How To Factory Reset Nintendo Switch? Easy 4- Step Guide!!

How To Factory Reset Nintendo Switch

If you’re facing severe problems with your Nintendo Switch and you want to factory reset it to new, this article is a perfect read for you. Whether you want to sell your console or want a fresh gaming experience on it, factory reset on your Nintendo Switch can always help.

Oops!! But what about your stored data? Will it all be swiped away? Yeah, possibilities are there that it might get erased but only if you restore the console to factory settings by deleting the saved data. But if there’s not any serious issue with your console you need not worry about losing data, as a minor cache clearance might be enough.

In this post, we have covered a few quick ways to reset your Nintendo Switch. These are:

  • How To Factory Reset Nintendo Switch
  • Restoring factory settings
  • Clearing the Cache
  • Resetting Your Keyboard
  • Restoring the Factory settings without deleting saved data. 

What’s your take on mobile gaming vs console gaming? Which one is better? Both have their own features. Let’s head forward to the step-by-step procedure to make your console work like a new one.

How to Factory Reset Nintendo Switch

If you’ve reached this far reading the article, then let’s not make you wait further. Follow these steps to factory reset your Nintendo Switch.

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Restoring Factory Settings

How To Factory Reset Nintendo Switch; Restoring Factory Settings
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This might sound like a hard option for some people who don’t wish to delete all their data stored in the Nintendo switch. Well, this is the most effective way though. If you want to return your Nintendo switch to a fresh state then try restoring factory settings. 

Good news!! You can restore and yet keep some of your data saved in the console. How? This can be done by:

  • Clearing the Cache
  • By resetting your keyboard. 
  • By restoring the factory settings without hitting delete the saved data option. 
  • By restoring your console to factory settings. 

Great!! But how to perform all these procedures? 

How to Clear The Cache? 

You can clear your cookies, backlinks of various websites, history, and cache of your console. Follow these steps to clear your cache data:

  1. From the home screen, open system settings. 
  2. Now select the “system” Option. 
  3. Go to “formatting options”.
  4. Press ” Clear cache”.

How to Reset the Keyboard? 

Console’s remote plays a very important role in Nintendo Switch’s working. To reset the Nintendo switch you can reset the console keyboard. For this follow these steps:

  1. Open the Home menu. 
  2. Look for system settings. Now click on “system”.
  3. Next, you need to click on ” Formatting options”.
  4. Click the reset keyboard option. 

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Restore the Console to Factory Settings

How To Factory Reset Nintendo Switch; Restore the console to factory settings
Source: Business- insider

This step should be performed before disposing of or exchanging your Nintendo switch console. If you are just reformatting your console and there is no major issue with your Nintendo switch then we recommend trying the restoring settings without deleting the saved data. 

But if there is some problem with your console, then go for factory restore with deleting the save data. Before you perform this you should be aware what all things will be deleted from your system memory. These include:

  • Software data
  • Screenshots
  • Nintendo account link
  • Saved data. 
  • User information
  • All settings on the console
  • Registration of your console. 

Even if your factory restores your Nintendo Switch, the following things will remain unaffected. 

The other user’s accounts linked to Nintendo will not get deleted. 

The system version of the console will not be affected. 

How to Restore the Console to Factory Settings? 

It’s simple like the other steps. You just simply have to:

  1. Go to the home screen. Open the system settings. 
  2. Now select “system”.
  3. Go to ” Formatting” options. 
  4. Click restore factory settings. 

Restoring Factory Settings Without Deleting Save Data

How To Factory Reset Nintendo Switch; Restoring Factory settings without deleting save data
Source: How-to Geek

It’s a good thing to restore factory settings without deleting all the saved data along with restoring the factory settings on your console with deleting full data. This step is a little different from the rest of the steps. Look how:

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  1. You need to turn off your console.
  2. Now, press the power button, volume up button, and volume low button together. Hold them together for 5-6 seconds or maybe more.
  3. Keep holding the buttons until your screen shows recovery mode.
  4. Now click on “restore the factory settings without deleting the saved data”. 
  5. Once done, follow the easy instructions given on the screen and you’re done with the resetting part.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Nintendo Switch:

How to reset a Nintendo switch without deleting the games?

Follow these steps:
1. Switch off your console.
2. Long press the power button, volume up and down buttons together.
3. Wait for recovery mode to show up on the screen.
4. Now click on the initialize console without deleting the saved data.

How to unfreeze a Nintendo Switch?

If for any reason your Nintendo Switch is frozen, you can unfreeze it by shutting it off and then turn it on after a few seconds. You might need to hold the power button for 10-12 seconds to turn it off. Wait for some time then turn it on. This method is the most effective one.

Hope you are clear with the steps on How to factory reset Nintendo Switch. If the problem remains unsolved, try repeating the steps two to three times. It will work. Now, you are good to sell or replace your old (now working as fresh) console right away, without worrying about your stored data in it.

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