How To Delete A TikTok Story | Delete Them With Easy Steps!

How To Delete A TikTok Story?

If we talk about the TikTok story, then the TikTok story has come a little late compared to other social media platforms. However, though the story feature was introduced on TikTok a little late, it has a few features that you may not find in other social media story features. Do you know you can add and remove the TikTok stories? Do you know how to delete a TikTok story?

The TikTok stories are in fact a fun way by which you can introduce the short form content like on Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook. What if you posted something embarrassing on your TikTok story and don’t know how to delete it then you need not worry. We are here to help you out with your query on how to delete story on tiktok.

So, to know how to delete a TikTok story, then you have come to the right place. Here we will discuss what you need to do. Open TikTok app > profile icon > TikTok story post > three dost icon > delete tiktok story option > confirm delete.

Well, the steps haven’t been mentioned in detail and so may find it confusing. But you need not worry, we have mentioned the steps on how do you delete a tiktok story in detail below, so check ‘em out.

How To Delete A TikTok Story?

So, if you want to know how to delete a TikTok story, then here are a few steps that you need to follow to know how to delete something from your tiktok story:

1. Open TikTok App

How To Delete A TikTok Story?

To know how do i delete a tiktok story. The first thing that you have to do is open the TikTok app on your device. Then log in to your TikTok account with the login credentials.

2. Click On The Profile Icon

Click On The Profile Icon

Now, that you have opened the TikTok app and are on the TikTok home screen you need to click on the profile icon which you will find at the bottom right-hand side corner of the screen.

3. Go To The TikTok Story Post

Go To The TikTok Story Post

Now, when you are on the profile page you will get to see the profile icon in the upper middle of the page. Click on it to get access to the TikTok story post from your profile.

4. Click On The Three Dots Icon

Click On The Three Dots Icon

When the story opens and starts to play you can click on the three dots icon which you will find on the right side of the screen.

5. Click On The Delete Option

Click On The Delete Option

Now from the given option, you have to select the delete option to tiktok delete story.

6. Confirm Delete

Confirm Delete

This was a comOnce you have selected the delete option you will get a prompt asking you to confirm the delete. Just tap on the delete option and the story will permanently get deleted from your TikTok profile. Now, with these steps you know how to delete stories on tiktok.

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What Happens When You Delete The TikTok Story?

How To Delete A TikTok Story?

Did you delete your TikTok story? Wondering what will happen next? Well, here we have listed a few possible effects that you may face while removing the story from TikTok.

  1. You don’t get the option to reply to TikTok stories as you would find on Facebook and Instagram. However, you can react, comment, and share the stories. But if you delete the story then no DMs conversation will get affected or will get started.
  2. No one will be notified of any kind of changes which also includes deleting the TikTok story. So, you can easily make the changes to your stories in whichever way you want them to be.
  3. Other users will not get access to the story once you delete it. On Instagram, you will see that you can archive and highlight your stories but TikTok has not taken out these features for TikTok stories till now.

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How To Create A TikTok Story?

How To Delete A TikTok Story?

When you create the TikTok stories you will have the same editing options that you get when you make regular TikTok videos. Here are a few steps that will help you to create a TikTok story.

  1. Tap on the post button that is marked with the (+) icon.
  2. Now, scroll to the fast camera mode.
  3. You will now be able to record the videos or take pictures to create the TikTok stories.
  4. If you want then you can even upload the images from the gallery as stories.
  5. Now, click on the post to stories option immediately to create the TikTok story.

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Can You Recover Or Undelete A TikTok Story?

How To Delete A TikTok Story?

Well at the moment you will not be able to recover or undelete a TikTok story.

Before you decide to delete the TikTok story it is best that you download or save it to your camera roll.

You can even do this by clicking on the three horizontal dots which you will find at the bottom right-hand side corner of the screen when you are watching the video and the menu pops up.

Then, you will be able to click on the save video option and the video will get downloaded and will get saved to your camera roll.

Why Can’t You Find The TikTok Stories?

Why Can’t You Find The TikTok Stories?

Well, if you can’t see the TikTok stories in your TikTok account, then there might be many reasons for it. Below we have mentioned a few reasons why you cannot see the TikTok stories on your device.

  1. You do not have the latest versions of TikTok.
  2. Slow internet connection.
  3. Cache store issues.
  4. You have not published any stories.
  5. Your device doesn’t support the updated version of TikTok.

Here’s how you can fix this issue.

  1. First, add a story to your TikTok profile and see the stories.
  2. Check your internet connection and connect your device to a fast internet speed.
  3. Install the TikTok app again.
  4. Update the device OS version.
  5. Clear all the cache data of the TikTok app.

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Wrapping Up:

So, this is how to delete a TikTok story. The steps are easy to follow. If you have any questions, you can reach us in the comment section below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How Long Does The TikTok Story Last?

Well, the TikTok story will be visible for 24 hours which is quite similar to the Instagram story which also disappears after 24 hours. However, unlike Instagram, you will not be able to turn the TikTok story into a highlight so that it can last more than 24 hours.

Q. What Is The Length Of The TikTok Story?

The duration of the TikTok story is not more than 15 seconds. So, whenever you create the TikTok story remember this duration.

Q. Why Can’t I Delete My Story?

There’s no reason or option to delete a story before you post it, Facebook doesn’t keep your story as a draft. If you’re not happy with how it turned out, use the editing menu to make it look better. Or you can just tap or click the arrow left button and choose the “Discard story” option to exit to the main menu.

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