How To Fix Discord Image Upload Failed? Top 6 Effective Solutions!

How To Fix Discord Image Upload Failed

Trying to upload image on Discord but not succeeding then you might need to fix the bug that’s been causing it. And if you don’t know how to fix Discord image upload failed then you can take a take follow up on this article.

Discord is a popular interaction stage where users can communicate with each other on voice and video calls also on text chats. Other than this, users can also share and upload images of small sizes on their channels and share them with their friends. But sometimes due to some internal or external glitches images failed to upload. In such cases users seek ways for how to fix Discord image upload failed. If this happens with you too then you can refer to the fixes mentioned in this article.

To fix Discord image upload failed, Restart Device, Check Server Status, Check Internet Speed, Reduce File Size, Contact Discord Support and Disable VPN. To know how you can do all of these in detail, you have to stick with the article till the end.

This article explains different ways for how to fix Discord image upload failed. If you struggle while uploading images on Discord then this article is something that you need!

How To Fix Discord Image Upload Failed?

One can chat, call and share media files on Discord like every other social media platform. Discord is a versatile platform that allows users to run their businesses, conduct community meetings and can experience casual gaming. But unfortunately, sometimes a few features do not work the way they should! Like image uploading fails many times due to glitch, error and bugs in either your device or the app installed in your device! 

There can be a number of reasons for these images not uploading on Discord like poor internet connection, server down, corrupted files or content, faulty device configurations or others. Although, you can learn how to fix Discord image upload failed and get rid images cannot upload on Discord issue.

Follow the below given solutions to know how to fix Discord image upload failed: 

Fix 01: Disable VPN 

VPN are third-party apps that keep your network secure and anonymous from hackers and trackers. These mainly alter your device’s original IP address with a fake one and play with the data stored in your device to keep your confidential data like credit card numbers, bank accounts etc secure. Although this can cause delays in your network especially if you are accessing an average VPN server.

To prevent such issues from occurring while uploading files on Discord, we’d recommend you to disable the VPN installed in your device first. Also you can try accessing another reliable VPN like PureVPN if you don’t want to avoid protection anyhow! PureVPN is better than the rest, as it functions with most apps and does not bother your network.

Fix 02: Reduce File Size

Another most common issue for image not uploading on Discord their exceeding file size. For the regular accounts, Discord only let the account holders to upload a file under the size of 8MB. However, if you buy Discord Nitro subscription then you will be allowed to upload files up to the size of 100MB. 

So, you want to share any heavy file more than 8MB of size on Discord and own a regular account, then you should upload that media file on Google Drive and then share its link on Discord Server. It’s better than failing to upload heavy files on Discord again and again when you know it is not possible!

Fix 03: Check Discord Server Status

Like every other software, Discord also depends on its servers to make the features work. So, if you can’t upload files on your Discord server then Discord server down can also be the reason behind this. To find out if it’s the issue or not, you can navigate through the Discord status page and look for any reported errors on the platform.

However, there is no solution that can fix server down the only thing one can do is to wait until it gets fixed from the brand’s end because issues and glitches related to servers cannot be fixed by any user. Any practice or effort made by you won’t affect the ongoing problem with the server.

You can hop on to the next fix as you cannot fix the server down issue!

Fix 04: Restart Your Device

This is one of the most common issues due to image not uploading on Discord like problem occurs on one’s device. Whenever you encounter any major or minor issue with Discord, this is the first thing you should consider trying before coming to any conclusion. By doing this, you will allow your device to reset entirely and remove cookies and caches along with any temporary errors which may be causing Discord to function improperly.  

Here’s how to fix Discord image upload failed by restarting your device:

Step 01: Press the Windows button on your keyboard to navigate through the Start Menu.

Step 02: Next, launch the Power Options panel and then select Restart button to restart your device.

Once you complete this, head back to the home screen and find the Discord app and launch it and try uploading a file to see if the problem still exists!

Fix 05: Switch To Wi-Fi/Check Internet Speed

There might be a strong chance that while uploading an image on Discord your internet connection may lost its track and get low on network. To successfully upload an image on Discord you might need a stable internet connection to avoid such glitches. You have one and are still facing this error, then we will suggest you get your internet connection checked.

To check your internet connection you need to conduct a speed test by accessing the site where you can measure the speed of your internet connection’s uploading and downloading speed. 

If the test shows any issue with your network, directly force quit the app and restart your device to give your internet connection a fresh start with your service provider’s servers. Now disconnect your modem from the device and wait for at least 2-4 minutes before plugging it back again.

At last, conduct one more test and see if the problem still persists. If it does then contacting your ISP and ask them to fix this issue. It’s the best option if you still face network-related problems.

Fix 06: Seek Expert Advice – Contact Discord

Contacting Discord Support is the best thing for how to fix Discord image upload failed. If any one is still facing issues in uploading files on Discord then we’d recommend them to connect with the official support team and ask for solutions to fix this issue.

For this you need to navigate through the Discord’s Support page and contact the support team and ask the team for their guidance related to this issue that you have been going through. Provide them with all details they ask for so that they may not find any difficulty in assisting you with the issue. 

If not this, then you navigate through the already provided fixes on their help page and get your issues resolved all by yourself. 

Wrapping Up

If you are an active user on Discord and love sharing content online in jpg or MP4 files then you should prepare yourself in advance to fix glitches related to it as many discord users are nowadays facing issues like image uploading on Discord failed. If this happens with you too then you can refer to this article where we have explained how to fix Discord image upload failed in detail. 

Restart Device, Check Server Status, Check Internet Speed, Reduce File Size, Contact Discord Support and Disable VPN were all we had for how to fix Discord image upload failed! Let us know your options and suggestion in our comment section below!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How To Fix Discord Upload Failed?

Restart Device, Check Server Status, Check Internet Speed, Reduce File Size, Contact Discord Support and Disable VPN are a few of the fixes that you can try to fix image upload failed on Discord.

Q. Why Won’t My Pictures Upload On Discord?

There might be internet issues ongoing with your internet connection while uploading a photo on your Discord account. Or you may be accessing different multiple apps all at once which made the discord functioning difficult. So either get your network connection checked or you can restart your device to fix this issue! 

Q. How Do I Fix Discord Not Sending Images? 

To fix such errors from happening while sharing an image file on Discord, we will suggest you to turn off the VPN in your device before anything else. Also you can try using different trustable VPN like PureVPN. This VPN is better than the rest, as it functions with most apps and does not bother your network.

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