How To Connect PS4 To Hotel WiFi? 3 Ways To Have Fun!

Wondering how to connect PS4 to Hotel WiFi? If yes, then here is a post on the same for you.

Nowadays a large number of people are wandering around with their gaming sets, and this becomes a headache for hotel managers. These sets cause a lot of trouble. Owning an Xbox set up, Nintendo Switch, PS4, all for an unknown WiFi connection, especially the secured one. Well, it is never as easy as it seems. 

PS4 is one of the most demanded gaming devices in the industry with more than 91 million vended till the wind-up of 2019. And, because of the high demand for gaming sets among Gen Z and Millennial wanderers, to date, there is a procedure that your group will require in order to master to match the guest’s expectations. 

Don’t worry! This post will include instructions to connect PS4 to Hotel WiFi. So, without taking much time let’s hop to the steps. But before, check out the requirements.

Requirements To Get Started

Cross-check that your guests have the below-mentioned things ready before attempting trials to connect to your hotel’s WiFi.

  1. Power Cable
  2. Controller
  3. HDMI Cable
  4. WiFi Username and Password
  5. Console

Pro players know that they should travel with this setting, although it is worth cross-checking before you initiate. However, if you are the player and the guest don’t own any of these, then you should most probably contact the managing team via trying any one of the given methods: 

  • Hotel Application
  • Guest Texting Software
  • Guest Room Tablets
  • Mobile Ordering Software

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How To Connect PS4 To Hotel WiFi?

How To Connect PS4 To Hotel WiFi?

If you want to know how to connect your PS4 to hotel WiFi, then follow the given instructions, and before that ensure that the hotel’s WiFi is properly functioning and your guests have the password ready. Next, ask them to follow the given steps :

  1. Link your PS4 to the hotel and toggle it “ON“.
  2. Scroll down and click on X to choose the Toolbox.
  3. From there, select Network.
  4. Next, click on “Set Up Internet Connection”.
  5. Go for the option to utilize WiFi.
  6. After that, Choose Easy set-up option. 
  7. Search for your hotel’s WiFi connection and click on it.
  8. Select the Internet Connection option to test the connection.
  9. If the test fails, tap on the Details button, which will lead you to a page where you have to insert Network Login Information.
  10. Click on “Suggested Actions“. If it says, the page cannot be verified, then click on “Yes” and move.
  11. A browser page will appear, sign-in with the credentials of the hotel and click on Connect.

How To Connect PS4 To Hotel WiFi By Custom Settings?

If you want to know how to connect PS4 to hotel WiFi by custom settings, then here are the required steps:

  1. Go to “Set Up Internet Connection” and click on Use WiFi.
  2. Next click on Custom followed by Hotel Network.
  3. Insert WiFi Password.
  4. IP Address Settings : Default.
  5. DCHO XD Host Name : Do not utilize. 
  6. DNS Settings : Manual
  7. LAN : Wired
  8. Custom IP Address Settings : Default
  9. DHCP Hostname : Do Not Utilize
  10. DNS Settings : Manual
  11. LAN : Wired
  12. Custom IP address Settings: Default
  13. Next, go to primary DNS AS “”
  14. Next enter DNS as “8.8.4”
  15. Go to next.
  16. MTU Settings : Automatic
  17. Proxy Server : Do Not Utilize.
  18. Testify the internet connection.

NOTE: If the above DNS servers don’t work, try utilizing primary DNS and secondary.

How To Connect PS4 To Hotel WiFi Via Third-Party Hotspot?

If the above methods didn’t work for your guest, then your visitor might be able to link through a 3rd party internet hotspot. Here, guests might need to use the Connecticut service. It’s a free-of-cost Hotspot. 

  1. Connect PS4 to the TV.
  2. Toggle on the PA4 device.
  3. Have your SSID Password ready.
  4. Share hotel internet connection from your PS4 connection.
  5. Testify the connection.

Wrap Up:

Bringing your PS4 on the trip with you is a great choice to make your trip even more entertaining. However, TV screens and free Wi-Fi are anyway being provided by the hotels. Although, linking a PS4 to your home’s WiFi is a lot easier than that of hotels. 

Connecting your PS4 to Hotel WiFi can be a pain in the jack because of the extra-long procedure. Other than being confused, that’s not it. You can fix a gaming round in a very quick order even from one’s hotel dorm. However, the hotel’s WiFi is shockingly bad but something is better than nothing.


Q1. What Are The Requirements For Connecting PS4 To Your Hotel WiFi?

Ans. Here are the things that you need to have before logging in :

  • Power Cable
  • Controller
  • HDMI Cable
  • WiFi Username and Password
  • Console

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