How To Fix Instagram Story Text Animation Not Showing?

How To Fix Instagram Story Text Animation Not Showing

Growing followers on Instagram is requiring more effort and becoming more competitive day by day. It is becoming difficult too because of many technical issues. Instagram Story Text Animation not showing is a crisis that is faced by many users and they are in desperate need of finding a solution to fix Instagram Story Text Animation not showing. 

Instagram stories are not just short videos or simple snaps, there is more to it. From text animations to music, you can add anything and everything to a story to make it creative. If the text animation is not working, mark the word, it is super easy to fix Instagram Story Text Animation not showing.

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To fix Instagram Story Text Animation not showing
1. Log out and log in from the app
2. Clear Instagram cache
3. Force close the app and restart the phone
4. Delete Instagram and download again
5. Get VPN and change to another country
6. Download the latest version of Instagram
7. Contact Help centre
8. Try other video editing tools

The steps to fix Instagram Story Text Animation not showing may sound long and tedious, but it is easy to perform each of the steps and you do not need any technical knowledge to understand the fixes. If you are lucky, you may not need to try all of the fixes. Let’s hope it works faster for you. 

Why Instagram Story Text Animation Not Showing? 

If the Instagram story text animation feature is not working properly, then there could be many reasons behind the issue. In most cases, it is found that inadequate internet connection or technical difficulties with the Instagram app is leading to the problem. Other reasons may also include unwanted cache, location restriction, or may be the app is not updated. 

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How To Fix Instagram Story Text Animation Not Showing?

To fix Instagram Story Text Animation not showing you have to start with some simple tricks. Here, we have listed all the possible solutions to fix the issue. Start trying one by one and if you are lucky, you may not need to try all the fixes! 

1. Log Out And Log In From The App

Let’s start by logging out from the app and then logging in again to fix Instagram Story Text Animation not showing. Sometimes, it’s just a technical glitch that can be resolved by simply refreshing the app and logging in again. 

2. Clear Instagram Cache

Clearing your Instagram cache is one of the most recommended solutions that can help you with the situation. It is found that sometimes it is the old cache that leads to the trouble. Let’s clear the app cache and check if the problem is resolved. If not, move to the next solution. 

3. Force Close the App And Restart Your Phone

If the Instagram story text animation issue is caused by technical problems, then force closing the Instagram app and restarting the phone can fix Instagram Story Text Animation not showing. Let’s try restarting your device once and check if the glitch is gone. 

4. Delete Instagram And Download It Again

Sometimes, if the Instagram app on your phone is corrupted, then it may lead to an issue. Considering the possibility, let’s delete the Instagram app and download it from the App Store or Play Store again. 

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5. Download The Latest Version Of Instagram

Always be at your best with the updated version of Instagram. Sometimes, if your app is not updated, you can miss some of the latest features including Story Text Animation. So, just keep your Instagram app updated to fix Instagram Story Text Animation not showing issue and enjoy creating more amazing contents.

6. Get VPN 

Instagram, like other social media, is experimenting with it’s features. Sometimes, it takes time to roll out a new feature to all the users. Features are released only in specific countries first as a trial and then made available for all. So, if your country is not on the list to avail of the feature, then obviously you can’t have the update. In that case, use VPN to change the country settings and then update the Instagram app again to get the Instagram story text animation feature. 

7. Contact The Help Center

If you have tried all of the above methods and none of them helped to fix Instagram Story Text Animation not showing issues for you, then contact the Help Center. Reach out to the Instagram Help Center and contact them regarding the issue. If the solution is not already available they will contact you via mail in due time. 

8. Try Other Video Editing Tools

If you cannot manage to fix Instagram Story Text Animation not showing issues and enjoy the newly rolled-out feature, then use other video editing tools. Yes, with the help of other video editing tools, you can easily add text animation to your video and then upload the same on your Instagram story making it more versatile.

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How To Use Instagram Story Text Animation?

As we were talking about, Instagram story text animations is an amazing feature that can give your content an attractive twist. If you got the feature update, here is check it out to how to use the feature: 

Step 1: Open Instagram and go to the stories section. 

Step 2: Create a story post by uploading a video or pictures. 

Step 3: Tap on the Text tool option and add characters to the story. 

Step 4: While adding the characters, you will find four editing options – Alignment, Color, Background, and Animation. Tap on the Animation option

Step 5: Check the animation previews and change the animation accordingly. 

Step 6. If your text animation is ready, tap on Done and post the story!

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It’s fun to watch texts dancing on your story, highlighting the information that you want to pass to the followers. Besides, it is more enjoyable than simple static texts in your story. Adding animated text will surely enhance your post impression; hence, if the feature is not working properly do not waste your time and jump into the solutionsthat we have discussed here. Fix Instagram Story Text Animation not showing issues as soon as you can and enjoy creating more amazing stories. 

Frequently Asked Question

Q1: What Happens To An Instagram Story After 24 Hours?

Instagram stories disappear after 24 hours from the posting time. However, if you have added Instagram stories to your highlights, then they won’t be removed even after 24 hours. 

Q2: How To Download And Save Instagram Stories?

To download or save Instagram stories, open an Instagram story that you want to save. Then tap on the kebab menu and download it. You can also use third-party tools to view and download other users’ Instagram stories anonymously. 

Q3: How Do You Activate Animated Text On Instagram Stories?

Update your Instagram app and you will get the updated animated text feature. Just tap on the  Text tool to add characters and you will find the Animation option within the editing option. Tap on Animation to activate it.

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