How To Fix If AirPods Keep Disconnecting From iPhone/iPad & Mac?

How To Fix If AirPods Keep Disconnecting

Imagine listening to your favorite song and suddenly your AirPods disconnect!! Urgh!! Such a grouchy feeling!! With AirPods, be it AirPods 2 or AirPods Pro, catching bugs and glitches is an everyday issue now!! But don’t worry!! Where there is a glitch, there’s a solution as well!! Want to know about them? Then here are the 10 best ways on how to fix if AirPods keep disconnecting from iPhone/iPad and mac!!

There can be so many reasons why you are facing this disconnecting issue. Maybe the problem is due to low battery levels, or maybe the sensors are affected!! Whatever the reason is causing the AirPods disconnecting issue, you need to figure it out!!

So what to do? How to fix if AirPods keep disconnecting from iPhone/iPad & Mac all the time? Well, first of all, try to disconnect and reconnect your AirPods to the device. If there’s a minor connecting issue then this method will surely resolve the issue. If the problem still persists then you need to move on to some other fixes!!

Relax!! There’s nothing to worry about as such!! It’s just a normal everyday situation that we are going to fix soon with these tried and tested hacks!! Want to know these hacks? Keep reading!!!

How To Fix If AirPods Keep Disconnecting From iPhone/iPad & Mac?

Are you looking for ways how to fix If AirPods keep disconnecting issue? Here is plenty of them!! Try all these tips and hacks to fix your issue!! 

Tip 1: Check For The Software You Are Using

How To Fix If AirPods Keep Disconnecting: Check For The Software You Are Using
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Sometimes your software may be the real issue creator why your AirPods are not working properly!! So, before you jump to any concussion, make sure you are using the right software for your device!!

Here is the software that you should use for different sets of AirPods!!

  • Use macOS 12 or iOS 15.1 software for AirPods 3.
  • Use iOS 13.2 for AirPods Pro.
  • Use macOS 10.14 or iOS 12.2 for old AirPods 2.

Tip 2: Check Your Battery Levels

Check Your Battery Levels
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Another common reason why your AirPods keep disconnecting might be the low battery!! Check your battery levels before jumping to any other solution. When the battery levels turn low, the AirPods automatically disconnect. 

To check the battery status for your AirPods on your iPhone, here are the steps to follow:

  1. Put your AirPods inside the case and then open the lid of the case. 
  2. You’ll see the lights blinking at the outer cover of the case. The blinking lights will help you to detect the battery level of your AirPods!
  3. To check the battery levels on your iPhone, you need to swipe your iPhone homepage to the left or right.
  4. From the displayed widgets, click on the Battery option.
  5. This will display your mobile as well as AirPods battery levels right on the screen.

Tip 3: Check Bluetooth Connectivity

Tip 3: Check Bluetooth Connectivity

Many times we connect the Bluetooth with the AirPods in a hurry. This might hinder your Bluetooth connectivity. 

To check whether your device is properly connected to the Bluetooth, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Take out your iPad, or iPhone and go to “Control Center” to check the Bluetooth connectivity status.
  2. Or, you can directly go to settings>then click on Bluetooth. If you find the green indicator off, then turn it on by dodging it to the right.
  3. If it’s already on, then try turning it off and on again. This will reconnect your AirPods to Bluetooth.

Tip 4: Check Your Audio Settings

Check Your Audio Settings
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You might have noticed that every time you connect your AirPods or any other earphones to your iPhone or iPad, you are given options to choose the audio output. 

So, make sure to choose your AirPods as the output audio device, otherwise, your device will play the sound on the default selected audio.

Tip 5: Try Disconnecting And Reconnecting Them

Try Disconnecting And Reconnecting Them
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Many times, disconnecting and reconnecting your AirPods to the device can resolve the issue for you. 

To do this follow these steps:

  1. Place the AirPods inside their case and shut down the lid. Wait for some time.
  2. After 15 minutes, open the case and long-press the setup button present at the back of the case.
  3. You’ll see the lights flashing. Wait till the lights turn white from amber. 
  4. This will reset your AirPods.
  5. Now reconnect the AirPods to your device and try using them.

Is the problem resolved, or is it still there? 

Tip 6: Reset Your AirPods

Reset Your AirPods
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If you are reading the 6th tip, that clearly indicated that the previous hacks didn’t work for you. Don’t worry this one will surely do the fixing! Try to reset your AirPods using the following steps:

  1. Put your AirPods inside their charging case and shut the lid.
  2. Wait for a few seconds before opening the lid.
  3. Now using your iPhone or iPad, whatever device you are using, go to the Bluetooth settings. Spot your AirPods in the given list of devices to connect.
  4. Click on your AirPods name and this will connect them to your device.

Tip 7: Clean Your AirPods

Clean Your AirPods
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When was the last time you cleaned your AirPods? Long Ago!!!!

Many times your AirPods start to catch glitches and may not function properly due to the dirt stuck inside them. You should go for regular cleaning for your AirPods. 

If not daily, then at least clean them once a week!! Now check whether the issue is resolved? 

Tip 8: Turn Off Automatic Ear Detection

Turn Off Automatic Ear Detection
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Another feature that you should be testing to resolve your AirPods disconnecting issue is by turning off the automatic ear detection!!

You can do this by:

  1. Go to iPhone settings> then go to Bluetooth option.
  2. Click on “i” right next to your AirPods and then turn off the Automatic Ear detection settings.
  3. This will automatically play the sound as soon as the AirPods are in your ear!!

Tip 9: Unpair Your Watch

Unpair Your Watch
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The reason why your AirPods are disconnecting might be because you’ve paired both your Apple Watch and AirPods at the same time. 

Unpair your watch and see if the problem is resolved!! If you have other devices connected at the same time, disconnect them as well. 

Sometimes, your AirPods might be conflicting to catch the Bluetooth network from your iPhone.

Tip 10: Turn Off Wi-Fi On Your iPhone

Turn Off Wi-Fi On Your iPhone
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Yeah, this sounds silly but as per the reported responses received by the AirPod users, turning off the Wi-Fi actually helped them resolve the issue!!

So, try turning off your wi-fi and see whether the hack worked for you or not!!

How To Fix If AirPods Keep Disconnecting From Mac?

If you are using AirPods with your mac then the solutions and hacks to fix the AirPods disconnecting issue may vary!!

Here are the steps you need to take to solve the issue on your Mac:

  1. Click on your System preferences.
  2. Then go to sound.
  3. Under the Output tab, you’ll find the AirPods option, click on that.
  4. Repeat the same for the input tab as well.

Many users have a complaint that the problem usually persists during FaceTime or while making audio calls from Mac. If you are also not hearing the sound on time or facing any other glitches with your AirPods, then this might be due to the shift of sound quality from high to low fidelity.

Wrapping Up:

So, hopefully, you found a suitable fix for your issue!! In case any of your friends or colleague is facing the same issue and can’t figure out how to fix if AirPods Keep Disconnecting From iPhone/iPad or Mac, then don’t hesitate to forward this post to them!!

Tell us which hack helped you solve your glitch!! Also, comment down your queries or suggestions!! Any feedback is welcome!!

Stay tuned for more amazing hacks and tricks!! Until then have a great day!!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Why Are My AirPods Not Staying Connected?

From the many reasons why your AirPods are not connecting, tye low battery levels and improper Bluetooth connectivity are the main causes. So do check the AirPods battery along with your Bluetooth connectivity.

Q. What Does It Mean When AirPods Flash Green Or Amber?

When your AirPods are completely charged, the light flashes green. When the light turns amber it means the battery is less than fully charged. And when the light is white, it means your AirPods are ready to connect to the device. 

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