How To Fix Character.AI Bot Is Freezing In Mid Chat?

How To Fix Character.AI Bot Is Freezing In Mid Chat

Character.AI is another addition to this AI chatbot craze. Like the previous descendants, this AI chatbot is also vulnerable to technical issues like freezing in mid-chat! Let’s explore more about how to fix Character.AI bot is freezing in mid chat.  

The Character.AI chatbot users are hunting for the solution to fix Character.AI bot is freezing in mid chat from almost at the beginning [Character.AI launched in 2022]. This is a very common and irritating problem that developers could not fix yet, or it may not be there to fix! 

Verified Answer By Expert

To fix Character.AI bot is freezing in mid chat
1. Check the server status
2. Fix the internet connection
3. Delete the browser cache
4. Reload the page
5. Open the app in the browser.

Character.AI is freezing in mid chat is a very primitive issue that is often encountered in other popular apps too. The developers have little to do with fixing the issue. It’s all about how you are exploring all the possible technical causes and fix Character.AI bot is freezing in mid chat in just a few minutes. 

Why Is Character.AI Freezing In Mid Chat?

If you are wondering why you are stuck with the Character.AI freezing in the mid chat issue, there could be more possible reasons than you can imagine. Here are some of the commonly found reasons that trigger the Character.AI freezing mid chat issue.  

1. A Mass Influx Of Users

Character.AI has a large user base. People have already praised this amazing platform where they can chat with cartoon characters. However, more user activity on platforms like Character.AI, which is still in the beta stage fails to control the mass influx and leads to the freezing in mid chat issue.

2. Server’s Old Database

Another fault often encountered from the chatbot application’s end is the server’s old database. If Character.AI’s server is still using old data, that may interfere and lead to the freezing in mid chat issue.

3. Low Disk Space

The size of disk space also counts when you are running heavy applications. So, check whether you are running out of disk space which is leading to freezing mid-chat issues.

4. Server Under Maintenance

If the AI bot server goes under maintenance, then your interaction with the Character.AI bot will be interrupted. This is a downtime from the app’s developer end and you have to wait till the maintenance period is over.

5. Glitches And Bugs

Glitches and Bugs are very common things that can lead to multiple technical issues in an app. If you suspect there are some technical glitches or bugs ruining your chatbot experience, then you have to contact the Character.AI support system.

6. Complex Prompts

If you are using complex prompts that Character.AI is taking a longer time to understand, then it might lead you to the freezing mid chat issue. It is always recommended to use short and clear prompts for any chatbot. 

7. Slow Internet

Slow internet connection is one of the very infamous reasons that can lead to the freezing in mid chat issue. This is a simple fault, yet we often overlook it. Hence, whenever you are trying to fix Character.AI bot is freezing in mid chat issues, you should start by checking the internet connection. 

How To Fix Character.AI Bot Is Freezing In Mid Chat?

As we have shared in the verified answer, there are very easy and common tricks to fix Character.AI bot is freezing in mid chat issues. Here we have jotted down all of the possible solutions for you to try: 

Fix 1. Check The Servers

If the app server is the culprit that is leading to this technical error, then you have nothing much to do but wait it out. When you are facing the freezing in mid-chat issue for a longer time, check the official Twitter page of the app for any announcements regarding the server issue, 

Fix 2. Close The Current Chat And Start A New Chat

If you are stuck in the mid-chat, just drop it! Simply refresh the app and initiate a new chat. This is the easiest way to fix Character.AI bot is freezing in mid chat error. 

Fix 3. Fix The Internet Connection

Let’s work on your internet connectivity. To use Character.AI, you have to make sure that the internet connection is strong enough. Check the router cable and adapter if they are intact and aren’t causing any fluctuation, also try reconnecting your device with the internet. Sometimes multiple devices connected to the router are more than the bandwidth allows, you can also check if such is being a hindrance for a smooth Character.AI experience. 

Fix 4. Clear The Browser Cache

Old browser caches are popular to lead Character.AI users into trouble. It is always recommended to clear the browser cache on a regular basis, especially when you are updating the latest version of the app. 

Fix 5. Reload The Page

Reload the page! This is probably the first and easy solution to fix Character.AI bot is freezing in mid chat. Freezing in mid-chat may seem like a greater challenge; but, sometimes simply reloading the page can remove the glitch and fix it!

Fix 6. Close The Browser And Relaunch It

Let’s close your browser and again relaunch it to access the Character.AI chatbot. It is a proven method to solve many technical issues including, fixing freezing in mid chat. 

Fix 7. Make Sure Your Device Has Enough Space

If your system is running out of space, then you can face freezing mid-chat issues. You have to make sure that your system has enough space to run the application. If not, expand the space! 

Fix 8. Try To Describe Your Command In Simple Language

If you are using complicated prompts to interact with the AI chatbot, then the bot may take longer to understand the command and in between you will face freezing mid-chat issues. Try giving prompts using simple and short sentences to avoid the unwanted errors.

Fix 9. Use Character AI On Other Browsers

This could be your browser’s fault! Yes! When you are stuck to the freezing in mid chat issue and none of the tricks are working for you, just switch your browser. If your current browser is not updated or has a cache that interferes with the Character.AI experience, then switching to a new browser is the easiest way to bypass the error. 

Fix 10. Contact To Support Team

We have already discussed nine possible methods, if none of them are working, just contact the support team to rescue you. You can always contact the Character.AI support team from the app and wait till you get a reply from the developer’s end. 


If you are chatting with the bot and it abruptly freezes, then you are not alone in who is suffering! Confronting the freezing in mid chat error is very common for the Character.AI users. You can try all nine possible solutions that we have discussed to fix Character.AI bot is freezing in mid chat error or simply switch to another chatbot [there are many free AI chatbots happy to talk to you!]. Any thoughts? 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Is Character.AI Free?

Yes, Character.AI is free to use. However, the premium version is available which will give you perks! If you are looking for wittier and fast responses from Character.AI, then upgrade to Character.AI Plus. 

Q2. Is There A Character.AI App?

Yes, the Character.AI app is available for both iOS and Android and can be downloaded from the App Store and Play Store respectively. 

Q3. How Much Does Character.AI Cost?

Character.AI is a free AI bot available for all. However, there is a premium version called Character.AI Plus, which comes with more features and will cost you $9.99 per month.

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