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Plaqueboymax Discord

If you are someone who binge on Plaqueboymax’s twitch videos and streams then we have brought you another reason to love Plaqueboymax. It’s Plaqueboymax Discord! In this article, you will find the official Plaqueboymax Discord server link.

If you are new to Discord and don’t know much about Plaqueboymax Discord then let us tell you that Plaqueboymax is a teenager who streams on YouTube, Twitch and his Discord channels. He is popular for his Twitch livestreams of different niches including chatting and many other.

Plaqueboymax Discord is popular personality on Discord. He posts reaction and funny videos on Discord and on his other channels too! A few of his Discord original videos have gone insanely viral on Discord. If you want to join his Discord then you may find the invite link below! To join the Plaqueboymax Discord Server > Discord Account > Login > Link > Accept Invite > I am Human.

This article consists of details about Plaqueboymax Discord and his content posted on all of his channels. This blog also provides the readers with a direct link to gain access of the Plaqueboymax Discord channel. So if you love his content, keep reading! 

What Is Plaqueboymax Discord?

Plaqueboymax is a teenage celebrity popular on different social media platforms including Discord, YouTube and Twitch. Plaqueboymax’s original name is Max and he belongs to belongs to 5$T✰R family. Plaqueboymax Discord is popular because of his livestreaming content based on pop culture, comedy and fun, reaction videos. Plaqueboymax has around 90 thousand members on his official Discord server and has 10 thousand active users on a daily basis.

Other than Plaqueboymax Discord, he has gained around 190,000 followers on twitch and has touched 440,000 subscriberd on YouTube! He posts amazing content among which “Live Early With The Best Community Ever” has viewed by his subscribers more than 25,000 times!

Plaqueboymax’s most popular videos are some of his Discord originals in which he has rated people and did some other amazing activities. If you crave to see what made Plaqueboymax Discord so popular then you can join his Discord channel and see yourself! No, that won’t take much of your time just hit the below given “Accept Invite” link and you will automatically be directed to his official Discord server invite page.

Plaqueboymax Discord Server Link

You can find many Discord servers online. Although, it’s very important to join the official Discord server link.


How To Join Plaqueboymax Discord Link?

To join the Plaqueboymax Discord Server > Discord Account > Login > Link > Accept Invite > I am Human 

It is really easy to join the Discord server. You just need the Discord link to join the server. Here is a quick guide on how to join the Plaqueboymax Discord server.

Step 1: Create an account on Discord

Step 2: Sign in to Discord

Step 3: Click On the link to join the Plaqueboymax Discord Server.

Step 4: Accept the invitation

Step 5: Check on I am Human box

Finally, here it is! You have joined the Plaqueboymax Discord Server

Plaqueboymax Discord Rules

1. General rules & terms

The 5★ discord server follows the discord terms of service and community guidelines.

Please try to talk within the server in English, and avoid using other languages.

Please avoid spamming within the server.

Use each category, voice channel, and text channel to their specified purpose.

No e-dating is allowed, please don’t make sexual comments about members or individuals in & outside the server even if you think it’s “rizz”.

No impersonation is allowed, especially of max, staff, and community figures & members.

No inappropriate names or profile pictures.

2. Respect & engagement

Always be respectful towards everyone no matter their role or place within the server.

Use common sense and think about what you’re sending before you send it.

Do not be unnecessarily toxic and offensive towards other members, even if it’s jokes or for comedic purpose.

Do whatever it takes to not start or engage within unnecessary drama.

3. Guidelines

Do not promote yourself or anyone outside of the ✰・self-promo・ channel.

Do not ask for any levels, staff roles like mod, roles, or anything. you can obtain these through time, dedication, & maturity.

Do not post nsfw content anywhere within the server. breaking this rule will result in an being e-quarantined, and could lead to a ban.

Do not use alt accounts to access the server. you will be banned permanently on them, and your main account. you can only use alt accounts if your main account has been suspended.

4. Discord Terms & guidelines

Raiding any servers, will lead to a permanent ban. this goes for any form of targeted harassment.

Do not post any form of derogatory slurs, which are intended to harm and offend a certain group or individual.

Do not discuss or joke about topics related to rape, terrorism, and other sensitive topics.

All users must be over the age of 13 to use discord, if not you will be banned until you are of this age.

Ao not attack a person or community based on race, ethnicity, nationality, gender, religion, or disabilities. this is not prohibited within our server, and will lead to a permanent ban.

5. Privacy & involvement

Do not bring any third-party members into the server to cause unnecessary drama and distress within our staff.

Do not bypass mutes, bans, or kicks within the server.

6. E-quarantined system

The e-quarantined role will be given to any user who has reached their 3rd mute or has broken a rule that requires a more serious punishment.

With the role you will have no access to any public channels until the role is removed, You will only have access to an appeal chat.

You will keep the role for up to a week and if you refuse to comply you will be banned immediately. if you do chose to comply, the role will be removed almost instantly.

Don’t miss the amazing content! Go now and join the channel to not to miss out on the upcoming streams!

Wrapping Up

This article explains Plaqueboymax Discord and his other channels like twitch and YouTube content. If you wish to experience the fun hidden in his content, then we’d recommend you to join his server and see yourself! 

Give it a try and let us know your experience in our comment section, we’d love to hear from you.

Till then keep streaming and watching!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Who Is Plaqueboymax Discord?

Plaqueboymax is an American YouTuber and Twitch streamer. He was born on 3rd April, 2003. He is popular because of his livestreaming content of vast variety ranging from chatting, reacting and funny videos.

Q. What Content Does Plaqueboymax Posts On His Discord And Twitch Livestreams?

Plaqueboymax streams on all of his channels where he posts videos and goes live and react and rank people. One of his most popular video is his Discord original where he’s been ranking people.

Q. What’s The Member Count On Plaqueboymax Discord?

Plaqueboymax Discord has more than 90 thousand members among which 10 thousand are currently active.

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