How To Connect Patreon To Discord? Steps Explained!

How To Connect Patreon To Discord

Do you want to connect Patreon to Discord and access Discord roles from your creators? Well, In this article, let us see how to connect Patreon to Discord. 

An excellent approach for creators to get a consistent monthly income is through Patreon. The creators have the option to link their Patreon to a Discord server. As a result, customers get exclusive access to the creator as well as other customers.

To connect Patreon to Discord, first, sign in to Patreon, then go to settings and Connected Apps. Now, click Connect, then authorize Patreon access or log into Discord.

Continue reading further to understand in detail how to connect Patreon to Discord and what steps are involved in it.

How To Connect Patreon To Discord?

To connect Patreon to Discord, sign in to a Patreon >  Go to settings > Connected Apps > Click Connect > Authorize Patreon access or log into Discord.

You and your patrons may create the community you imagine using the voice and text chat app Discord. Our Discord integration synchronizes your Patreon tiers and Discord server roles to provide you exclusive server access and rights.

Step 1: Use your credentials to sign in to Patreon.

Step 2: On Patreon, go to your profile “settings” page.

How To Connect Patreon To Discord - settings

Step 3: Get there by selecting the “Connected Apps” tab.

Step 4: Tap “Connect” next to Discord under Third-party apps.

How To Connect Patreon To Discord - connect Discord

Step 5: It will open a window. You could be prompted to log into Discord, or if you are already logged in, you will be prompted to Authorize Patreon access to your Discord account.

Step 6: Authorize the Discord and Patreon connection.

How To Connect Patreon To Discord - Authorize

If you click the “Connect Discord” button on the Patreon website and no pop-up window appears, your web browser may be blocking pop-up windows. Look for a “Pop-up barred” notice in the address bar of Chrome. You can click on that and select to accept Patreon pop-ups, after which you might try clicking on the “Connect Discord” button again. Hence, by following these simple steps, you can connect Patreon to Discord.

How To Connect Patreon To Discord On Mobile?

Log in to Discord > Authorize connection to Patreon > Loads > Check verification status in Connected Apps age

The same steps listed above can be followed if you want to connect Patreon to Discord on mobile and then follow these steps:

Step 1: You can log into Discord and authorize the connection to Patreon from there by clicking the connect button, which launches a browser and loads

Step 2: Go back to the Patreon “Connected Apps” page to verify the connection was successful. 

Step 3: Now, “Logged in as [username]” should appear beneath Discord, along with a Disconnect button to the right. 

Step 4: Simply tap the Disconnect button whenever you wish to stop using Patreon and wait for the website to refresh.

How To Connect Patreon To Discord - Connected Apps

In this way, you can connect Patreon to Discord on mobile.

How To Integrate A Patreon Discord Rewards System?

Step 1: By clicking your profile image and choosing the “Finish” page, you can add a Discord position as one of your tier rewards. 

How To Connect Patreon To Discord - Finish Page

Step 2: Select the tier you want to alter on the “Tiers” page and click “Edit tier”.

Step 3: By selecting the “Add tier” button down below, you can even add a completely new tier.

How To Connect Patreon To Discord - edit tier

Step 4: Expand the “Advanced” menu by scrolling down while editing the tier.

Step 5: You can choose from the “Discord Roles” option under “Advanced”. You should be automatically redirected to Discord after clicking “Connect to Discord”. 

How To Connect Patreon To Discord - connect to discord

Step 6: The server must be specified here, along with the required authorization.

Step 7: Access to specific Discord roles for patrons can be enabled by refreshing the “Patreon” page and expanding the Advanced menu once again. You must define precisely whatever role you wish to give your customers below this choice.

How To Connect Patreon To Discord - add roled

Step 8: Remember to refresh the browser to access all the new roles if you create the roles after connecting to Discord.

Step 9: Every subscriber to this tier will now have access to the corresponding Discord role on your server. 

Why Is Patreon Not Connecting To Discord?

While trying to link Patreon to Discord, errors can occasionally occur. Both patrons and content producers may experience this. A lot of individuals have been reporting errors while attempting to link their Patreon account to Discord. After logging into Discord, an error message with the words “Something went wrong” appears. Although there isn’t a known solution for this issue, we have got a few suggestions for you 

  • All of your devices, including your laptop and smartphone, should be logged out of Discord, and try linking your Patreon and Discord together. You would then be asked to log into your Discord account. If the issue has been resolved, Patreon should now be displayed
  • If the error occurs again, leave it for 30 minutes and then click “Try Again”. Now, your problem must have been resolved and will be able to connect Patreon to Discord

Wrapping Up

In order to give supporters special access and permissions, our Discord integration synchronizes creators’ Discord server responsibilities with their Patreon tiers. We hope this article has explained to you how to connect Patreon to Discord. For more such informative and interesting articles, check out our website at Deasilex.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Does Patreon Remove Discord?

Ans. Discord will take care of removing the roles from the patron’s Discord account if they erase their pledge or their payment is declined.

Q2.How Do I Unlink Patreon From Discord?

Ans. Click Settings in your patron profile to make this change. Then select Connected Apps from the menu bar and select Discord’s Disconnect button.

Q3. How Much Does Patreon Take From $1?

Ans. The use of the Patreon membership platform is included in this charge. Platform fees for the legacy founder are 5% of payments that are processed. This implies that we only accept payment if the creator is profitable. Check your creator account settings to see if you have the founding creator 5% plan.

Q4. How Long Does It Take For Patreon To Sync With Discord?

Ans. It could take up to several hours for the bot to assign responsibilities to customers if you have many patrons who have linked their Discord accounts and you update the roles associated with their tier. On the first of each month, the Patreon bot could face delays, so new donors might not immediately add to Discord.

Q5. Do Discord Partners Get Paid?

Ans. Partners on Discord are not paid by the company. Discord partners are entitled to a number of advantages and bonuses, but monetary compensation is not one of them. However, partners may have additional sponsors and affiliates from which they receive payment apart from Discord.

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