How To Do The Spotify Trend On Instagram? Follow The Trend In Easy Steps!

How To Do The Spotify Trend On Instagram

Are you seeing Spotify’s trend on Instagram? Do you want to try it out too? Are you wondering how to do the Spotify trend on Instagram? Well, tbh, this trend is very easy to follow. But if you don’t know how to do this trend then we are here for you. 

Now, instead of posting your favorite songs directly on your Instagram profile, you can easily use the Spotify app to post a series of related photos or short video clips. By using the creative tools available on Instagram, you will be able to use the stickers and the images that you can use stickers and images that will help you to create a unique look that is unique to you.

Now, if you are wondering how to do the Spotify trend on Instagram, then mate you have come to the right place. Here we will discuss the steps which you need to follow to do the Spotify trend on Instagram. Choose photo > highlighted text feature > size it up > authentic Spotify background look > add song > add the same picture as sticker > resize > GIFs > Spotify.

If you did not get what we have mentioned above then you need not worry because we have mentioned these steps in detail in the below section. You just need to scroll down and start reading.

How To Do The Spotify Trend On Instagram [2024]?

Let’s discuss how to do the Spotify trend on Instagram. Well, if you want to boost your engagement rate on Instagram then you can definitely use the Spotify integration for yourself. Spotify will allow you to add music to your Instagram stories and will help to boost your engagement rate, there are many musicians and bans that have their music videos and single tracks displayed. If you want to add a song to your Instagram story then you can just open Spotify and select the album or playlist that you want to include. The music video will then be moved when the Instagram story opens up.

To do this you will need a Spotify account. Download the Spotify app and link it to your Instagram account, from there you can choose the photo or the video that you want to post. You can even add a video clip to the post if you want to add more entertainment to your Instagram posts. However, one thing that you need to remember is that you need to make your post as creative as you can. You can also use the creative tools like filters and images to carry interesting photo or video. And don’t forget to mention the song that you are listening to in your caption.

Here are a few easy-peasy steps that you need to follow.

  1. Open Instagram and then click on your story option.
  2. Now, click on the square button which is present in the bottom left-hand side corner to open your camera roll.
  3. Now choose the image that you want to use.
  4. Click on the screen to type a period then choose the second font along ad then click on the A icon which is present at the top with the stars that are next to it till the background of the period is translucent. You can also change the color at this stage by using the color wheel which is situated at the top.
  5. Now, you have to click on the screen again so that you can exit the text editor and use two fingers to enlarge the text so that it can cover the whole screen.
  6. Save the image and exit the editor and put the newly edited image back in the editor.
  7. Tap on the smiley face sticker button to open the sticker tab and then choose the circle with the gallery con on it so that you can open the camera roll. Click on the image that you want to import.
  8. Once the image is in the editor you need to click on it till the shape becomes a square.
  9. Go to the stickers tab again and then click on the music to choose the song that you want it to play in your story. Click on it to turn it into the square and then click on done option.
  10. Now position the album cover where you want it on the screen and then move the square image on top of it. Now go to stickers and GIFs.
  11. Search for Spotify and choose the animation that looks like the Spotify progress bar position it under your picture to complete the look.
  12. Click on the save button to import your creation to your camera roll. And that’s all about how to do the Spotify trend on Instagram.

How Do You Trend A Song On Instagram?

How Do You Trend A Song On Instagram?

Now, we know how to do the Spotify trend on Instagram, let’s discuss how to trend a song on Instagram. If you want to participate in the Spotify Instagram trend you need to first kind your Spotify accounts to Instagram. Once you link your account you can easily share the songs from Spotify on your Instagram profile, to post the song in your profile you just have to click on the share button on Instagram and then choose the Spotify option. Then look for the song in your library and then click on the share button. Ensure that you add the hashtag #music and mention where you are in the caption.

After this, you need to add as many graphics as you want. You can even add any embarrassing photo that shows your listening habits. You can even select from one of the pre-designed graphics that will show the most shared stats. If you are not confident about creating the graphic yourself then you can always use the graphic from Spotify.

Wrapping Up:

Now we come to an end of how to do the Spotify trend on Instagram. In this post, we have mentioned the steps that will help you to know how easily you can do the Spotify trend on Instagram. though the steps may seem to be a bit longer they are easy to follow. If you have any questions you can reach us in the comment section below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How Many Spotify Minutes Do You Have?

Well, Spotify minutes are totally based on the number of months you have been a subscriber. So if you have been a subscriber for 6 months then you will get 600 Spotify minutes.

Q. How To See Spotify Wrap Stats?

If you want to see your Spotify wrap stats then you can do that by logging in to your account on the Spotify website. You can even see how many songs you have streamed, how many minutes of music you have listened to, and how many different artists you have listened to. Moreover, you will also get to see how much money you have spent on Spotify premium and how many playlists you have created.

Q. Is Spotify Wrapped Only For Premium?

Well Spotify wrapped is a feature on the Spotify app that will show you your year in music, it will also include the list of most played songs, genres, artists, and how much time you have spent listening to music that year. You will also be able to see your top five songs, genres, and artists of the year. This feature is available both to premium as well as free users.

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