Bing to identify flowers and plants. 

The first method is the traditional image uploading option and the second one is using ChatGPT power to identify flowers. 

Open the Bing app and at the top you will find a camera button on the search bar. Tap on the camera icon, take a photo of the flower that caught your eye and upload the photo to get a result. You can also upload a previously taken photo from your search gallery. 

Similar to Google, Bing will also share details about the flower based on your search as well as related content. 

3. Picturethis

PictureThis is an amazing app that is available for both free and premium versions. When the free version comes with limitations of uploading pictures, there are no limits for the premium version. This plant-identifying app is widely adored and one of the most downloaded apps for good reason. 

Installing this app means you are carrying Mr. Florist in your pocket! This app is easy to use and offers a result that is 98% accurate. Moreover, while using this app, you automatically store all your flowers and plant collections that you are curious about. You can open the gallery and go through your memory lane of discovering unknown flowers or saplings. 

4. Plantum

Plantum is another amazing trustworthy app that assists you in exploring the unknown around you. The app comes with a three-day free trial pack and after that, you have to choose the premium plan for maximum benefits or shift to a limited version. 

When you use Plantum to identify a flower, this app automatically creates a card on that flower and saves it. The card includes the flower name, taxonomy, subspecies, and all amazing details. You can check those cards anytime and share them with friends. 

The best part of using this app is that it can identify the health of the flower or the plant you are looking at. Moreover, it can remind you to take care of your plant babies on time, so that they don’t miss your love! 

5. Plant Identification ++

This app is for iPhone users only. The app comes in both free and paid versions. Similar to other apps, here you also need to launch the camera and upload the picture of the flower you are interested in. 

The app will go through the database and will share information based on your search query [flower image]. This app is simple to use and the accuracy level of flower identification is commendable. However, the only downgrade is that this app is available in the App Store only for iPhone users. 


Do not limit yourself when you are exploring nature. Bless yourself with a flower or plant identifier that we have shared in this article and keep enjoying exploiting new flowers every day! Also, don’t forget to share the flowers you have discovered with your friends. Fleurir comme une fleur!  

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