How To Enter Invite Code In Cameo App? The Easiest Way Possible 2022!

How To Enter Invite Code In Cameo App

Each and everyone of you might have a crush on at least one celebrity. Ever thought about making them give you a shoutout? No? Then think today because Cameo is now in your service. All you need to know is how to enter invite code in Cameo app to make your dream come true!

Cameo is a platform which links celebrities with their die-hearting fans via their website or the application. Cameo lets its users pay a fixed amount to celebrities for their personalized shoutout videos so that they can share it later on their other social media platforms. But to make that possible you should know how to enter invite code in Cameo app. 

Open App > Login > Cameo Profile > Settings > Got An Invite Code > Enter Code > Continue. This is how to enter invite code in Cameo app. To know how to do this in detail, follow the guide.

In this article, we will be learning about how to enter invite code in Cameo app along with how you can buy shoutout videos from Cameo. If this is something of your interest then stay tuned! Because you will be getting a lot to learn!

How To Enter Invite Code In Cameo App?

Considering that you must be having an ideal or a crush on a celebrity. Do you want to meet them? If yes, then dive directly into this section explaining how to enter invite code in Cameo app to move forward.

Cameo is a unique social media platform where all the fans get the opportunity to meet and chat with their favorite celebrity crushes. There are multiple categories like actors, athletes, reality TV, musicians, creators, comedians, politicians, international stars and many more! 

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To know how to enter invite code in Cameo app you have to download the Cameo app first! That you can do from either Play Store or App Store for your Android or iPhone device.

After downloading the app, follow the given instructions carefully:

Open App > Login > Cameo Profile > Settings > Got An Invite Code > Enter Code > Continue

Step 01: Open the Cameo app on your device and login to your account by filling in your credentials.

Step 02: Next head to your Cameo profile and click on the Settings button at the top right corner of the screen.

Step 03: Now scroll down and find the “Got An Invite Code” button and click it.

Step 04: Enter the Referral Code into the box and click on the Continue button to proceed further.

And there you are! All done with how to enter invite code in Cameo app. 

How To Share A Cameo Invite Code?

How To Enter Invite Code In Cameo App

If you have an account on Cameo before your friends and want them to join Cameo too then you can do so easily by sharing your personal referral code! Don’t know how? Stick to the below given guidelines for sharing your referral code to your friends so that they can also create an account and learn how to enter invite code in Cameo app. 

Here is how to share a Cameo invite code:

Open App > Menu > Invite Code > Copy > Share > Select App > Send

Step 01: Open the Cameo app on your device and login to your account.

Step 02: From Cameo, click on the Hamburger Menu to receive your personal Invite Code.

Step 03: On the resulting page, click on the Invite Code button and wait for your code to appear.

Step 04: Long press on the invite code and Copy the code and click on the Share button.

Step 05: After that, you will see a social media Menu popping from the bottom of the screen with different platform icons on it. Select any one platform on which you would like to share your Cameo invite code.

Step 06: At last click on the Send button to successfully share your Cameo referral code with your friend.

Once any of your friends makes a booking with your code, you will get referral credits which you can use in contacting your favorite celebrities.

Cameo Invite Code Rules And Regulations

How To Enter Invite Code In Cameo App

Isn’t it obvious that like every other application this one also has some rules and regulations to be obeyed by the users. The terms and conditions for how to enter invite code in Cameo app and how to share it are mentioned below: 

  1. Whenever any user joins Cameo using your referral code and books a video of any celebrity they will get a decent discount.
  2. If the user with whom you shared the Cameo with joins Cameo with that same code and buys a video of their desired actor, then you will get $5 referral credits.
  3. If the users who joined Cameo with your referral code is an employee, director, officer, contractor, representative or any agent of Cameo then they won’t be able to take part in this referral program.
  4. Cameo takes around a week to process the video after a user sends a request.

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These were all the conditions that one should take care of before sharing a referral code with someone. 

How To Buy A Video From Cameo?

How To Enter Invite Code In Cameo App

If you are someone new to Cameo and don’t know how you can request or buy a video from Cameo then allow us to make you aware of how to buy a video from Cameo. This is a simple and straightforward process that will be easy for you to follow. All you need to make sure is that you have an account on Cameo before trying so!

So here are the step wise guide for buying a video from Cameo:

Open Browser > Open Cameo Website > Login /Create Account > Select Categories > Find Actor > Open Profile > Booking A Video > Make Payment > Chat 

Step 01: Open any browser ( we’d recommend Google Chrome & Safari for better experience) on your device.

Step 02: Open the official Cameo website on the web browser or you can also operate the Cameo application on your device.

Step 03: Next login to your Cameo Account by filling in all your required details and if you don’t have one create a new one instantly by entering your full name, email address, password and invite code.

NOTE: Make use of this Cameo invite code (HSBDHFK12JD) 

Step 04: Now click on the Submit button to the Cameo team members to send the appeal to the Cameo team.

Step 05: Next, the team will send you a Verification Code after which you will be logged in automatically if you have given the right details.

Step 06: Then, head to the Categories and find and select your Favorite Actor on Cameo .

Step 07: Once you find the actor on Cameo, open their profile and select Booking A Video option, that can be either personal or professional.

Step 08: Next pay the Amount and after completing the Payment, Chat with them and make your expectations clear by mentioning the details.

NOTE: One should complete their biopic before making any bookings on Cameo to speedup the process of meeting with their favorite celebrity.

This was all about how to enter invite code in Cameo app, Sharing a referral code and booking a video in this article. 

If you  have any other concerns related to Cameo app or any other social media platform, feel free to report it to us in our comment section or visit our website @Deasilex to find out more solutions and tricks.

Winding Up 

The Cameo is a recently launched platform which decreases the distance between a fan and their favorite actor but of course at a price! A user has to pay an amount to meet their favorite celebrity on Cameo and also buy a video from Cameo of their favorite celebrity giving them a personalized shoutout video which will be valid till three months after the making of video however the user can download it anytime.

If you know someone who has a die-hard crush on any celebrity and wants to interact with them then you can share your referral code with them and recommend them to join Cameo to make their dream come true. 

In this guide we have explained how to enter invite code in Cameo app and how to share your referral code so that you can help your friends reach out to their favorite celebs for real in just a short time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How Do You Get A VIP Invite To Cameo?

If you are from the sports or entertainment industry and want to earn a side income for you and your clients, then you can apply here and if approved by the team, someone will be in touch with you  within 48 hours and will deliver you a super secret VIP code. 

Q. Can You Make Money On Cameo?

For Cameo videos, you will get 75% of the booking charge. The remaining 25% and other service, transaction or order processing fee goes to Cameo itself.

Q. What Is A Cameo Account?

Cameo is a place which makes interaction between a celebrity and their fans possible with a settling amount. Cameo lets its users pay a few celebrities for their personalized shoutout videos to share on their social media accounts.

Q. Can I Make Videos On Cameo?

One can create a compiled video using Cameos with their dedicated rep.

Q. Can You Be A VIP In An Invite Only?

Registering to Cameo as VIP can be achieved by public lobby, invite only sessions and solo sessions but can not be done in Story mode.

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