How To Fix Airtag Not Updating Location? Top 6 Easy Fixes

How To Fix Airtag Not Updating Location?

If your Airtag isn’t updating to your current location, then here is how to fix Airtag not updating location in the easiest ways possible!

Airtags help iOS users track their devices, ensure their belongings are in a safe place and also aid in finding the device when it gets lost or stolen! These tags stay fit and effective in working for a year. After that, it expires! But sometimes, before one year, only users start complaining of its poor performance, like the location not updating. If this also happens to you, then stay and learn how to fix Airtag not updating location!

Here’s how to fix Airtag not updating location: Charge Airtag, turn on Find My App, reset Airtag, let Airtag move, re-add Airtag and many more! Read more and find the details and the rest of the fixes in the below-mentioned sections.

This article is for those who are confused and want to know how to fix Airtag without updating the location in detail! We have also listed the most common possible causes of Airtag failing to update its location. So without delaying anymore, start reading the article!

How To Fix Airtag Not Updating Location?

An Airtag is best for tracking your device whenever you keep it somewhere and forget about it. Airtags works better in incorporation with Find My network as it can work up to only a year with a uni-battery, and with Find My integration, it becomes a bit more effective. However, being effective doesn’t make it a bug-free tech! As it catches glitches and errors more often. If this also troubles you, then we will be discussing ways how to fix Airtag not updating location!

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Not one, but there are a number of reasons why Airtag may fail to update your current location or some other factor. Here are a few of the most common ones:

  1. Airtag running low on battery.
  2. Airtag is isolated with no Find My Device place.
  3. Find My Network gets attacked by bugs or glitches.

Another major factor to ponder over is that Airtags are not any real-time trackers. In other words, they won’t provide you with a real-time feed of their location. It will only update its location when it knocks off any nearby Find My devices like an iPhone or other iOS-compatible device that is able to update its location on the network. 

Follow the below-given fixes for how to fix Airtag not updating location:

Fix 01. Charge Airtag

As already informed, the dead battery of Airtag can be the reason for Airtag failing to update your location. If the battery level of the Airtag that you are using currently is low, then there is a high chance that the battery might have died while operating it. As an Airtag is nothing but a plastic device pasted to whatever device you are tracking. To fix this, swap the battery out and try accessing it again. It should start working.

Fix 02. Turn On Find My App

It’s another easy way to fix Airtag without updating the location. If the Find My app on your device is not enabled, then do it now, as it may be preventing Airtag from updating the location. Here is how you can do it: 

Settings App > Apple Account > Find My > Find My Network > Turn On

Step 01: Navigate through the Phone Settings and click on the Apple Account.

Step 02: Click on Find My and turn it on by toggling the switch beside Find My Network.

The changes mentioned above will also work on any other Airtag linked to your Apple Account. After making these changes, restart your device, and you will see the Airtag updating your location.

Fix 03. Reset Airtag

If the above-mentioned fix didn’t work out for you, then try to reset your Airtag and see if it functions well. Resetting the Airtag is a simple process where you have to long press the battery until a pop-up sound comes out. Repeat it four more times, and once you hear the fifth sound consider that the job is done. The first four sounds will be different from the fourth, indicating the success of resetting Airtag.

Fix 04. Let The Airtag Move 

This is one of the most effective fixes for how to fix Airtag not updating location. In case you are waiting for the Airtag to update the location while being kept in a single place for a long time then it won’t happen as the location can be updated only when the Airtag moves in real life too! All you need to do is to wait a bit patiently and let the Airtag move and ping any other Find My device app to update the location.

Fix 05. Add The Airtag Once Again

A few times removing and adding the Airtag back is proven effective in fixing minor errors like Airtag fails to update location. Here is how to fix Airtag not updating location by adding the Airtag back again: 

Step 01: Launch the Find My app and navigate through the Items app.

Step 02: Click on the Airtag that you wish to Remove from the list of Airtags.

Step 03: At last, scroll down and click on the Remove Item button. 

And done, restart your device and try to add the removed Airtag back again. You must find that the Airtag must have updated your location.

Fix 06. Reset Network Settings 

Improper network settings can be the reason such issues may occur in an Airtag and result in failure to update of the network. By resetting network settings, you will also be reestablishing the WiFi network, Bluetooth connections, cellular and even VPN settings.

And this was all that you could try for how to fix Airtag not updating location. 

Wrapping Up

The Apple Airtag is one of the most useful devices that an iOS user should have in order to keep track of their other iOS devices. It helps in tracking lost or stolen iOS devices. However, sometimes, Airtags may malfunction and fail to update your current location. So, in this article, we have mentioned fixes that you can try and learn how to fix Airtag not updating location in a couple of minutes! 

Share your experience with the Airtag, and also share your thoughts, doubts, and queries in the comment section below!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why Isn’t My Airtag Location Updating?

Check the Settings of your phone and see if everything is well with your device.  Launch Settings > Your Name > Enable Find My Device And Find My Network. Then Launch Settings > Privacy & Settings > Location Services > Enable Location Settings. 

Q. How Do I Get My Airtag Update Location?

How to update Airtag location:

  1. Ensure that your iOS device must be using 14.5 or later.
  2. Enable two-factor authentication.
  3. Set up location services.
  4. Enable the Find My feature.
  5. Turn on Bluetooth and connect to a stable WiFi network.

Q. How Often Does AIrtag Update its Location?

If your Airtag is in a crowded area where a number of iPhones are entering and exiting, then the location may be updated too frequently.

Q. Can You Force An Airtag To Update?

One cannot force an Airtag to update, as it is done over the air through a connected iPhone. In order to make the Airtag update, you need to put your Airtag in a range of your iPhone and wait for the firmware to launch on your device.

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