How To Fix A Frozen iPhone | 5 Easy Ways

How To Fix A Frozen iPhone

Though iPhone has a lot of brilliant features, the very common issue faced by iPhone users is how to fix a frozen iPhone as their phone goes unresponsive all of a sudden!

When you have an idea of buying a new phone, the majority of people would suggest you buy an iPhone. When Apple released the iPhone, the world started loving the device that established itself as a stylish option.  The advantages of using an iPhone over an android phone are numerous as iPhones are very much faster with a great interface, and better camera quality, the app store has the best and safe apps, and also apple provides great customer service.

The phone can freeze anytime like while chatting, gaming, watching a video, scrolling through Instagram, or even while doing some serious online payments. It will definitely be a frustrating moment for us to pause our activity and look for a solution to the problem.

You can fix a frozen iPhone by restarting the device, charging the device, updating your OS, by factory resetting the device. Continue reading the article further to get a clear understanding of the methods.

How to Fix a Frozen iPhone?

You can fix a frozen iPhone by restarting the device, charging the device, updating your OS, by factory resetting the device

Method 1: Fix A Frozen iPhone By Restarting The Device

The first and foremost thing you should do if your iPhone has fully malfunctioned is restarted it. An iPhone’s restart can remove momentary memory issues, restoring things like a frozen screen.

Of course, if the touchscreen isn’t functioning, you can’t shut down the phone normally, instead, you’ll need to hit a combination of the power and volume buttons to force the phone to restart. It may vary according to the iPhone model that you are using.

Force Restarting An iPhone SE 2nd Generation, iPhone 8 or Later

Press and release the volume up button quickly

Press and hold the side button first, then press and release the volume down button quickly

Release the side button once you see the Apple logo

Force Restarting An iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus

Release the volume down and side buttons after pressing and holding them until the Apple logo appears.

Restarting an iPhone 6s or Older (including the original iPhone SE)

Hold the home and side buttons and don’t release them until you see the Apple logo appearing

How To Fix A Frozen iPhone - force restart

Method 2: Fix a Frozen iPhone By Charging It

Recharging your iPhone can help if it is frozen. If you noticed a low battery notification earlier, this is probably the best solution you must try. Connect your phone to a power adapter. Avoid wireless charging or plugging your phone into a USB port on a computer. After letting it charge for at least an hour, try using it.

Method 3: Fix A Frozen iPhone By Updating Your Operating System

Use your computer to update your iPhone:

iTunes > iPhone icon > Summary > Check for update > Update

Follow these steps to fix, by using iTunes on a PC or Mac

Step 1:   Launch iTunes

Step 2:   Your PC and iPhone should be connected

Step 3:   Select the iPhone icon which is located in the top left corner

Step 4:  Then click Check for Update after selecting “Summary”

Step 5:  Press “Update”

How To Fix A Frozen iPhone - iTunes update OS

Finder > Locations > Click your device > General > Check for update

Follow these steps to fix, this by using Finder on a Mac

Step 1:     Launch Finder

Step 2:    Your PC and iPhone should be connected

Step 3:    In the left column, click on your device under Locations

Step 4:   Then click “Check for Update” after selecting “General or Settings”

Step 5:   Enter your passcode if prompted. The update will start immediately

How To Fix A Frozen iPhone - Finder update OS

Method 4: Fix A Frozen iPhone By Factory Resetting Your Phone

You might need to factory reset your phone if updating your operating system doesn’t fix the issue. You should only use this as a last resort because doing so will erase all of the saved data from your device. Be careful to back up your device first as a factory reset will erase any installed apps, software updates, and your personal data, returning the phone to the setting it was when you first unboxed it.

Method 5: Contact Customer Support

If your phone has become unresponsive due to breakage, the only solution is to take it to an expert and get it fixed. You can always reach out to the Apple customer support executive to see what type of repair can be done.

Why is My iPhone Freezing and Lagging?

There may be software and hardware-related problems that lead to a frozen iPhone

Software Issues

·        You have a low battery

·        There is no more room on your iPhone for storage

·        Your software doesn’t support certain apps

·        You are using an old or outdated operating system

·        A software upgrade failed or stopped without completion

·        An unreliable application is in use

·        The device is running too many apps at once

·        The restart cycle on the phone is activated and is unstoppable

·        Malware has been found in your phone

Hardware Issues

·        If your phone has been damaged externally by dropping it on a hard surface

·        If your phone has been damaged internally by dropping it in water

Wrapping Up

As everyone cannot afford the replacement or repair charges, the best way is to keep the phone as safe as possible, preventing it from any external damage. It is critical for iPhone users to be aware that data loss may occur if their device freezes. Ensure an iCloud backup is enabled at all times, and check frequently to make sure backups are taking place. We hope this article has explained to you clearly how to fix a frozen iPhone in 5 easy ways.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Why Isn’t The Touch On My iPhone Working?

Ans. Try forcing a restart of your iPhone if the touchscreen isn’t functioning. Next, check to see that your touchscreen is dry and clean so that it can detect your fingertips. Next, take off any cases or screen protectors that might be obstructing the touchscreen.

Q2. How Do I Force My iPhone To Shut Down?

Ans. Press and hold both the Volume up or down button and the Side button (formerly known as the Sleep/Wake button) at the same time. When the shutdown screen shows, release the buttons. Slide your iPhone to turn it off.

Q3. What Is The Ghost Touch?

Ans. Some of the most frustrating touch bugs on Android are ghost touches. In essence, the screen reacts to touches that aren’t actually being made. It responds to input that is not real. The same phrase can also be used to describe touch-insensitive portions of a screen.

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