How To Edit Pic In Instagram Story? Answered! 

How To Edit Pic In Instagram Story?

Instagram content creators are becoming more creative with their Instagram stories. Have you ever thought about how they are creating such amazing Instagram stories? How can they edit a pic in an Instagram story? 

Instagram story is one of the most interesting features that influence young people to rush to this social media platform and become an influencer. If you master how to edit a pic in an Instagram story, you can persist in your dream of being an Instagram influencer. 

However, editing Instagram stories is not an easy job. Moreover, you cannot edit the Instagram story pic once it is posted. Hence, the ideal approach is to edit the pic before uploading it to the Instagram story. 

You can use a professional tool like Depositphotos to edit the background of the photo, which is hard to achieve with the Instagram edit option. Moreover, you should highlight your pic by adjusting the color contrast. After uploading the pic to your Instagram story you can further add effects, filters, and even texts that matter! 

Can We Edit Pic In Instagram Story?

Yes, you can edit a pic in the Instagram story.

The fact is, that Instagram is currently offering robust editing features for stories and posts. All you need to do is upload your pic in your Instagram story and tap on the edit button to apply filters, you can easily place different elements on the picture as well as add text to give a personal touch. All necessary edits can be done using the Instagram editorial options. After editing, just post your story! 

However, if you have already posted your picture on your Instagram story, you can no longer make such robust edits. 

How To Edit Pic In Instagram Story Before Posting?

If you still have not explored the Instagram story editing option, you need to level up your knowledge quickly. After all, Instagram is all about sharing pictures! Let us share how can you edit your picture on your Instagram story and captivate your followers:

Add Stickers

The first thing you can do to soak up your personal touch and make the story memorable is – add a sticker! Instagram offers a wide range of stickers that you can add to your Instagram story and make it more informative as well as cool. Here is how you can add stickers:

Tap on Your Story + >> Upload your picture from the phone gallery >> Tap on the sticker icon from the top >> Pick your sticker that fits with your story >> Share the story >> Done! 

There are many things that you can add as stickers, such as –

Specific question: Try the question sticker to add a question to your story, which is user-engaging. You will receive a notification whenever anyone replies. 

Hashtag: Add relevant hashtags to increase the chances of appearing on your Instagram story on the feed. 

Your location: With the location sticker, you can mention the location on your pic. You can share the location of important places or the place where the picture is taken using this sticker. 

Add music: This is one of the coolest stickers of all! Using this sticker you can add any music you wish from the Instagram library and share the vibe with your friends. 

Poll sticker: Looking for a more engaging option? Try a poll sticker on your Instagram story and encourage your followers to be more engaged with your content. 

GIFs: The appeal of cute GIFs will never go down! Use any GIF that suits your picture and upload it to your Instagram story. 

Tag someone: Use the Tag sticker and tag important people in your story. You can use this sticker to mention your follower name or announce event results on your Instagram post! 

Countdown: Holding an event? Let’s use the countdown sticker that will flash the countdown of your upcoming event. 

Current time and weather: You can share candid moments on Instagram stories and use the current time and weather sticker to influence followers! 

Quiz: This is another popular sticker to improve follower engagement. Try quiz stickers on your Instagram story and influence the followers to engage with your content. 

Link: With this sticker, you can promote the website of your business or brand. Use this sticker to add a clickable link to your Instagram story. 

Add Text

Adding a personal message on your Instagram pic is a great move. To do this specific edit follow the quick steps here:

Open Instagram and tap on Your Story + >> Upload a picture from your gallery >> Tap on the ‘Aa’ icon at the top of the screen >> Change Font style,  size, and color as you please >> Add motion effects >> Share the story >> Done! 

Make a Drawing

Draw a doodle on your Instagram story picture! To draw on your picture, you do not need to try any third-party tools. Here is how you can do this amazing photo edit:

Open Instagram and tap on Your Story + >> Upload a picture from your gallery >> Tap on the Meatballs Menu >> Draw >> Choose brush and color, then use your finger to draw >> Save >> Share! 

Add Instagram Effects

Your Instagram story is incomplete without adding amazing Instagram effects! Here is how you can add Instagram effects:

Open Instagram and tap on Your Story + >> Upload a picture from your gallery >> Tap on the ‘Stars’ icon at the top of the screen >> Swipe left and right to try the effects >> Choose the ideal one >> Save >> Share. 

How To Edit Pic In Instagram Story After Posting?

The opportunity to edit an Instagram story after posting it on Instagram is limited. However, you can make minimum changes from the Instagram story settings, such as – who can see your Instagram story, who cannot see your Instagram story, decide who can reply to your story, and many more. You can also archive your story from settings so that you can access the old stories later. 


A good Instagram story can prove to be your lucky charm and bring followers to your account. So, let’s not waste time and edit your Instagram stories with professional tools as well as Instagram editorial features! Got a question? Share in the comments section. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Can I Choose The Users Who Can See My Instagram Story?

Yes, you can choose who can view your Instagram story. After posting the story, tap on the meatballs icon and go to settings to choose who can view your Instagram story. 

Q2. Can I Edit Pictures On Instagram After Posting?

No, as of now, Instagram does not allow users to edit Instagram pictures after posting. 

Q3. How Do You Edit An Already Posted Story On Instagram?

You cannot edit an already posted story on Instagram. This feature is still not updated on Instagram. 

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