How to Create an Android & iOS Live Video Streaming App?

How to Create an Android & iOS Live Video Streaming App?

As the globe moves toward technological advancement and everyone desires to do tasks while on the go, live video streaming apps are the rage in the video business.

times are changing, and why would you share your very own thoughts on someone other’s platform? You can now create your own space and play along.

This guide covers a simple process to create an Android & iOS Live video streaming app, let’s start, sit tight!!

What does “Live Streaming App” mean?

Live streaming on a mobile device has two meanings. Using a mobile device to access internet video material or to transmit video via a mobile device are both possible references.

Broadcasters and content producers may provide the precise user experience they desire by designing a unique mobile app. Apps for live streaming on smartphones now come in a broad range of designs and features. While some are straightforward services, others provide users access to a huge selection of on-demand and live-streaming media.

For TV stations, sports broadcasters, news organizations, and other sources with a lot of information and live events to share with their audience, building a live streaming app may be quite beneficial.

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Making a Live Streaming App: 5 Steps

Although creating a live streaming application is rather simple, some technical knowledge is needed. It is advised that you hire a professional app developer if you do not already have one on your team since developing a mobile app is not work that can be completed “DIY.”

Following that, here are the 5 stages for creating a live streaming application.

1. Select a video hosting website

You’ll need to invest in internet video hosting if you want to construct a live streaming app. This platform will host all of your video material, and you will just integrate its video players inside your app.

Your particular streaming requirements will determine the platform you use. Features like APIs, SDKs, and an HTML5 video player are essential if you want to develop a live streaming app. For your streaming objectives, look for more feature offers. You should consider monetization support if you want to make money off of your video content.

You should also consider your budget. Investigate several price options and decide what you can manage. As you create your budget, keep in mind the anticipated ROI.

Download the SDK for Android or iOS

Live streaming SDKs may be downloaded from your chosen online video hosting site.

You must now decide whether you are constructing an iOS or Android app. You can make both but concentrate on only one at once. Starting with the one that is most compatible with the operating system that your target audience uses is what we advise.

Add SDK to the Software Used for Mobile Development

Professionals from mobile app development Nashville agree that mobile development environments like Android Studio (for Android) or Xcode (for iOS) are essential if you want to create apps for smartphones and tablets.

Remember that there are still methods to create a hybrid app that works on both iOS and Android devices even if you can’t currently create a native iOS app using Android studio. In a similar vein, you can use Xcode to create Android applications, but to publish these apps on the Apple App Store, you’ll need an Apple Developer Account, which costs $99 annually. Consequently, you must choose an application that supports your particular development and streaming requirements.

4. Start Developing Live Streaming Applications

To create your mobile app, use the SDK tools and given API code. To best reflect your company and provide the greatest user experience, you will now design your app.

This is when a skilled developer’s assistance is useful. Your vision will come to life with the aid of an expert. A little error might harm your app’s operation, thus having technical assistance is crucial.

Make sure you give priority to security expertise when selecting developers. Although creating live streaming software is thrilling and functionality is often given priority, security is increasingly becoming even more crucial. This is especially true if you want to monetize your live streaming app.

In today’s world with so many live-streaming apps, people will be less tolerant of platforms that suffer security breaches.

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5. Prepare and Send the App

Once your software is finished, package it and submit it to the Google Play Store or Apple App Store for review. Remember to properly test it for performance and problems before submitting it for approval. Make sure to test it on gadgets that are running the most recent software.

It can take one to three days to get permission. Once again, you must participate in the $99 Apple Developer Program to publish to the Apple App Store.


Remember that there are more stages in the submission process for commercial apps than for free apps. This procedure is fairly simple to follow, as our five-step explanation demonstrates, particularly if you have a team member who is knowledgeable about developing live video streaming apps.

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