How To Connect Apple Music To BeReal? BeReal Apple Music Integration!

How to connect Apple music to BeReal

BeReal is emerging as a more creative social platform. Now, on BeReal you do not have to share the half-hidden face or dark room, just so you can’t avoid the notification! Let’s connect Apple Music to BeReal and share your mood with your post! 

Honestly, sometimes we feel gloomy and too moody to take a real-time snap! We pad it just by clicking the ceiling fan, dark room, or half-hidden faces. How about if we can express that particular mood with the song we were listening to at that time? Connect Apple Music to BeReal and you will not need to avoid the BeReal notification. 

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To connect Apple music to BeReal, open the BeReal app > tap on profile picture > kebab menu > settings > tap on the Audio option > connect to Apple music.

We have songs for every mood, whether it is sad or romantic. BeReal as a social media platform encouraged us to show ourselves without filters, and now they are pushing us to share the real-time mood too. Thanks to BeReal, now we can connect Apple Music to BeReal. If you are using Android, you can also connect Spotify to BeReal. 

BeReal Apple Music Integration

BeReal Apple Music integration is the new update that pushed us again to rethink the illusions created by other social media. What is the point of sharing thoughts on social media that is well tailored and has lots of edits? Many young people and actors are trolled for their unfiltered looks on social media. But, hey! Think again with BeReal! 

BeReal asked people to be open and share truly candid moments with their friends. But, sharing moments was not that fun until we got this latest implementation. As soon as BeReal announced the integration of Apple Music and Spotify into the app; the users were bombarded! Users started to connect Apple Music to BeReal and the posts became too lively. 

The BeReal Apple Music integration is so impactful that it encourages more users to join this amazing social media platform. So if you are not in BeReal, you are missing out on the vibe of sharing your true candid moments and not the edited ones. 

However, this feature is rolled out in some restricted versions. Users from a few countries [US, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, and Australia] can enjoy the feature and not global users. 

How To Connect Apple Music To BeReal?

To connect Apple Music to BeReal, open the BeReal app and go to profile > tap on the kebab menu > Choose Audio > Add Apple Music >Done!

It is super easy to connect Apple Music to BeReal, thanks to the easy and convenient UI of BeReal. Let’s follow the steps below and quickly connect Apple Music to BeReal to try the feature:

Step 1: Open the BeReal app and go to your profile by tapping on the profile picture. 

Step 2: Tap on the kebab menu at the top right-hand corner. 

Step 3: Open Settings and tap on Audio. 

Step 4: You will get a list of audio streaming services. Tap on the connect button next to Apple Music.

Step 5: You will be asked to use the login credential to log in to the app and then you will be successful to connect Apple Music to BeReal. 

How To Share The Song You Are Listening To On Apple Music In Your BeReal?

Once you have connected Apple Music to BeReal, the rest is pretty much simple! If you are listening to Apple Music and receive the BeReal notification, you can open the BeReal app and take the snap. The best part is, the music you were listening to at that moment in Apple Music will be added to your post! 

However, you can disable the feature if you do not want to share the music with your post. You can also make it private so that only you can listen to the music with the post and not others. Here is how it works: 

Step 1: Open BeReal and take your real-time photo. 

Step 2: On the top right-hand corner of the photo you will find the music icon. Click it to add music or disable it. 

Remember that your BeReal account should be connected to the same music account that you were listening to. Only your real-time music will be added if you were listening to anything. If you were not, you cannot fake it by adding any music! Just connect Apple Music to BeReal and be real when you are posting on BeReal. 

In addition, you can check what other people were listening to when updating on BeReal. Just explore the posts and you can see the song under the location if shared by the users. 


So, if your friend posted on BeReal five minutes ago with a sad song, your friend might not be okay! You should give your friend a call or just text. It happens to all of us that we cannot be too social on social media and accept what we are really feeling. BeReal is an open platform that pushes us straight to the line to accept us the way we are. And it’s ok if the day was not yours. Connect Apple Music to BeReal, share your feelings, and you will be astonished to find out how many people are relating with you. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What Is The Music Feature On BeReal?

The newly added music feature on BeReal is all about connecting the app with your preferable audio streaming service on your Phone. Android users can add Spotify, while iPhone users can use Apple Music as the audio streaming service and enjoy sharing music with real posts. 

Q2. Does BeReal Show Music?

Yes, BeReal shows music. The name of the music and the icon of the preferred audio streaming service will be added at the bottom of your post. 

Q3. How Do I Add Songs To BeReal On Spotify?

To add songs to BeReal on Spotify, you need to tap on the music button on your BeReal post and if you were listening to Spotify at that time, then the app will automatically update your post with the song. 

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