How To Fix Discord Update Failed Loop? 10 Best Fixes!

How to Fix Discord Update Failed Loop

Have you been facing the Discord update failed loop too? Well, then we have a complete guide on how to fix Discord update failed loop 2023. Keep reading the blog post if you are interested in learning about all the fixes.

Discord is an extremely popular application for communicating and entertainment. However, many users have run into an issue with the Discord Update Failed error, causing the software to not launch. In most cases, Discord gets stuck in a failed update loop and doesn’t allow users to proceed with the application.

We are here to tell you how to fix update failed loop and here’s what you can do: First Check Your Internet, See if Discord Is Down, Try With a Different Device, Run as Administrator, and Disable Your Antivirus Temporarily. These were some of the fixes that would help you in knowing how to fix the discord update failed loop. 

This article will offer you with sequential fixes you are required to follow in order to know how to fix Discord update failed loop. Keep reading along this guide, and get to know about some ways to fix Discord update failed loop 2022. 

Reasons for the Discord Update Failed Loop

Since there is a massive call for Discord and there are various Discord users worldwide, discord is bound to some errors and update failures. However, we are here with some reasons for the discord update failed loop. 

1. One of the most frequent reasons for unsuccessful updates on Discord is problems with internet access.

2. If you try to install the most recent version for Discord while connected to a sketchy internet connection, you’ll find that you get a notification saying the update failed.

3. Similar to this, anything that prevents the platform from connecting to its servers may be the cause of unsuccessful Discord updates. Such problems might be brought on by firewalls, antivirus software, etc.

4. Corrupt local files are the reason for cases where the Discord update fails repeatedly in a loop.

5. Most likely, removing these files from your computer will enable programme updates, allowing you to rejoin Discord.

How To Fix Discord Update Failed Loop?

Discord has been constantly failing to install the new update and we are sure that a lot of you have been facing this problem update failed discord. However, the worry is over as we are here to tell you how to fix Discord update failed loop. You can check for your internet connection, installation of Discord update.exe to a different folder, Disable the VPN associated with your device, Disable Your Firewall Temporarily etc.

You could occasionally get the Discord stuck on looking for updates while attempting to install the new updates. Here are some alternatives that may help you if you are looking for some fixes on how to fix Discord update failed loop. Server problems or even a problem with your internet connection could be the cause of this issue. Let’s take a closer look at it.

Fix 1: Check Your Internet

Make sure there are no network connectivity issues with your device. You should reset your router or contact your Internet service provider if the official website of discord doesn’t work.(ISP). As this could be the reason responsible for Discord update failed loop.

You can toggle the “airplane mode” on and off before attempting to reopen Discord in the event of a mobile data connection. This may solve your issue Discord failed to update.

Fix 2: See if Discord Is Down

Due to the substantial number of daily active users on the site, the chat feature on Discord occasionally may not be available. It can be challenging to determine whether the Discord server is down.

To find out if there have been any problems, you can perform the same action by visiting the Discord service status page, and check for the respective reasons as to why is Discord update failed loop. 

You could also simply get into Twitter and look for news on Discord. You will probably see multiple tweets with the hashtag #discorddown if there has been a server outage on Discord. This can help you to solve your issue Discord update failing.

Fix 3: Try With a Different Device

You might occasionally need to check again to see if there is an issue with the device you are currently using to use Discord. Check to make sure Discord is operating properly on your mobile devices or another PC.

If it is stable, it means that you need to reset your main device. Relaunch Discord after that is finished, then attempt to install your updates once more. This may help you to solve your issue Discord update keeps failing.

Fix 4: Run as Administrator

Many of us are aware of how to launch apps on Windows as an administrator. This option makes sure that updating programmes or changing specific system settings won’t require admin privileges. Giving a Discord administrator greater access sometimes could help the software overcome issues with downloading and installing updates.

To run Discord in ‘Administrator Mode’, you should:

Step 1: Click on the ‘Windows Icon’ in the search bar.

How to Fix Discord Update Failed Loop

Step 2: Next you have to search for discord and tap to the right arrow. 

How to Fix Discord Update Failed Loop

Step 3: In the pop-up menu, click ‘Yes’.

Fix 5: Disable Your Antivirus Temporarily

Sometimes antivirus software can prevent Discord updates. Check to see whether the discord update failed loop is appearing or not. If it does, kindly be aware that Discord and the antivirus programme you are using are incompatible.

You may need to change to a different one or adjust your antivirus settings to prevent further issues and ensure that Discord is unaffected.

To disable antivirus software on your device, you should:

Step 1: On the keyboard, press the ‘CTRL + ALT + DELETE’ keys together to open ‘Task Manager’.

How to Fix Discord Update Failed Loop

Step 2: Switch to the ‘Startup’ tab available in the menu at the top.

How to Fix Discord Update Failed Loop

Step 3: Right-click on the antivirus application and disable it.

How to Fix Discord Update Failed Loop

Step 4: If the Discord update is successful, restart your device and verify.

Note: We do not advocate using this method because it could risk damaging your machine. Only move forward if you are fully aware of the potential risks of not being protected. This can solve your problem of Discord failing to update.

Fix 6: Disable Your Firewall Temporarily

As stated earlier, a firewall can also block the progress of updates on your Discord servers. Turn it off temporarily and see if there’s a difference in how Discord works. Disabling your firewall can also help you deal with Discord update failed loop. 

In case you observe a noticeable difference in its functionality, you will have to add an exception to yo

Now, to disable the firewall, all you have to do is follow the required steps mentioned below: 

Step 1: Go to ‘Settings’ on your device by clicking ‘Windows + I’ keys shortcut.

How to Fix Discord Update Failed Loop

Step 2: Click on ‘Privacy & Security’ in the menu available on your left.

How to Fix Discord Update Failed Loop

Step 3: Click on ‘Windows Security’ to check Firewall options.

How to Fix Discord Update Failed Loop

Step 4: Disable Firewall by toggling off the ‘Virus & Threat Protection’.

How to Fix Discord Update Failed Loop

Fix 7: Rename the Discord Update.exe File

At times, the file containing the Discord update can get corrupted and renaming it will force Discord to download a new copy. This way the problem can get fixed on its own. So, in order to fix the discord update failed loop, you can rename your discord file name.  This may help you to solve your problem update failed discord loop.

Fix 8: Go Reinstall Discord and Empty App Data

This is one of the fix that will help you know how to fix discord update failed loop. So, it is important that you reinstall discord and empty app data. This step not only ensures that Discord updates are installed correctly but also kills any lingering Discord processes. Here’s how you can reinstall Discord: 

Step 1: On your keyboard, press CTRL + ALT + DEL. Now, select Task Manager.

Step 2: Find Discord in the list of processes that appears and end it. To end it, click on ‘End task’.

Step 3: Open Settings and in the list of apps, locate Discord. Select it and uninstall the application.

Step 4: Once Discord has been successfully uninstalled, press the Windows key + R.

Step 5: Type %appdata% in the search bar and hit Enter

Step 6: Locate the Discord folder and delete it.

Step 7: Press Windows key + R again, but type %localappdata% this time before you hit Enter.

Step 8: Find the Discord folder and get rid of the discord update failed loop. The Discord files on your system have all been deleted as a result of the above actions. Discord can now be downloaded and installed from scratch and thus this will help you get rid of the discord update failed loop 2022.

Fix 9: Disable the VPN Associated with your Device

The VPN network you belong to might occasionally have trouble connecting to the Discord server. So, open the VPN app, disable it, and then restart your computer.

Try launching Discord now to see if the upgrade functions flawlessly without a VPN.

Fix 10: Installation of Discord update.exe to a Different Folder

It is possible that the directory where Discord data is kept is to blame for the issue. It can be the reason of discord update failed loop or permission errors.

The discord update failed loop might therefore be fixed by storing Discord in a new folder!

Wrapping Up

Thus, we provided with10 fixes on how to fix discord update failed loop, so if you are discord and do not get the required update then you know the answer as to why and how to fix discord update failed loop. Furthermore, if you have any related queries feel free to ask us in the comment section below. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why is Discord not updating?

Ans. So if your Discord is not updating or its stuck at checking for updates then the most likely culprit behind this issue is the Discord installer/update. There is a bug in the update (or the installer) that causes this issue. That is why the issue isn’t replicated on the web version.

Q. How do I fix Discord update failed loop on Mac?

Ans. Here are the solutions to fix the Discord update failed on Mac:

  1. Restart Your Computer.
  2. Check Discord Server Status.
  3. Clear Discord Cache Files.
  4. Reinstall Discord.

Q. What is wrong with Discord right now?

Ans. No incidents reported today.

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