Friday, May 7, 2021


Ridhika Gupta

Myself Ridhika Gupta, an eloquent writer exploring the world of writers.Also an active learner and a passionate speaker.Currently a content writing intern at Deasilex.

6 Most Relevant Reasons to Watch Attack On Titan

Anime is one giant advertisement. The point of these shows is just to make you love the show to the extent that you can...

9 Reasons Why People Watch Anime

One of the best lessons learned from anime is, “Don’t give up, there’s no shame in falling down”. No doubt anime is loved worldwide. There...

6 Best Documentaries On Amazon Prime to Watch in 2021

Science labs were so lively and fascinating during our school days as we saw the real facts and test results there. We connect more...

Why Designer Brands Are So Overrated and Hyped?

My prices are based on my value, not your budget, that's what a brand name has to speak for itself. While many people believe...

5 Best Superhero Shows On Amazon Prime To Watch Right Now

Looking for some best superhero shows on Amazon Prime? Well, here you’ll find more than one. Amazon Prime is a great platform for all...

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