How To Check If Your Twitter Account Is Shadowbanned? 2 Effective Ways To Check!

How To Check If Your Twitter Account Is Shadowbanned

Twitter is getting stricter with its tweeting policies. If you are a frequent Twitter user then you would already know what this is all about! Generic hashtags, quick tweeting, random tweeting arguments, etc can lead your Twitter account in trouble and you might get shadowbanned as a result. If you are already noticing lesser retweets, likes, or visits to your Twitter timeline, then you might have been shadowbanned already. But how to check if your Twitter account is shadowbanned?

Just like Instagram shadowban, Twitter never notifies you regarding your Twitter account being shadowbanned. You have to take the initiative yourself to save your Twitter account in such cases. Some people don’t even know they shadowbanned until later. Thus, it is vital for you to know if you’re shadowbanned or not!

There are two effective ways in which you can check if you are shadowbanned or not. If your Twitter username isn’t visible in the “Twitter search results” and if you can’t find your tweets too, then it’s an early sign of you being shadowbanned.

Thus, to get un-shadowbanned on Instagram and Twitter, you have to check if you are shadowbanned or not! Here is everything about how to check if your Twitter account is shadowbanned and why was it shadowbanned!

What Is Shadowbanning On Twitter?

what is shadowbanning on twitter

Shadowbanning means the act by which your tweets or usernames aren’t accessible or visible to active Twitter users. To be more precise, when your tweets, tweet replies, and even your Twitter accounts don’t appear in the Twitter search results, then this roughly means that you are shadowbanned. However, the most absurd thing about this whole phenomenon is that you won’t know if you are shadowbanned. You never get a notification like – “Hey pal! You’re shadowbanned.” Nothing of this sort happens!

Donald Trump bombarded Twitter back in 2018 claiming that Republicans were purposely being shadowbanned on Twitter. Trump based his findings and accusations on a story covered by Vice. This whole situation meant that Twitter had to answer, especially, if the President of The USA was asking for clarification. And, they did do that. In July 2018, a Twitter blog post revealed that Twitter never shadowbans. But is that really true?

Let’s look at the updated Twitter policy here! Twitter Policies, as of 2020, states that “Twitter…may also remove or refuse to distribute any Content on the Services, limit distribution or visibility of any Content on the service…” 

Doesn’t this policy fit the meaning of shadowbanning? It sure does. So it makes us wonder why this happens and is it even legal to do that. Let’s talk about the former first. There are many reasons which can get you shadowbanned on Twitter and in numerous ways even.

Using disturbing hashtags, excessive following, improper tweeting behavior (bad or rude vocabulary), excessive tweeting, being excessively reported or blocked, etc can get you shadowbanned.

Such a ban can be partial and permanent, it all depends on your Twitter history. Thus, to stay clean on Twitter, it is important that you stay out of trouble online and do not violate Twitter policies.

How To Check If Your Twitter Account Is Shadowbanned?

As previously mentioned, you are never notified if you get shadowbanned on Twitter much like Instagram. Many people don’t even realize they are shadowbanned at times. However, those who frequently tweet can get a hint of it pretty fast. Decreased retweets or likes or followers than before can often mean that you have been shadowbanned.

In such cases, it is important to know how to check if your Twitter account is shadowbanned, especially if you are a business owner or social media influencer! If your livelihood depends on Twitter, then it’s vital to know if you are shadowbanned on Twitter and what to do to get un-shadowbanned!

Here are two ways in which you can check if your account is shadowbanned on Twitter or not.

1. Check On Twitter Explore In Incognito Mode Browsing Mode

search username to check if you are shadowbanned

Checking Twitter explore page in Incognito browsing mode and then searching for your username in it is an effective way to ensure if you are shadowbanned or not. It’s a rather simple process. Let’s see what steps you have to follow.

Here’s what you need to confirm if you are shadowbanned on Twitter or not.

Step 1: Perform a Twitter Shadowban check by opening a new incognito tab in your web browser. 

Step 2: and click on the Twitter search on the top.

Step 3: Enter your username in the “Twitter Search”.

Step 4: If your username, tweets, and replies are visible, then you aren’t shadowbanned. If you can’t see them, then you are shadowbanned. 

2. Check From “”

check if your shadowbanned on twitter with

Another most effective and efficient way of checking if you are shadowbanned on Twitter is by searching your Twitter username on “”. evaluates your Twitter profile in 4 ways and determines if you are shadowbanned or not. It runs a Search suggestion ban, ghost ban, search ban, and replies deboosting functions on your Twitter username.

These four factors play a huge role in Twitter shadowban check. 

To perform a Twitter shadowban check, all you have to do is go to “” on your web browser and then type your Twitter username in the “Username” option. Once you do that, hit on the “ Check” button and your results will be revealed.

If you are not shadowbanned, then in front of your username – @______ exists will show. Of you are, then think about what went wrong and why were you shadowbanned!

How Long Do You Stay Shadowbanned On Twitter?

how long do you stay shadowbanned on twitter

Normally shadowbans do not stay for long on Twitter. If you are shadowbanned, then think why were you shadowbanned in the first place. Were you using harmful or too many hashtags? Were you following too many accounts? Were you annoying someone with your tweets? How often have you gotten blocked on Twitter? Do you constantly find yourself in a troublesome thread on Twitter? The reasons can be endless.

However, the solution for all of them is to indulge in respectable behavior online and to do everything in moderation. Do not let Twitter confuse you for a bot which it thinks it needs to remove!

Moreover, Twitter is getting stricter with its Policy adherence. Thus, make sure you’re not violating Twitter’s policies and engaging in something you shouldn’t. If it was a normal Twitter glitch, let it be! People get by this stage without realizing they were even shadowbanned. Some people never knew they were shadowbanned.

That’s why beating a drum and starting “#Justice” threads on Twitter won’t help with your shadowbanning problem. There are chances it might only get escalated.

Thus, enjoy a healthy life outside Twitter too and once the countdown of 2-3 days is up, go back to being a healthy social media user!

Wrapping Up

You can get shadowbanned on Twitter! But how do you know if you are shadowbanned? Well, there are two simple ways of doing that. You can determine if you are shadowbanned or not by checking your username in Twitter Explore in incognito mode. If you can see your username in the search results, then you aren’t shadowbanned. But if you can’t, then you are shadowbanned.

Another way of checking if you are shadowbanned or not is by going to “”. gives you a detailed analysis regarding your Twitter account and if it is shadowbanned or not.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is Shadowbanning Illegal On Twitter?

We willingly accept Twitter’s T&C. Thus, if Twitter’s policy mentions removing content at its own discretion, then it is legal as you agreed to it knowingly. Moreover, Twitter never actually confirms shadowbanning people. Twitter has said that they never shadowban people but we know that they do. Although the terms differ, the process and function are the same. 

Additionally, Twitter shadowbans suspicious behavior depending on Twitter AI stats. Thus if they are shadowbanning people, they have a multitude of reasons for the same.

Q. Why Do You Get Shadowbanned On Twitter?

You can get shadowbanned on Twitter for various reasons. The most common one is abusive tweeting behavior. Abusive tweeting behavior can not only get you shadowbanned but it can also permanently ban you from Twitter.

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